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Nehruvian and Marxist paradigms have collapsed like a house of cards

Our “Indian” nationalism is not exclusionary. Our freedom fighters didn’t hate even the British - just wanted them to leave. The Indian republic is founded & runs on liberal nationalist values. In India, it is the politics of exclusivist nationalism that is the aberration.

What we understand by “liberalism” owes itself to John Stuart Mill and his father James Mill, both of whom hated India. As employee of East India company, James Mill wrote a biased history of India. Calling our own freedom movement to fit within those terms is a disgrace.
Current Indian Republic is a continuation of the ancient republics, this is why the word “Gana Rājya” was consciously used. It is not a system made by British colonizers. Indians are citizens, not subjects. However, our state institutions are not sufficiently decolonized yet.
The ghost of James Mill is still haunting our educational institutions, our intellectuals, and most disgracefully, our judiciary. It needs to be exorcised. We must define our ideals from our own culture, through Indian words. Not borrow them from problematic colonial history.

So called RW of India will not sit until they popularise BDutt’s new channel- such is our fascination for these compromised folks that we make them hero- from scroll to wire to print and now Tiranga- all owe their popularity to us & we just refused to learn/ pathetic!

Utopian as it may appear, such schools do exist. And not just in Scandinavia where all good things dwell, but very much here in India. There’s the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, in Puducheri, the Last School in Auroville to name a few...

@GoutamGhosal2 When it's about Sri Aurobindo philosophy Sir Goutam Ghoshal seems to be an epitome. Even a very short conversation with him makes you learn so much things which will remain valuable for the rest of your life. Thank you so much, Sir.

But which rituals are crude & which are not? Has Sri Aurobindo specified anywhere? And just because certain things are not necessary for the very specific purpose Sri Aurobindo had in mind for his yoga, would that automatically make them all "crude"?
In what little I have read so far I have not come across anything negative Sri Aurobindo had to say about any such "crudities". That's y when his teaching is characterised in that manner it sounds to me like we may ourselves be reducing it to a kind of Aurobindonian sectarianism.
True. But "beyond all religions" can be said of any Hindu/Indian spiritual luminary starting from the Rishis of India & including those around whom many religions have formed, e.g. Shiva, Krishna, Rama or Buddha or Ramakrishna. And even these just scratch the surface.
I agree in places Sri Aurobindo does mention superficial accretions, eg the quote in which he refers to the Hinduism "that takes its stand on the kitchen". But he never dwells on these issues. Rather it is malicious people like Peter Heehs who exaggerate them out of all proportion
And the immeasurable Hindu phenomenon is nothing if not a vast network of free traditions emerging growing colliding combining separating evolving ... often in very unusual & sometimes in not very comforting ways...
If we are not careful to be circumspect we will end up denouncing the very richness that makes it what it is. Even in Hinduisms shallow & stagnant puddles we cud find outlets to oceans of significance & wonder. Sri Aurobindo himself found living divinity in an ordinary Kali idol,

Yes yes..based on your responses we accept you in the club of Association of Aggrieved Disciples of Sri Aurobindo...our principal and only goal is Mother..we will put our issues to hope that Master would tweak His methods, which we deeply and sincerely disagree with..
Yes Sir..but now Sri Aurobindo guides all who would follow the old Aryan Dharma and can fight for the greater future to its no more the responsibility of Bengal alone, all Aryavarta must rise..each son and daughter of Ma Bhavani must play their role

TamBrahms did make a sort of a come back in the INA but that was at the fag end of the freedom struggle. I am guessing that the movement never really recovered from the death of Subramanya Bharati [to give a comparison, he is the south Indian Aurobindo Ghosh].

A minor but important clarification please: Although, he was named Arabinda, his name appears as editor of Arya in 1914 as Sri Aurobindo Ghose. Subsequently however he signs as Sri Aurobindo and his books are published under this adopted name (as one composite word: श्रीअरविन्द).

Founding of Savitri Era Learning Forum (2005), Savitri Era Religion (2006), and Savitri Era Party (2007) has liberated The Mother & Sri Aurobindo from earlier narrow representations and ownership. Twitter facilitating such dissemination is certainly in the evolutionary direction.

Seven years on Twitter has been revealing in several ways. Honesty of intellectuality has no meaning; blatant partisanship is the name of the game. So this handle and @NathTusar can claim to be objective, educative, and examples of sobriety and civility. #MyTwitterAnniversary
Repeating some methodological planks: Heehs imbroglio exposed ideological bankruptcy and ethical vacillation of a large number of long time Sri Aurobindo scholars. So what I say under SEP are my own formulations which may or may not match Sri Aurobindo's published pronouncements.
Muscular Hindutva has posed a great challenge to civilisational values and both Nehruvian and Marxist paradigms have collapsed like a house of cards. Sri Aurobindo was prescient enough to produce an antidote a century back. Tactical maneuvering is not abnormal in a war situation.
In spite of myriad similarities among them, European nations are separate. Indians likewise should respect their linguistic identities so that the States get sovereignty and Democracy, Development, and Governance reach the grassroots by burying the British legacy of a vast empire

A very un-Aurobindonian concept. A federal union with powers at the local panchayat level is Aurobindonian vision. (Even Gandhi's vision is similar). India as a Nation has a collective purpose and soul. Sovereignty should b at national level wid more power to state and panchayats

another thing i love about Sri Aurobindo is that how clearly  he tries to bring us together as a nation while never falling into the subaltern trap(which is now a major field of study) of we are many countries in one.

