Sunday, June 10, 2007

Admirable stewardship, scholarship, and collective pursuit

Re: A New Name for SCIY? - "SCSC (Science, Culture & Supramental Consciousness)" by Arun Vaidya on Sat 09 Jun 2007 12:08 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link SCIU
If the name change need is indicative of distinguishing SCIY from other confusing correlations then the founding and steering members can well deservedly smile in knowing that SCIY is expanding in its domain of appeal and utility with growing numbers of interested readers and participants. Therefore, first of all, may I humbly offer my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS for work well done and done with admirable stewardship, scholarship, and collective pursuit of innate universal and integral truth to be discovered, recognized, and merged into!
To pursue Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for a simpleminded person like me is to strive continuously and constantly with sincerity to first find the truth of my individual being and harmonize it in unison with the Universal Being like a boundless droplet merging into a boundless ocean. SCIY with its stated vision, mission, and goals has been an exemplary conduit of knowing about Integral Yoga along with being an enabler and a facilitator of exchange of ideas, ideals, and ideations of wide diversity with congruency in its pursuit of seeking Truth and supporting sustainable unity among disparate constituents of humanity. You have been an illustrative platform of articulation accentuating individuality that is anchored in collective dynamic oneness.
You may decide to choose any appropriate new name but I regard you as SCIU – Science, Culture and Integral Unity.
by Debashish on Sat 09 Jun 2007 11:39 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
I second everything Rich has written here and particularly the injunction to "take back the turf and educate our audience as to the authentic genealogies of "integral" and "yoga."" Consciousness wars at the universal manifest level are primally language wars and it is not by relinquishing but by re-inhabiting the darkened homes of historical truth that the domain is extended. Arun Vaidya's Science, Culture and Integral Unity sounds nice but is much easier to confuse with some dilute moral idealism. I share RYD's (and Rich's) distaste for words too big for human mouths, and resonate with Parasya Jyoti or Rtasya Jyoti and appreciate the attempt at a prolegomena, but cannot see a wider, simpler, more attractive and more specific catch-net than Science, Culture and Integral Yoga. DB

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