Saturday, June 2, 2007

The re-assertion of irrational

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Post WWI Modernism (or what I call postmodernism) is about the re-assertion of irrational—Nietzsche’s will, Heidegger’s geist, Freud’s libido, Jung’s collective unconscious, Picasso’s dissociated cubism, the subjectivism of Derrida, the relativity and uncertainty principles in physics. It’s romanticism without the optimism. It’s about fragmentation, disintegration, radical subjectivity, radical individualism, loss of community and loss of a sense of belonging to something larger.

I assume that should have been Hegel's Geist and the subjectivism of Descartes, or perhaps Heidegger's Seyn and the différance of Derrida, but really it's just another example of that radical disintegration inherent in the zeitgeist. Debug. Assert(real == wrong, "Postmodernism detected."); 9:00 PM

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