@HTBrunch Book 27: Essays On Gita  by Aurobindo Ghosh. A masterly exposition of the Bhagavad Gita. It was after reading these essays, in particular, that in the 1930's President Wilson's daughter went to Sri Aurobindo. #BrunchBookChallenge #BrunchBookChallenge2019

Twitter trads can actually influence people & seed the agenda here, if they were not pointlessly aggressive & over competitive all the time. I understand where you are coming from but the point of religion is to subvert base instincts while finding safe outlets for natural ones

I have once sort of suggested that Hindu orthodoxy’s rigid views on love & relationships alienate younger folk. I said that biological forces naturally at work are stronger than any religious belief. Some twitter “trads” see me with murderous intent ever since.

more than mirrors, others eyes and words complimenting people even if they themselves consider themselves ugly looking, is more precious to all - across the gender-board.

Hard to believe. Half the over 40 women in the US are juggling kids and jobs and desperately looking for some guy to replace their husbands who ran off with his 25 year old secretary because she has an unlined face and her boobs haven't sagged. I'm not being mean, I knew several

I'm flattered, but you greatly exaggerate my influence. Columnists matter little in India. Foreign ones matters even less.

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Sheer brilliance & ingenuity of Sri Aurobindo's writings

We had high hopes in 2014 that Sri Aurobindo would now adorn the centrestage but after checking a large number of tweets it's evident that even in 2019 he is nowhere near anyone's wishlist. Really an unfortunate aspect for a nation which reserves ignominy for the greatest Indian.
Sri Aurobindo is regularly accused as an escapist and a slew of 'mudslinging' has been documented by Peter Heehs in his book, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. A masterly work but also famous for its skew. Parts of it are available online free.
I have recommended this book for more than a dozen times since 2012.
Hitler and His God: The Background to the Nazi Phenomenon by Georges van Vrekhem is essential reading in this context which documents how intensely #SriAurobindo was involved in the whole exercise from the "tranquility" of his Ashram in Puducherry.
Twitter being an open platform, all kinds of views need to be respected. Uninformed or unpalatable opinions also need to be circulated so that they come to the notice of a bigger audience leading to a wider engagement and animated debate. “A drop of ink may make a million think.”
Scholarship is a lifelong affair and narratives keep changing. Apart from his intellectual prowess, Sri Aurobindo did disclose in public (Uttarpara speech) that he can see the future, unlike other mortals. Contesting that claim is way beyond our faculties.

@LenteCurrite Have you read about Brahmabandhav Upadhyay? I had heard of him before but didn’t know much about him until @dikgaj mentioned him to me. May interest you.
I don’t reside in spirit, and won’t have much in common with Aurobindo-ites. Sorry. I have said what I had to about him his pre-jail days,in our latest article, and what I think about him post his release is in the above tweets. Will ignore trolls. Bye
One last time, some of Aurobindo Ghosh’s statements post his release were theater of the absurd. And that doesn’t take away from the sheer brilliance & ingenuity of his writings before going to jail. No amount of trolling will change my views on the same.
Necessary condition for trolling- tagging someone. I didn’t jump on your TL. You did. But since jumping on my TL is akin to me trolling you, let’s ensure that doesn’t happen again. Blocking you

What utter ignorant nonsense! Have you even bothered to study his writing before and after. The full spectrum genius of Sri Aurobindo fully emerged after he came out of incarceration. For those who reside in the Spirit no silly prison can do harm.
You are the one trolling here by making wild allegations on a popular personality without substantiating your arguments. Once again, what you said is utter nonsense. Pls don't take it personally. It applies only to the unsubstantiated allegation.

I fail to.understand how u cud make such a ignorant comment .
I many a times wonder whether u really understand enough.
Sorry for this, but many a times Ur comments don't match Ur brief profile .
#SriAurobindo #Mother
Well u can answer hindus as to why Pakistan became no go land for them.?
U have a fit against hindus as I hv observed , disregarding their fears, needs as if they were sub stany humans to u. Ur undeserved superiority complex against Hindus particularly blinds Ur vision.
Kashmiri pandits were made refugees not by past kings or their ghosts.
Something launched both medieval foreign invaders here and also expelled Kashmiri pandits.
Pity u refuse to see elephant in the room. Only then can true reform.n reconciliation start.
Else nothing
How can u compare intra Indic fights suffused broadly with Arya Kshatriya code of war with a totalitarian system's code of war like jihad /crusade that permanently erases & then
Mock Indians for "simbly blaming others religions"?
Have u lost it ?
 #Mother #SriAurobindo
But Indians resisted medieval jihad . That's why we still have not been arabised.
But why do u mock Indians as "simply blaming other religions?"
Of course they will blame for it was all under crude religious impulse that much damage was done to India then. Insensitive by u.
No. U mocked past Indians as safeguarding their self interest. Their self interest is ruling their kingdom as per Dharma. That's not selfishness.
U r too eager to be soft on abrahamic invading cults but jump on natives. Something fundamentally wrong with u.
Even hindus or Dharmic didn't spread it by sword as any Divine command.
Again u r shy to credit Indians but over criticize them in silly way.
But u r too soft on genocidal medieval abrahamics esp in indian context. I hv noticed this behaviour in u even before .
Here u implicitly assume all.native past kings acted out of pure selfishness. As if in a wrong sense. But they didn't wage religious genocidal wars, as per Divine scriptural command , did they ?
Something in u that scorns , is jealous of all.native stuff
Check up.
It's not imaginary enemies but what happened to Kashmiri pandits was thanks to the same book that catapulted Mahmud of ghazi ghori, allauddin Khilji, Mughals, Turks.
Mind u ppl realise there has been no change in the book.
Have u been under a stone till now ? U get all wrong
Thank God i never followed u. I cud always see Ur understanding is warped n funny at many facets. are wasting time engaging here...there are people who lived with Mother and yet betrayed Her..the ways of existence is too complex for us kids..may be they get it, may be not..we have to evolve for us, country and world in service of Master and Mother..let’s move..

