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Don't promote Auroville for tourism

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Each issue of Auroville Today brings a smile and a wow moment. Reminded of the words of Pravir Malik, an expert on Quantum Commuting some 25 years ago, 'I dare not imagine how high Auroville will rise (in the world).'

Auroville Today: May Issue 418: mailchi.mp/0e23998024d6/a


For sustainable development -online qualitative and quantitative monitoring. Exciting times ahead with Auroville to leverage these exciting opportunities. (2/3)

#Auroville #CDAC #MoU #MoUSigningCeremony @cdacindia


Great. There should be a sizable area - something like 100 acres - in or near Auroville where the latest technological developments in diverse fields are presented,  updated and their convergence facilitated.

The  idea was developed by Shally Palmar in a non- Auroville context.


Cities of the future need to integrate ecological systems seamlessly with urban development. 

What technologies or design strategies do you think are crucial for sustainable urban growth? 

 #SustainableCities #UrbanEcology #Auroville


A serene, futuristic city where nature and architecture harmoniously merge. Inspired by the Matrimandir in Auroville, a golden dome is surrounded by lush greenery and winding pathways, blending technology and the natural environment into a tranquil urban landscape. #SustainableDesign #FuturisticCity


True. She may b an instrument for now. But one is very worried about the precedent set by govt interfering into Auroville rather than Aurovillians organically evolving it into what it aspires to b with d inner Guidance and Grace  of the unseen Hand. Govt bureaucracy never leaves.

Hope you don't misunderstand me, sir. I am supportive of what Smt. Jayanti is doing now. It's much needed today. But worried for the long term. Once govt bureaucracy enters, it never leaves and one doesn't have many good things to say abt bureaucracy. A long term danger, imho.

Thanks for the info. I hope she stays for a while, cleans up Auroville and puts in place protection against such elements and then empower the Auroville community as a whole. For the *long term*, we would prefer for ministry to be there when needed but remain at arms distance.


Auroville is not meant to be a tourist attraction. See the message from its Founder attached. So, please don't promote Auroville for tourism. The image of Matrimandir, Auroville you have posted is fake, remove it.


“The experimental township of Auroville was founded 50 years ago in Tamil Nadu with an eco-utopian vision that promised to reinstate faith in humanity. But its history has been fraught with accusations of corruption and infighting” ⁦@gaachburi⁩


Dear Gary. Do look to India for inspiration. Auroville was developed on a similar land and although it does have a spiritual element, the ethos was sustainable living, growing own food and community living, they also support local arts in the centre..India has this and many such


Wrote a blog about my experience in Matri Mandir, Auroville, Pondicherry. Go check it out!!!


Mrinalini Devi and Sri Aurobindo मृणालिनी देवी और श्री अरविन्द - सुश्री ... youtu.be/IFVaH233m48?si… via @YouTube


Sri Aurobindo on the four cognitive methods of Nature



Didn't know that Monika Halan is Sri Aurobindo ' s follower ... interesting conversation. ...


Taleb uses legendary Italian writer Umberto Eco’s uncommon relationship with books and reading as a parable of the most fruitful relationship with knowledge: [...] 

Noting that his Black Swan theory centers on “our misunderstanding of the likelihood of surprises” because we underestimate the value of what we don’t know and take what we do know “a little too seriously,” Taleb envisions the perfect dancer in the tango with knowledge:


This is how clickbait journalism works. Do you think this person doesn’t have a mirror at home? The entire story is written deliberately to evoke 

responses like ‘hey, it is not your caste, it is you’. This is EXACTLY what Manisha Mondal WANTS! 


More Power to Manisha Mondal from The Print and congratulations on her article “Being Dalit on a dating app”. All this vile trolling on social media only goes on to further prove the might of her pen and that she has rattled the entire ecosystem. Bull’s eye!


