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Instinctive longing for everlasting pleasure is a stupid desire

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Court has banned the book, not any ordinary man

BAN THE BAN In addition to ‘The Satanic Verses’, here are ten books that India needs to unban now It’s time to put a stop to India’s ridiculous obsession with banning books. Shoaib Daniyal · Tuesday, December 1st 2015

10. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, Peter Heehs
An extremely well-regarded biography of Bengali revolutionary-turned-ascetic Aurobindo, the book ran into trouble with modern devotees for refusing to accept the saint’s divinity. “To accept Sri Aurobindo as an avatar is necessarily a matter of faith”, Heehs wrote, adding that “matters of faith quickly become matters of dogma”.
In response to being called dogmatists, some Aurobindo devotees filed a case in the Orissa High Court asking for a ban on the book in 2008 and got it.

Controversy over book would have amused Sri Aurobindo

Despite a few shortcomings, Peter Heehs's book on Sri Aurobindo, which has landed him in trouble with the Pondicherry ashram as well as ...

People of India respect right to freedom of expression: Heehs

The Hindu-14-Apr-2012
“I am looking forward to being forgotten,” remarked American historian Peter Heehs, as he spoke about the media attention that followed the ...

Sri Aurobindo, Heehs and the fragility of faith

Hindustan Times (blog)-22-Feb-2012
This time, it's Peter Heehs, an American historian, who has who has lived in and served the Sri Aurobindo Ashram for 41 years, set up the ...

Yoga and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo is not a religion: Peter Heehs

Economic Times-19-Apr-2012
Historian Peter Heehs was born in Chicago in 1948. In 1968, he took a break from college to learn yoga- a decision that took him to the ...

The Lives Of Sri Aurobindo

A good lawyer can always find a section that was meant for one purpose and put it to work for another. Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 , forbids ...

The 'lunatic Hindu fringe' that seems to have a disproportionate say ...

Daily Mail-22-Feb-2014
Peter Heehs was asked to leave India, where he had been living for forty years, because of his biography on Sri Aurobindo. When James ...

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Bg lit fest Batra was villain-poor fellow-he only used available legal proces-nvr lifted even his little finger-left shd declare-laws humbug

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History-rewriting shouldn't mean restating Puranic accounts of history

It is in the #Ayodhya debate that I have learned the power of historical scholarship, says @Koenraad_Elst: … #ICHR

There are very few hold-outs of Hindu-minded history, and these are admittedly not very creative, nor have they got international standing. The Marxists have always had their eye on the cultural sector, but after Indira Gandhi needed their support in a power struggle, some fifty years ago, they really got their chance. Thapar’s collaborators PN Haksar and Nurul Hasan changed the face of India. “Hindu” became a dirty word, and any young historian classified as a conscious Hindu could forget an academic career.

This power equation was aggravated by the passivity of the Hindu Nationalists. As the only nationally organized Hindu force, they claim to be the vanguard of Hindu society. If so, they should not be proud of their achievements in this field, where Hinduism has only been losing ground. They have never invested in scholarship.

The result can now be seen, when Narendra Modi’s government would like to pack the universities with pro-Hindu or pro-Modi vice-chancellors and other prominent professors, but fail to find qualified people.

But there was no session about what Hindus themselves had done wrong in MM Joshi’s textbook reforms of ca. 2002, a horror show of incompetence.

But organized Hinduism has produced nothing except some obscurantist repetition of scripture as if it were history.

To be sure, historians have to navigate between many uncertainties and unknowns. Some of these may be resolved through research or by unexpected discoveries, others will be your companion throughout your career. So you ought to exercise some clemency here and accept that the rules of the hard sciences do not always apply to history. Even so, her school could indeed have done better in the Aryan origins debate.

In terms of the evidence now available, you are right to call the Invasion Theory (which some weasels now prefer to call a Migration Theory, though it amounts to the same thing) “discredited”. But in terms of academic opinion, it is not yet discredited at all.

Historians ignoring the astro-chronological evidence, linguists ignoring the archaeological evidence: this is abnormal and unhealthy, and the first thing to do now is to break through these walls and get people to listen to the other side. 

Yes, there is plenty of criticism of the Hindutva movement (I myself have written quite a bit of it), but here it is really on the right side. Opposing the Aryan Invasion Theory is not only defensible from a scholarly viewpoint, it also happens to be politically correct.

This is my own initiative: the organized Hindu movement should take an advance on the results, and it will eventually reap the fruits, but it is not doing anything at all to further this research and this debate.