Indians were regularly fighting and killing each other all through the history but some are shifting the blame to other religions. Palace intrigues in hundred of kingdoms are not fiction but many want us to believe that everyone was acting as per Dharma with evidence from poetry.
I highlighted the fact of man killing man. Between cults, between ethnicities, between kingdoms, between rival businesses, so on and so forth. In most cases there is no credible history. However, such facts are being used dishonestly for spreading hatred against a specific target
Indeed, I don't follow you much since there are glaring spaces or gaping holes between your sentences as well as logic. You expect the enemy to be sympathetic to your sentiments and play a friendly tournament like Imran Khan playing recently. (Expect a few more like NZ and Mali!)
Last two decades brought enormous prosperity to a huge number of Indians but they are unable to enjoy their wealth and good life due to this victimhood and whining propagated against imaginary enemies. So I take it as Divine plan to teach vairagya as has been always through ages.
See I'm arguing that whatever happened in the past is by Monarchs who are beyond Democratic or legal interrogation. So when you bring in Islam as an entity or agency, it's anomalous. What the kings did or didn't should be the point of attention but is of no avail. @fourfoldvision
Might be, you may be right; but I have no right to question the wisdom of past kings. But giving it a religious colour is sectarian which I'm not willing to buy.
Just like Marx shouldn't be blamed for what Jyoti Basu did to WB, similarly all wrong actions of men shouldn't be put at the door of their religion. Both of us adore The Mother but differ. So perspectives relating to power, politics, self-interest are at fault. Such nuance needed
Okay, that's a good theoretical beginning though not without problems. One is the "many lives" of great men and on which to focus or draw inspiration from. Like, many great philosophers and thinkers are despised because of their Nazi connection. But still what you say has merit.
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Those owing allegiance to any of the present crop of religions can't obviously claim admission to Savitri Era Religion and hence it's better to make the choice early without indulging in self-deception, any further.
Concentrating on the present by relying on common sense is important. Most people are agenda driven and out to misguide. They flout logic, give a spin to events, and invariably tend to invoke the past or some imagined scenario. No one tells the truth here; sad reality of Twitter.
This chowkidar syndrome is so hilarious and ridiculous. To believe that there is no corruption in the govt is so atrocious. Yes, there's so much sophistication in finance now that it's impossible to trace or prove any. But large contracts like in Highways surely aren't given free

Frankly, I find all forms of sectarianism tasteless, if not downright malicious. All faiths have produced some very fine people with a universalist spirit and disposition, and have produced also many more of the opposite inclination as well. "wheat and chaff"

If the problem was only with kings in bygone eras u shud be able to tell me a good number of Muslim-dominated ctrys & regions where non-Muslim religions are free & thriving. Are there any?

Dear Ola,  I took your cab last night. A few mins into the ride, the driver asked me, "who will win the elections, sir?"
Ola, this is cheating. If our principal sources of election reporting are going to behave so irresponsibly, how do you expect us journos to write our reports?

The meaning of ola is a fool in Odia. But, April Fools' Day is a few days away! However, here is Rickshaw wala

Haldia Township (West Bengal) is ideal.

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The single most intellectually gifted freedom fighter is Sri Aurobindo

22) Meeting Tilak in Ahmedabad:
In Dec.1902, Congress conducted its 1st session in Ahmedabad (18th overall), on the financial backing of the ongoing Industrial exhibition (where Gaekwad read #SriAurobindo's speech)..
It was here that the two 'extremists' met for the first time:
23) Sending Barin to Calcutta:
During his Baroda stay, Barin was much influenced by Sri Aurobindo's revolutionary ideas. So ~1902-03, #SriAurobindo initiated him into the secret society & sent him to Calcutta to work with Jatin & others..
The revolution was now picking up pace:


Hindu Bengal had enormous capacity to absorb outsiders as their own. Every one knows of Sister Nivedita. How many know of Sakharam Deuskar, a Marathi Brahmin, who wrote in Bangla & worked closely with Aurobindo Ghosh? Read our piece 2 learn about him
The single most intellectually gifted freedom fighter is Aurobindo Ghosh. All the core ideas of mass movements of freedom fight emerged from within his influence sphere. Gandhi appropriated them without due attribution. Read about them here:
Aurobindo Ghosh was an unparalleled genius and visionary. Read how top ranking British intelligence officers assessed his ingenuity. What Aurobindo Ghosh initiated, Subhas Chandra Bose finished. The Indian Freedom Movement
It took the genius of Aurobindo Ghosh to coalesce ideas that existed in Hindu ethos into devastating tools of mass movements- Swaraj & Swadeshi. Both were coalesced in much maligned Calcutta in the first decade of the twentieth century. Read:
Different ethnicities have served as sword arm for the Indics at different times. Hindu Bengal definitely did so in the twentieth century. The debt that the Indian state refuses to honor. Our documentation of the contribution of Hindu Bengal:
A successful freedom fight relies on narrative, ideas, messaging, inspirational leadership, ideology and daring actions. Hindu Bengal struck for India on each of these in the twentieth century. Each claim documented below.
How many writings on Bengal revolutionaries quote British sources? We do - from Brit Intel, top police officers, Judges, Viceroys. For they understood their greatest foes - the revolutionaries fairly well. Read:
Hindu Bengali nationalism had never been exclusive. Irish Sister Nivedita, Marathi Brahmin Sakharam Deuskar, Rajput ancestry Ananta Singh were all part of the revolutionary movement in Bengal. They integrated. Something that racists can’t get.
Besides Gandhi was an out and out coward and left no stone unturned to bring down our best and bravest - the revolutionaries

What happened to Bepin Chandra Pal in the end? Didn't he pass away in obscurity while Gandhi rode to power on mullahs and mercantile/feudal networks shoulders, and with British support?
Gandhi's fundamental tactic of allying with sadists who help him in his quest to be unquestioned "great leader" can be contrasted to Bhaghat Singh or Jalian Wala Bagh martyrs whose drive was native radicalism, and willingness to face risks/death themselves.