ThePrint takes note of the vile, casteist comments targeted at our photojournalist Manisha Mondal. They are sexist, objectionable, often bordering on criminality. Their attacks also put our reporter at risk. We are making a record of this. If the behaviour continues, we will report the handles


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Sri Aurobindo's writings are like hard whiskey

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Wrote a blog about my experience in Matri Mandir, Auroville, Pondicherry. Go check it out!!! https://jitesh117.github.io/musings/the-serenity-of-matri-mandir/ There is pin drop silence in the hall. One can literally hear their heartbeats once they go into the deep state of mediation.


Sri Aurobindo is way above Tagore's level. Believe me. Aurobindo's writings are like hard whiskey. You get intoxicated by them.

You know he's good when an Australian becomes his fan.


Sri Aurobindo's force works through human instruments with its flaws; not demand sainthood of them. Your expectations are unreal.


Seriously, who specifically is saying "we're on the verge of Godhood." Aurobindo has been saying this for a century, Plotinus for longer. Do we have a new AI accelerationist philosopher we should be aware of?




Strangely, this statement of Sri Aurobindo said before the turn of century (1893) still stands true!


What Sri Aurobindo said in 1893 is relevant through the ages.


If you have never read Aurobindo Ghose you are missing something.

He has amazing spiritual information for you.


Medicinal plant garden at Miraloke, New Alipore, Kolkata ( West Bengal, India) developed and maintained by school kids. Mirraloke, not a school or a coaching center but a learning community based on the thoughts of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on education.


6. Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry 

This structure is also circular which allows children to interact freely. There are large steps in front of the lawn where children and teachers can have classes in the open or just have a conversation.


Currently reading “conversations with Sri Aurobindo”. Will be sharing some of his ideas and thoughts. What a great soul he was! Look at his answer on ‘India as spiritual land’. This was back in 1926.


Inder S. Marwah argues Aurobindo Ghose drew on a nuanced reform Darwinism to criticize British imperialism and advance an alternative grounded in the Indian polity’s mutualism.




Reminds me of my time in Auroville - I was shocked the first time I saw people walking barefoot all over the city. My daughter immediately took to it, but took me sometime to make the transition.

Indian city life unfortunately isn't very conducive to barefoot living


Do higher fees in schools mean BETTER quality education?

Let’s look at this alternative school in Auroville that shows us how this is ABSOLUTELY not true! 

Note: if you want to volunteer in Auroville, read till the end.


Auroville, la cité utopique indienne menacée par le désenchantement et le nationalisme hindou lemonde.fr/international/… via @lemondefr


Long back in a book on education Sri Aurobindo said "there is no parallel to the hypocrisy of the West". But the problem is that over the years our educated classes have instead of challenging it have adopted that .. hypocrisy


India has been suffering since 1990 in the wake of the temple movement. The best ideology to counter Hindutva is Sri Aurobindo. But neither the Congress nor the Dalits realise this truth as a result of which BJP manages to hoodwink the people. Savitri Era Party spreads awareness.


The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the one Supreme Divine who have been giving an intellectual as well as political alternative since 1914. Indians must understand its significance and evolutionary inevitability and apply it in all spheres of life. Current leaders are ignorant of it.


17 hours ago — There is no grimness in being an instrument of the divine Will — it is the happiest and most joyous condition possible — it brings not only peace but an intense ...
प्रवचन 5 ~ सुखवीर आर्य | आश्रमवासी | Hindi | Sri Aurobindo Society AMRELI | Sukhvir Arya. 40 views · 4 hours ago AMRELI ...more ...

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Primordial soup from which all evolution springs

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on war and peace



Sri Aurobindo's quote emphasizes self-mastery, perseverance, and continuous growth for entrepreneurs. 

It suggests that overcoming personal limitations builds resilience and empowerment, enabling further victories.

Key learnings include self-discipline, self-awareness, perseverance through challenges, and perpetual self-improvement for sustained success in entrepreneurial endeavours.

Read the detailed post (link below) on this mindful quote and do let me know your thoughts. Link: t.ly/wdi0Y

Have a fantastic weekend.

#PersonalGrowth #Entrepreneur #strategicstrokes


There is no iota of difference between the purpose of Lord Shriram and Sri Aurobindo, and their role in evolution of earth consciousness. Yet it is unfortunate that everyone is hush hush about the manner in which SAS was taken over. Too complex for human mind to comprehend.