And this makes me think of one more important aspect of the Aryan debate. A debater confident of his position will seek to debate the strongest version of the opposing position.
The Thapar School is very status-conscious. When I studied the RSS, I thought it was an RSS trait that they will hire as a guest speaker an enemy with status rather than a friend without it.

Puranic Hindus paid lip-service to the God-given revealed Vedas whereas the Vedic seers themselves knew that the hymns were not revealed by a Supreme Being but skillfully composed by human poets.
Ancient Hindus wrote the Vedas, medieval Hindus crawled before the Vedas. Most Hindus believe that the seers Vishvamitra and Vasishtha had a caste-based rivalry, because at a later time caste had become very important, whereas the Rg-Veda doesn’t mention anything about caste. So, the distant past is distorted by the recent past and by the present, and it is part of the historians’ job to reconstruct the events as they looked to their own agents.

I am not impressed by all the rhetoric with which the RK Mission is trying to leave the sinking ship of Hinduism.
“Hindu” is now a dirty word, the secularists have seen to this, and so everybody is running towards the exit, saying: “We are not Hindu.”
Just watch how Hindutva spokesmen perform in TV debates: their communication skills are dismal, because they have always despised intellectual work, both in scholarship and on the media front.

@jothishnair1010 @TRILOKHNATH Please go through latest scientific findings which favour AIT/AMT without any bias.

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Without trying to understand Sanskrit as per Sri Aurobindo's hermeneutics, pedantic conclusions are bound to be flawed …

@curbset @Openthemag Consulting Sri Aurobindo what he wrote a century back can solve many of our ideological dilemma …

The Mahabharata in Sri Aurobindo Ashram – by Sampdas - This has reference to an interesting write-up titled *The Bhishmacharya Complex*in Sri Aurobindo Ashram (posted on this site on 25 October, 2015). The writ...

Save Mirambika - Justice Delayed is Justice Denied - While for over 5 months Mirambika children continue to be exposed to danger in a fire safety failed unsanctioned building built on land whose ownership by ...

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Israel, Ireland, and the Indian Renaissance

Israel is keen on building a dynamic cultural relationship with the Union Territory of Puducherry by facilitating exchange visits of exponents of art, film and theatre, Dov Segev-Steinberg, Israel’s acting Consul General in Bengaluru said on Tuesday.
Visits Ashram
They met a group of artists from Puducherry, visited the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and also participated in a seminar at Pondicherry University.
“We would like to promote relations with Puducherry at many levels,” Mr. Segev-Steinberg said.
According to the diplomat, Israel’s missions in India are focused on evolving strong people-to-people ties alongside a robust business relationship.

The Acting Consul General, who had earlier visited the Aurobindo Ashram and paid homage at the memorials of Aurobindo and his spiritual ...
Sri Aurobindo observes: “If the highest height of spiritual experience, the sheer summit of all realisation is the absolute union of the soul with the ...
"Geeta is universally acknowledged as one of the world's great scriptures, although in Europe its thought is better understood than its secret of spritual ...
Mother's Q & A – 14 Sept 1955. Mother's Questions and Answers, September 14, 1955. Mother reads to the children from a play she wrote to teach ...
Auroville Beach, Pondicherry Review by Piyush Rt - A place of fun and enjoyment, Airoville beach also known as Auro beach combines the exotic ...

(e) Explain Sri Aurobindo's conception of cosmic salvation through spiritual evolution of the individual. 6. Write answers to the following in about 200 ...

[PDF] Sri Aurohindo: High Priest of Terror or happy Merchant?

Page 1. Sri Aurohindo: High Priest of Terror or happy Merchant? JH Stone IE Before his elevation to the status of “the greatest mystic-philosopher of present— day India,” Sri Aurobindo was among lndia's most radical Nationalist leaders. ... References Sri Aurobindo (Ghoshe). ...

[PDF] Liquid Geographies: India in the Oceanic Imaginary

MR Paranjape - 2015
... It always aimed at more than “mere” nation formation; Aurobindo, Tagore, Gandhi and other leaders who resorted to this word implied by it a much wider vision of society and human destiny.7 Svaraj to them was a cosmopolitan, not sectarian ideal. ...

[PDF] A case study of BPL Students at DDU–GKY Central Government Sponsored BPO Training Center, Anand, Gujarat

KB Rao
... Abstract A teacher's job is much more than to just instruct and share information. 'A teacher is a guide' as per the vision of Sri Aurobindo. ... Shradhallu Rande (2006) Introduction to Integral Education-An Inspirational Guide.Sri Aurobindo ...


... Tr., Bhagavad-Gītā, with a Commentary Based on the Original Sources, Oxford, 1969. Evolution in Religion: A Study of Sri Aurobindo and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Oxford, 1971a. Dialectical Christianity and Christian Materialism, London, 1971b. ...