#Mother #SriAurobindo r parents of original 4 asuras who cause all trouble n Falsehood in world and also.of  trimurtis n all the other gods
That #Mother said - Pakistan is a falsehood. It must go. Sri Aurobindo too said.
Hv no fear. Stand by them, finish Pak state @nsitharaman

Aurora Mirabilis: Sri Aurobindo was an unparalleled genius and visionary @NathTusar Tusar Nath Mohapatra, SELF, #SavitriEra #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad #UttarPradesh #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #Auroville 51st anniversary

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Remember Vamadeva speaking of our forefathers

Let Agni be blissful to us, let Agni be blissful to us, let Agni be blissful to us, Agni who is the knower of all things born, he the knower of the birth, let that Agni be blissful to us, let him be pleasing to us, let him be ecstatic to us, joyful in the joy of the Gods, he be full of delight to us, he be full of delight in the blaze of delight, let him be blissful to us, let him be blissful to us. Agni should become high-uplifted. Agni should break through all veils, the physical, the vital, the mental, the occult, the spiritual. Agni should purify us from the thousand blemishes that reside in us, they born of our birth in Inconscience. Agni should lead us on the upclimbing path of Truth-Light and Truth-Joy and Truth-Beauty. Agni should manifest in us the things of the Spirit, the things of the Godhead, manifest in us the things of the Spirit, the things of the Godhead.

Indian print of the book is now available. Contact details
Savitri Foundation
875 Sector 178
Gurugram Haryana 122 001
Ph: 91124-4280241

Accent is a unique opportunity for us to hear the diction of the Vedic Rishis. 
May i request you to give some chronological perspective regarding the appearance of all these ancient works? I am not convinced that the accent marking in Sanskrit has a kind of connection with the Greek literature. True, both the languages are based on sound volume, Quantity of Sound, but they are separated by long periods of time in between. If a chronological sequence can be convincingly established many of the issues might get sorted out. A difficult job, yet ...
And then remember Vamadeva speaking of our forefathers, human fathers. Can we get any idea about them?
RY Deshpande (Mail group)

Soul as finding its ontological existence from the Cosmic consciousness existed fundamentally much earlier and much deeper than the birth of physical fields/electrons and other particles. Therefore, it is basically a  faulty idea to relate the soul to a state of the quantum entangled variables pertaining to electron or some other particles. The same soul recycles not between the life of two consecutive births but between the lives many many births in succession which can't be explained by the speculative concept of the state entangled quantum variables pertaining two particles.
Vinod Sehgal

iii) If the eigenstates of energy have an objective reality of some objective units( which is presumed in physics to exist without the subjective presence of some conscious observer), how its flip sides can have the subjective element of subjective units of time in form of protopsychist atoms? In other words, the flip side of
the objective eigenstates of energy ( if any such flip sides exist at all), also need to be objective units having some objective reality. and thsi does not fit in the idea of the subjective units of time.
Vinod Sehgal

Thanks for asking Deepak.
The story in the eDAM framework is as follows: Perhaps, the dual-aspect primal entity (whatever that may be!) had the potentiality for awareness, which was manifested (actualized) in us along with our brains first. Then the processing of physical information (wavelength and intensity) from photon reflected from objects to photoreceptors for its transduction into neural signals and then further processing retinal cells, LGN and cortical neural networks (such as V8-NN for color) occur. These feed-forward signals interact with cognitive memory-engram related feedback signals for matching/non-matching process. Then the “self” selects a specific beable ontic (conscious) dual-aspect state of a mind-brain system with subjective experience (SE, such as redness) in its non-physical aspect and its neural-physical basis in its inseparable physical aspect. Then the “self” experiences the SE redness, which is a mode/excitation of universal potential consciousness informational energy field (the non-physical aspect of the unmanifested state of primal entity: unified informational energy field). 
Kind regards,

Having read a book by a physicist called Ruggero Santilli, I am becoming less certain that Einstein's version of GR is correct (though like Santilli I have no doubt that Einstein's arguments are fully justified). Santilli points to a published and peer reviewed critique of GR by a physicist called Yilmaz. Yilmaz argues that the RHS of Einstein's equations do not take into account the stress energy of the gravitational field itself. He proposes a correction and demonstrates (according to Santilli) that the corrected equations can be expressed in a Hamiltonian form (potentially allowing gravity to be combined with electromagnetism as Einstein suspected) .
Visit this group at
To view this discussion on the web visit

Thought-provoking interview on work and burnout with Josh Cohen, psychoanalyst and literary critic, for @five_books:
His book, Not Working: Why we Have to Stop, was published earlier this year.

During #LangFest2019 , met Dr Mohanjit Singh, noted Punjabi poet who won @sahityaakademi award last year for his poetry book Kone Da Suraj (Konark). He described how he was mesmerized, charmed ad drawn into Konark. This interview captures some of it.

Odissi music a century ago : The musical greats of Paralakhemundi, a storehouse of Odia culture since ancient times. The singer-musicologist Karunanidhi Patnaika on harmonium, Surya Narayana on vina, Nilamani Bebarta on violin and Haridasa Patnaika. Photo taken sometime pre-1927.