What Makes the Teachings of the Gita Great

Who is Adhikaari to study the Gita?

These are the two short articles of mine published in the April 2024 Issue of Sri Aurobindo's Action - A Journal of India's Resurgence.


Meaning of Life - 1

 *Shrikant Soman* 



Based on *Life Divine* by Sri Aurobindo

Part One - Chapter 25 - 1

 *Reality and the Integral Knowledge*... 

Now, descend to the base of this mountain. Here lies the Inconscience, the primordial soup from which all evolution springs. Yet, this consciousness isn't blinded by the seeming darkness. Instead, it perceives the spark of the One by and the All, the divine essence hidden within these depths.



The Book ( A novel based on #LifeDivine by #SriAurobindo)

Part 1: The Quest

Chapter 8: The Plan

In "The Plan," a group of individuals reminisces about a pivotal decision they made together, which they recall fondly despite the unexpected consequences. 

They discuss the potential of AI systems to predict social events and the principles underlying human accomplishment. Each member shares personal stories, reflecting diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 

They agree to collaborate on creating an AI system to enhance human capabilities, aiming to integrate man and machine rather than replacing human intelligence. 

Meanwhile, Kurt Levin seeks advice from Professor Stearne on formulating a system of human accomplishment, reflecting on the challenges and potential solutions.


[HTML] Synchronizing Missio Dei with Process Theology and Theodicy

JS Thinane - Religions, 2024
Since the second half of the 20th century, missiology has continued to elevate Missio Dei to a topic of the highest importance in theology. According to Missio Dei, the salvific mission is more theocentric than anthropocentric in that its actuality is …

[HTML] The Prolonged Path of Indigenization: A Study on German Protestant Missionary Ernst Faber's Chinese Literary Works

R Shi, H Zhang - Religions, 2024
Ernst Faber’s 34 years of literary missionary works reveal his commitment to refining his approach to indigenizing Christianity in China. Employing three linguistic and cultural adaptation strategies—translation and commentary of the Bible, examination …

[PDF] Exploring Metacognitive Strategies through the Lens of Bhagavad Gita: A Philosophical Inquiry

S Dixit, KP Dammani
… various paths to spiritual realization, including Karma Yoga (the yoga of selfless action), Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion), and Jnana Yoga (the … is an integral part of yoga practice, which includes disciplines such as meditation, self-discipline …

[PDF] The Effects of Prenatal Yoga on Maternal Stress Levels and Birth Outcomes: A Prospective Cohort Study

V Zarintaj, S Kakara
… prenatal yoga group or a control group receiving standard prenatal care. The … • To assess the impact of a structured prenatal yoga program on maternal stress levels, … prenatal yoga intervention compared to standard prenatal care over a defined period …

Reading Between the Lines: Maternity Benefit Law in India and Whom It Truly Benefits

S Dadke - Indian Journal of Gender Studies, 2024
The gendered and performative role of motherhood, an ideal of patriarchy, has been codified into the letters of law. A feminist lens has been applied to understand how motherhood and patriarchy interact within the maternity benefit law in India, which is …

Printed by Sheridan, a CJK Group Company. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, electronic, photocopying …

UK Holloway - 2024
… The View from the Future: Aurobindo Ghose’s Anticolonial Darwinism …

[PDF] Revisiting Indian Philosophy: A Study of Ethical Codes in Bhagwat Gita

R Mishra - The SPL Journal of Literary Hermeneutics: A Biannual …, 2024
Aim: This comprehensive study aims to conduct a deep dive into the intricate fabric of Indian philosophy, as encapsulated in the Bhagwat Gita, with a particular emphasis on elucidating its profound ethical codes. Methodology: By meticulously …


H Dustin Shane, V Narayanan
… The Ananda Margi cases concerned themselves with the Sri Aurobindo practice of the tandava dance, a controversial dance involving the brandishing of weapons, skulls, and poisonous snakes in public. In both the 1983 and 2004 hearings, the …

Yes, that is why they are aspects of One.  Sri Aurobindo  is one of those who has brought this out. It is not about commonalities, though there are many, but different facets.