Articulation of'Selfhood'with the Intervention of Postmodernism in Monica Ali's In the Kitchen

A Prajapati - IUP Journal of English Studies, 2015
... perspective, man has two lives-one outer, involved in the outer world of 'maya' in the physical body which lives within birth and death; the other our true vital being behind the curtain of outer living throwing light on this duality in the matter of our being, Aurobindo (1977) states: ...

[PDF] Religion and Politics in Indian English Novel

... Sri Aurobindo examines Indian Renaissance as a cultural movement experienced by Ireland:- “The Indian Renaissance was less like the European one and more like the Celtic Movement in Ireland, the attempt of a reawakened national spirit to find a new impulse of self ...

Islam and Nationalism in India: South Indian contexts

MT Ansari - 2015

Gandhi and Tagore: Politics, truth and conscience

G Mukherji - 2015


S Kumar
... Http:// ©International Journal of Research - GRANTHAALAYAH [84-99] Aurobindo Ghosh, etc.) and business leaders (Jamshedji Tata, etc.), social activists (Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Martin Luther King, etc.), and others. ...


ALMSK Marwan - Global Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 2015
... strongly the philosophic thought during the last one and half century, however, as discussed earlier, this conception is as old as philosophy itself.12 Evolution, in philosophy, deals with evolutionary process concerning to matter, life, mind.13 As Sri Aurobindo says, “Not Matter...


... and The Brothers Karamazov, by Stewart R. Sutherland, 555 review of Mysticism and Philosophical Analysis, ed. by Steven J. Katz, 132 MILLAR, ALAN, review of Reason and Religion, ed. by Stuart C. Brown, I I9 MINOR, ROBERT N., article: 'Sri Aurobindo's integral view of ...


JR Joshi
... ' may not be connected with Väyu in the original nature of that divinity. Similar observation may be made regarding the view of Aurobindo ( Gurukula Patrikā , XIX ( vi ), 320 ) who equates Väyu with the presiding divinity of life.. ... Aurobindo: 1956, p. 351 ). ...


P Walia - International Journal, 2015
... Aurobindo's Savitri, projecting the image of the selfless Savitri's purity, her selfless wifely devotion, her powerlessness that contains the power to save Satyavan (in this case not only the nation but the human condition) is a representation of the deification of the mother role in the ...

[HTML] Re: P: Adolf Hitler-The Truth

L all Jews
Talk it Up - Powered by vBulletin. P: Adolf Hitler - The Truth. Printable View. ...

[PDF] Urbanization, Planning and Spirituality for a Sustainable World

C Woiwode, S Selvakumar
... Feuerstein and Feuerstein 2007). Some of the more recent approaches like the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo or Roy Bhaskar's philosophy of meta-reality (Bhaskar, 2002), are rooted in the Vedas. However, the growing number ...

[PDF] Revealing the Hidden Harmony

P Hague - 2015
... The Hidden Harmony, defined as the union of all opposites, is the ultimate Integral Tantric Yoga, providing a synthesis of all forms of yoga, including Aurobindo's integral yoga. (Aurobindo... To explain what this means, we need to modify Aurobindo's notions of evolution ...

An Integral Approach to Systems Engineering

K Devaney - INCOSE International Symposium, 2015
... Integral Theory has its roots in the work of the German philosopher Jean Gebser (1905-1973) who developed a theory of the structures of human consciousness, and Indian philosopher Sri 
Aurobindo (1872-1950), whose work on the Inner and Outer Being is regarded as the ...


S Karthick, OT Poongodi
ABSTRACT Soul reality is an innate psychic force and a consciousness of Sri Aurobindonian dynamics of 'self'. Self as an evolving entity is critically dealt in Sri Aurobindonism. Endorsing the Vedantic philosophical system of sadhana and darsan, Sri ...

Readings in Sri Aurobindo's The Synthesis of Yoga Volume 1: The Conditions of the Synthesis and the Yoga of Divine Works

S Krinsky - 2015
In The Synthesis of Yoga Sri Aurobindo unfolds his vision of an integral (also called “purna” or “complete”) yoga embracing all the powers and activities of man. He provides an 
overview of the main paths of yoga, their primary methodologies and the necessity for ...

[HTML] Education in India+ Search for Videos

SZ Irani
... Islamic Madrasah+ schools, whose boards are controlled by local state governments, or autonomous, or affiliated with Darul Uloom Deoband+. * Autonomous schools like Woodstock School, The Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education Puducherry, Auroville+, Patha ...