The Rationale, Basis and Development of the Idea of Socialism

Whole thread worth reading. Gandhi's big mistake was to inflict his personal morality and ethics on the nation. We are still paying the price for it. We have to remember one thing: you can be a pacifist personally, but you cannot make personal fetishes the nation's fetish

Gandhi’s covenant seeks to bring about the elimination of the sin of secrecy by demanding of men that they lead their inner lives and outer lives as if under the watch of a judge of morals. 
Shaj Mohan and Divya Dwivedi:

Tibetans have a radically different perspective on death than we in the West. They are sharing their bodies with all sentient beings, past present & future and consider it auspicious. Here's an article by @jhalifax you might enjoy

Evergreen Essays: Hostility of physicists to a non-physical plane of after-life [Psychically, an individual that stops existing in the third dimension, continues to exist in the fourth at the same level he/she had in the third.] #SriAurobindo #MirraAlfassa

Aurora Mirabilis: To establish a communication with what is invisible The dominant narrative needs to be replaced with #SriAurobindo occupying the central position. All should collaborate for wide dissemination of messages through shares & likes @NathTusar

1. Relation between authority and social compromise
2. Spreading awareness on Prenatal Education and conscious parenting in the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
3. Vedantic philosophy in a political context

Mother’s Birthday on the 21st and the New Darshan She gave me - I usually do not plan any outward event on a Darshan Day, in order to be able to concentrate fully upon the inner dimension of my life and the Darshan on t...

The Rationale, Basis and Development of the Idea of Socialism - The watchwords of the French Revolution, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” each represent an essential aspect of the social life of humanity in its evolution...

2.12 Transforming personal will to action into divine impulsion - Whoever sincerely enters the path of works, must leave behind him the stage in which need and desire are the first law of our acts. For whatever desires ...

In the face of Positive thinking we always feel inadequate - Should we really put the Vedic accent marks? These came much much later, long after the Rig Veda, these are post-Panini, 500 BC afterwards. What is necess...

The secularist killjoy: A reply to Schaefer and Smith - I am grateful to Donovan Schaefer and Caleb Smith for their productive, provocative responses. Both in their different ways have written about debunking an...

Seventy Photographs of the Mother taken on 21 February 1972 - Dear Friends, 21 February 2019 marked the 141th Birth Anniversary of the Mother. As our humble homage to Her, seventy photographs of Her taken on the occas...

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Vivekananda is the vital link between Bankimchandra and Sri Aurobindo

First and foremost, we must not neglect the symbolic value of any donation: adhering to the Sri Aurobindo theater campaign (allowing for the first time in the world the representation of one of His theatrical plays), means taking part in a concrete action on the material level, at the service of the Opus. Crowdfunding for the theatre of Sri Aurobindo

30th April 1908: Prafulla Chaki & Khudiram Bose threw a bomb on d carriage Magistrate Kingsford at Muzzafarpur. Bose was swiftly executed. Tilak, writing in the Kesari, defended the heroes & called for immediate Swaraj. He was convicted & sent to Mandalay

Most Indians r heart centered & all it takes is some smooth talk & clever image building. Vivekananda lamented condition of Indians when he toured India. We were & to a gr8 extent still r shrivelled shrunken embodiments of weakness & incapacity. Y Sri Aurobindo stressed SHAKTI.🙏

Indian Psychology - online course starts on 2nd June 2018 - Sign up NOW (

A few Universities run courses including IGNOU @ignouonlinehelp but Sri Aurobindo is best understood through self-study. Besides, sensitising people on respecting difference and diversity is an important task for which online acts hit the nail on the head.

So Far I have explored only his ideas on nationalism, education and culture.  Can you suggest books which explains his ideas on evaluation, universalism, spirituality etc.,

[Marxists are one of many cadre based organisations that have always evaded question of caste in our society. Burying one’s head in sand and pretending that this huge social disparity doesn’t exist will not yield anything. Marxists never understood this.]

The present generation should realise that it can rethink and write a new Constitution taking into consideration current realities and global imperatives. Many errors institutionalised in 1950 can be rectified and a new order in the form of Federation of India can reshape future.

Panel discussion on Protest Music dovetails into opposing political leaders and it's interesting to hear politics in Sri Aurobindo Centre itself. So politics is ubiquitous! @SACACIndia Beyond the Present @Leeterature @toxicslink @Mixtapelive

I have tended to look at Aurobindo, RL Kashyap and to an extent Vidyarthi. And Vamadeva Shastryji of course.. I spent 15 yrs acquiring a college education and now, after 30 years I realize that I will need 15 more years to master the Vedas

My work (which is ongoing) leads me to the conclusion that IVC is likely 3-5000 years AFTER Vedic culture. The details include refs to texts, paleoclimate studies and radioisotope findings of IVC region river "Saraswati

If you read Vedic scholars outside of Griffiths/Muller etc - horse and cow do not mean horse and cow literally. I suggest Aurobindo and RL Kashyap - both in English. Grifiths Muller mistranslated Sayana's work. Sayana himself had strayed off earlier works by others (Yaska IIRC)

90% of Indians who learn about Aryan "invasion"/"migration" miss the woods for the trees. They fret about the migration part which is unimportant. What led to the rewriting of our history was the claim that the language came to India from somewhere. This can be disproved -cont'd

A beautifully written piece people. Read and spread. Tears Tony Joseph a new one for detecting Y chromosome in women. And my 4 hoaxes article is part of the refs. 👍👍

No my point is all the genetic dates may well be 100% correct. Just don't connect them up with linguistics. If you must do that - go the whole hog and look at all the linguistic evidence and do not cherry pick. This is my rebuttal - see link

This is true in science as well - given competing hypothesis. 
Now think about it: One's "bias" is based on what one believes & belief gets pulled into what used to be science. If you "believe" AIT you will be pro-AIT because your belief, not objectivity defines your mind.

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 03 Richard Hartz_AVR-SACAR_Vedanta–In the Light of Sri Aurobindo

The Historical Imperative of the Development of the World-State

@ArunudoyB This whole baul tradition of undivided bengal, in which Hindu/muslim identities never mattered,only mysticism mattered, is a syncretism of Gaudiya Bhakti Darshan with Tantric Deha Tattva, Kundalini etc. This is the beauty of bengali culture. Divergebnt streams merge here.

And you are as usual attempting to justify the hatred manufactured in the BJP-RSS ecosystem. 
It is the hatred that is the center of their politics and their attempt to homogenize. Any one who loves their culture will oppose it and that opposition can be detrimental for India

No. History of that period cannot be viewed as a battle between Hinduism and Islam. It was about Kingdoms and people.

May go through 📚 by Shyam Kumari , a very good writer from Sri Aurobindo Ashram,pondycherry,titled “How they came to Sri Aurobindo & d Mother “! She was kind enough to accept my suggestion of printing d stories in a 📖 form!

I feel it's difficult to turn to SA if one has already not been through a journey. I see that almost all his disciples were already into some form of spirituality when they mey him. He provides a syntheisis so tbst mind can rest and heart awakens. Maybe Mother is simpler.

Sri Aurobindo had the mettle to reduce me from a hyper-intellecualized-adwaitin-nearly-buddhist to a simple aspiring bhakta, without even meeting me. That is the thing that makes me bow down to him.

They found the new Tufail.

Kuhn said, [science itself evolves and is far from absolute; must be understood the context in which its theories are created.] Feyerabend rejected [existence of universal methodological rules.] Randall Collins probed [intellectual networks and their inner divisions & conflicts.]

[arithmetic is far beyond all effective theories. It is important to understand that mechanism is a vaccine agents reductionism.] [Both Changeux and Connes remain still Aristotelians, but the contradiction becomes apparent as they think deep indeed.] -Bruno Marchal, Apr 17, 2018]

Gandhi had  said correctly or incorrectly that Hindus are cowards. They easily get bullied. Hindu BJP politicians in power are worse, get bullied more easily. Gandhi though never saw Hindu BJP politicians in power!

Don't add me to a Hindutva group; I am a Hindu, not comfortable in the company of Hindus who do not or cannot go a step further than slogans and posters. Don't add me to a liberal group; I am not...

The beauty of a free market lies not in its morality but in the fact that it provides an equal opportunity to all, sellers and buyers alike, to be immoral. However, what is immoral is a grey area, too: not...

अछूत जातियों का निर्माण 1911 में अंग्रेजों ने किस प्रकार किया सच्चाई का खुलासा ध्यान से पढ़ें

"खुद को दलित कहना आत्महत्या के समान है"
जिन सरकारी संस्थानों स्मारकों व पार्कों के नाम में दलित शब्द जुड़ा है बेहद दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण लज्जाजनक व शर्मनाक है इससे भारत की छवि बिगड़ती है इसको तुरंत हटाया जाए।

'This is really dangerous situation,' says BJP MP Udit Raj on mass conversion of Dalits to Buddhism

Two articles, one by @arvindneela ( and another by @aalokelab (, that must be read. Right now. TOTAL annihilation of the nonsensical and grotesque piece so enthusiastically peddled by the Print recently.

The Divine Mother, or as she is known more widely, the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram:

India Should Reclaim Buddha's Philosophy and Vipassana to Build Soft Power via @thewire_in

Eight Facts Communists Hide About Marx. Here are 8 facts you should know about the man who undeniably made a great dent in human history. via @swarajyamag

An Indic Renaissance Is Far From Complete - Swarajya
11 hours ago - In a fascinating document called Bhawani Mandir, that Sri Aurobindowrote in Baroda in 1905, we can glean clues of what we need to do, not only to regain our lost heritage, but how to build a more glorious future. Citing Japan's example, Aurobindo tells us that our best opportunity lies in revitalisation of our ancient spiritual ...
We must not forget that it is Swamiji who is the vital link between Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay, the poet of Vande Mataram, and Aurobindo. Vivekananda, thus, is the key to the process of India’s reawakening. - Makarand Paranjape


Sonia Gandhi to Sooni Tata, Mother Teresa, a new book examines the ...

Even a woman like Mirra Alfassa — who helped found the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville township, and stayed in (then) Pondicherry from the 1970s, travelled the world. She went to Japan, North Africa... Travel imparted the mental flexibility needed to perform with poise the identity acrobatics demanded of the Indian ...

Interpreting Hegel's India

Economic and Political Weekly-19-Apr-2018
This would require some amount of rigorous substantiation through a reading of Hegel and the Gita, but rather what is to be found are references to the works of Vishwanath Prasad Varma's The Political Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo (which can hardly be considered to possess a rigorous discussion of Hegel's politico-ethical ...

Things to do in Mumbai today

Mumbai Mirror-17-Apr-2018
He teaches Integral Psychology at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education in Pondicherry, and is the director of the Indian Psychology Institute. At this session, he will focus on Sri Aurobindo's Vedic understanding of reality as an evolving manifestation of consciousness, which provides a perspective on the future ...

Madurai Today

The Hindu-28-Apr-2018
Sri Aurobindo Study Forum: Discourse on Sri Aurobindo's 'Life Divine' by Subramany, Auro Lab, Veerapanjan, 10 a.m.

[PDF] The History and Patterns of Education, Evolution of Schools and the Role Played by the Educational Institutions in India - S Karnel
… expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet”. Sri Aurobindo viewede education as, “helping the growing soul draw out that is in itself.” According to Rabindranath Tagore, “Education is that which makes one's life …

Hi Avtar, thats a very interesting view and surely needs serious consideration! We should perhaps think of consciousness, matter and energy as different phases of the same primordial entity. Consciousness is like gas, energy is like liquid and matter is like solid.


On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 9:33 PM, 'Asingh2384' via Sadhu-Sanga Under the holy association of Spd. B.M. Puri Maharaja, Ph.D. wrote:
Just as at the critical point state, solid, liquid, and vapor states are no longer distinguishable, at the Zero Point State of the universe mass/energy/space/time (physicality or non-physicality, zero or inifinity or any numbers) are no longer separable and exist as a wholesome entity which is eternal, omnipresent, and all-inclusive reality of the implicate order of the universal laws or cosmic consciousness.
 Best Regards

My article in Times of India regarding Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party

People of India are too tolerant; we need to have a peaceful movement with civil society playing large role to awaken & churn the Politicians bureaucrat nexus. Unfortunately AAP has failed. Still no leader in sight. Droves of intelligent leaving country won't help

My email to Sagarika Ghose about the meaning of liberalism #swarnabharatparty

Liberalism in #India – a reading list #liberty
S.P. Aiyar wrote perhaps the best article on Indian liberalism that I’m aware of: The Concept of Liberalism and its Relevance for India (I published it online at the India Policy Institute around 20 years ago).
But there are many other readings worth looking through. I’m listing a few of these – in no particular order:
Whiggism in India by GANESH PRASHAD Banaras Hindu University, published in Political Science Quarterly, Vol. 81, No. 3 (Sep., 1966), pp. 412-431. Word version.
Liberalism in India by Manish, G. P.; Rajagopalan, Shruti; Sutter, Daniel; White, Lawrence H., Econ Journal Watch . Sep2015, Vol. 12 Issue 3, p432-459. 28p. Word version.   (I take a particularly dim view about this article – very poor scholarship).
After 20 years of failure to make any dent on Indians’ psyche with the message of liberty and good governance – so deeply immersed their mind is in their narrow identities of caste, religion or region – I’ve come to the (reluctant) view that we need to strengthen the nationalist focus of our liberal message.
Liberalism and nationalism are often at logger heads. Potentially, these two ideas are irreconcilable.
But the practical reality is that Indians, in particular, are perhaps the most collectivist group of people in the world. They do not easily seem themselves as individuals first and foremost. Their identifies are completely subsumed by some ethnic, regional or religious category.
So, I’ve come to the view that we should mix the least dangerous of collectivisms with the message of liberty. The least dangerous is perhaps nationalism, although that can deteriorate into fascism if it is allowed to further mix with religion.
The best collectivism is America’s pride in being “the land of opportunity”. The statue of liberty represents this idea of a nation whose sole purpose is to defend liberty.
So if we shift SBP’s message towards this – India as a great melting pot, the goal of becoming the greatest land of opportunity – then we could hopefully avoid the dangerous elements of nationalism and awaken the sleeping Indians who are slipping far behind the leading nations of the world.
I am proposing (this needs to be tested on the ground) that we start with a collectivist ultra-nationalist message that rejects small thinkers (those who focus on caste/religion/region). Then we move to “sarkar hamari naukar hai” type messages.

Marketime: Patterns of the Present and Beyond the Present #SriAurobindo @SACACIndia @desharbendu @toxicslink @Mixtapelive @Bongchild

Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005): Gnostic Centre, Savitri Bhavan, SACAR, SAFIC, and Esalen courses #SriAurobindo #MirraAlfassa #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SavitriEraParty @NathTusar SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (UP)

Savitri Era: The Mother & Sri Aurobindo signify Evolution and Revolution #SriAurobindo #MirraAlfassa #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SavitriEraParty @NathTusar Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (UP) India

Since its inception in 2007 (Centenary year of Surat split), Savitri Era Party (SEP) has been busy in expanding scope of practical action in the light of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's thought. Their works belong to a certain time period; so conceiving future policies is necessary.

Indians love being under some big authority; the legacy of long years of Monarchy and Colonial rule is yet to dissipate. Savitri Era Party (SEP) advocates Freedom and supports Market so that people imbibe courage to think freely and act according to their free choice. #FiveDreams

[When Bipin Chandra Pal was speaking of China and Japan overthrowing European civilisation, how many understood or appreciated great issues? We have lost the faculty of great ideas, outlooks, which divines the great motions of the world.] Sri Aurobindo BANDE MATARAM April 1, 1908

Any one learning music or dance revers a Guru which itself is of religious nature and akin to believing in God.

There are innumerable taxonomies but the one that's fundamental to Sri Aurobindo's explanation on the significance of Castes derives from his unique psychological interpretation of Vedic Deities: Knowledge, Power, Harmony, and Work are the four essential domains within a society.

Material progress and consequent pleasure seeking has affected human nature and so, it won't be correct to lay the blame at the door of the West alone. Story of human civilisation has to be seen as a whole instead of creating false binaries and imagining an Indian exceptionalism.

Opacity or liminality are far more preferable to simplifying complex scenarios. To quote Isaiah Berlin (6 June 1909 – 5 November1997), [To confuse our own constructions and inventions with eternal laws or divine decrees is one of the most fatal delusions of men. (1974)] #EHCarr

[Writing the village, becoming the nation: The work of Manoj Das. M Ratti - The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 2018. Manoj Das is a leading senior writer within Indian literature, with his novels, short stories,
and poems centring on village and rural life, mingling realism]

Exquisitely written. Reading it just made my day.

A good overview of Shakespeare and Odia literature through comparison of Dr Mansingh's work and another translation of Hamelt in 1934 by A K Bandopadhyay

Heard this Odia song and realized that languages in the East are quite similar. Maithili, Bangla, Odia, Assamese are so close that a native speaker of one can get about 90% of the other with no prior training and some concentration:

[Relics installation day, Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018: Sri Aurobindo Adhyayana Kendra, Rajgangpur (Odisha) and Matrubihar, Sundargarh (Odisha) installed by Sri Champaklalji in 1984. Sri Aurobindo's Relics has come to Odisha fifteen times to sixty-five places.]

Friday, December 8, 2017

With the Mother, Sri Aurobindo ushered in modern Hinduism

Assorted tweets:

Sri Aurobindo had a strong non-denominational spirituality. He was not parochial. He did not confuse culture with spirituality. With the Mother, he ushered in modern Hinduism. Beyond the Vedas,  with his own meditative insights

Something gleaned beyond the books to develop and evolve and where necessary, reject the body of knowledge (from the Vedas).

What has Sri Aurobindo ‘rejected’ from the Vedas? And if it indeed knowledge then it must be an expression of some truth. How do you reject ‘knowledge’ then if it stands on its own & needs no acceptance or rejection to exist?

Knowledge is not permanent. Some Vedic practices are outdated.  Sri Aurobindo's thoughts focused not on rituals.  I had only used the term "beyond" that includes implicit rejection of some rituals. See this for sample of the outmoded kind. 

So really Sri Aurobindo has not rejected anything from the vedas. He has in fact elucidated their inner occult meaning. To see this as a rejection of vedic sacrifices, which the mantra-drashtras of the Vedas themselves engaged in, is a projection of the modern westernized mindset

Evolution involves leaving outmoded things behind. Whether we call it rejection or not is just a matter of semantics

Just because humans evolved would u say that all the other millions of forms of life are outmoded? Perhaps we are advanced in some very important ways but surely evolution of something new does not necessarily imply outright rejection or negation of what preceded it.

Absolutely, but my understanding is of Sri Aurobindo involves an evolution that is "supramental' in which some other forms are laggards, and in that sense, outmoded. The idea is to locate nobler thoughts and go with them.

But let us at least first grapple with the mental before venturing towards the supramental. The very Vedic truths & forms we want to reject are declared by Sri Aurobindo himself to have been revealed from higher than mental standpoint. Y to reject them from our mental standpoint?

I do believe "consciousness" is key. Rest falls in place. "Ordered intution" of the kind Sri Aurobindo spoke of may show the way. "Rejection" is not blind but based on an inner sense of clarity. Or should be. Have a nice day!

But he as clear that all His new findings were following the Leonine spirit of the Gita n RG Veda which was left unfinished in the past by rishis then and said more will come in future thus making s.dharma an infinite strong treasure of God
so Sri Aurobindo reaffirmed hinduism was actually most the LIFE TRANSFORMING as opposed to life weakening mayavada budhistic jainism that had gripped it's ppl. So He was not beyond the Vedas so as to divorce Him from sanatana dharma.
In fact that Sri Aurobindo found the root of His Savitri in the RgVeda and spoke contrary to trad Hindus extolling Upanishads as 'refined n essence of veda'. Rgveda alone, he said  speaks of heavenly waters drenching the earth as divinisation of matter flash/earth.

Sri Aurobindo has been excluded from the Hindu list and it seems to be quite appropriate. His integral approach has that subversive element which no past religion or ideology would accommodate. Even, his eulogy of English poets contains severe strictures. -
Like it or not, Sri Aurobindo is opposed to all dominant narratives, - what postmodernism ushered in much later - so much so, all his philosophical expositions fail to construct any fixed Ontology. Evolution, and not some specific culture or tradition, is the crux of his teaching.
Castigating Congress or the Marxist historians might be valid on many counts but religious sentiments are not the right ingredient for erecting an ethical bulwark for justifying the demolition of a medieval monument that deserved preservation by a modern and democratic nation.
Local and social problems abound India and ceding them to political parties for solving hardly succeeds. Formal social organisations needed with statutory backing for taking up issues facilitating negotiation and conflict resolution.
Looking beyond ordinary circumstances is the first lesson from Sri Aurobindo. Aspiring for a better state of affairs is the second. That present imperfections can be remedied through Evolution is the next. And the last is collaborating with that process by being a humble student.
Reading "The Secret of the Veda" by Sri Aurobindo transforms your worldview in the sense that common terms and names unveil fresh meanings. For instance, [the word ghrta is constantly used in connection with the thought or the mind, that heaven in the Veda is symbol of the mind.]

Feel Philosophy: Their concerns are complimentary, and a dialog between these thinkers is urgently required - At the ends of man: Sri Aurobindo and Michel Foucault by Rich

But wud Einstein be excluded from the tradition or lists of the knowledge tradition of physics just because his revelations were ‘subversive’ of the prior Newtonian model? Hinduism sets no bar on new truths at different times or varying truths in different places at the same time
That is why the most primitive animism co-exists along with the most sophisticated philosophies within Hinduism. If subversiveness were a bar to inclusion then the first thing that must be thrown out is the most popular & universally revered Hindu scripture, Sri Krishna’s Gita.

Thank you! People don't need to read Vedas, Upanishads or even Hindu history to know Hinduism if they read the writings and works of these three alone. Everything that one will ever need to know about the religion and the culture is in these writings.

Sorry, I don't agree there. People should independently read the Upanishads & Vedas to form their own opinions. The opinions of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Savarkar & Vivekananda are, however, highly valuable to any Hindu & particularly, those reading Vedas & Upanishads.
Very true. Savarkar, Dayananda Saraswati, Vivekananda, even the Brahmo reformists are very very useful & motivators for learning more. But it is still their opinion of the Vedas/Upanishads, not the Vedas/Upanishads themselves.

My views on Hindutva are more nuanced now. The state-society distinction remains material, and so is the terminology. But having studied history, philosophy and religion further- I believe that India should be declared a Dharma Rashtra. My piece (Jan 2012)

Indian constitution treats citizens based on their religion. Why are people then demanding that religion and politics not be mixed?