I personally have no qualms even if they did - but the language simply makes more sense in the allegorical context that Sri Aurobindo suggests. The verses suggest expressions of spiritual inspiration. Later interpolations when the elasticity of the poetic language had become more rigid & emphasis shifted primarily to the ritualistic basis. Sri Aurobindo’s theory explains a lot of these contradictions satisfactorily.


Dr. Sarani Ghosal Mondal has been awarded the prestigious Nolini Kanta Gupta Memorial Award in 2024 for her outstanding contribution to Sri Aurobindo Studies as a Critic of Sri Aurobindo's Literature by Srinvantu Spiritual Trust, Kolkata & Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.


Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry shd be declared a sacred Meditation zone. No vehicle, no senseless protests or photo shooting by Instagrammers or photographers shd be allowed near the 1 km vicinity. @narendramodi @PMOIndia @LGov_Puducherry pl step in


These two have insane sexual chemistry which is baffling because they look incredibly cute when placed next to each other. I guess this is the reason why the intimate scenes in Janam Dekh Lo from Veer Zaara channel divinity, not lewdness.


The thing is, Bollywood used to be much more sincere and simplistic with their portrayal of sexuality back in the days. That's why family audience were more comfortable watching stuff like this like Veer Zaara literally has a entire song where the girl dreams herself getting undressed and cuked by her imaginary bf. If that scene was shot today it would be so uncomfortable, but that movie makes it feel like it's poetry


Indians have neither the sense of history nor the reality or self respect. Bomb them, launch terrorist attacks, kill their civilians but they'll continue living in a varying degree of delusion and fantasy. They have a Bollywood movie playing at the back of their mind 24x7.


Now going back to my point on the media. Indian public is highly influenced by the films. Bollywood industry which is also run by Joos as is Hollywood (I worked in the business so I know). Through cinema they’ve promoted Hindu hate, culture of violence & rape etc.


In implicate order everything is already 'recorded' just like a movie is already shot and edited. It's out of time, time is just projection on the cinema screen that we call reality or 'process of unfolding'


The difference between David Bohm's and Whitehead's metaphysics is subtle but in some ways all-important. Bohm views the implicate order as a finished whole: infinite, yes, but not subject to any additions by way of the ongoing creative advance of explicate particulars. Whitehead in some sense inverts this picture by making "absolute" that which each concrescent occasion achieves moment by moment. There is no finished whole: the universe is "an incompletion in process of production" (PR 214-15). This process is iterative and cumulative, allowing for a cosmogenesis of ongoing self-differentiation into ever more inclusive relational wholeness, with no final One that might subsume the Many. In Whitehead’s terms, “each creative act is the universe incarnating itself as one, and there is nothing above it by way of final condition” (PR 245).

“Change” means the rearrangement of already existing things. “Process” on the other hand means the creation or coming into being of a thing.

Yes, that would be Bohm’s view. Whitehead’s view is different: process is not a mere appearance; it is as real as it gets.


Presumably politics would be easier if human beings were capable either of accessing or assessing facts independent of narratives. 

With great practice and good theory we may be capable of the former.

I’m not sure the latter is possible. Assessment presupposes valuation, some sense of why a fact is important.


Reminded here also of Hume’s two conditions of justice, neither of which hinge on this.

Also not sure about the possibility of the latter fwiw.


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Sri Aurabindo wasn't a lexicanologist or anthropologist

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Lines from Sri Aurobindo comes to one's mind," The Fiend was visible but cloaked in light;He seemed a helping angel from the skies,He armed untruth with Scripture and the law,he deceived with wisdom and virtue slew the soul..." The only great man who refused to meet Gandhi.


Sri aurabindo wasn't a lexicanologist or anthropologist. Sanskrit is Eurasian laungage which flourished across sub continent alongside the migration of Eurasian steppes, 8000 years ago.

Come with some peer reviewed articles of lexicanologist or anthropologist than coming out with trash of Aurobindo.

Stop sending me Aurobindo garbage. Just including  few Sanskrit words does not authenticate  nothing. You people are shameless in saying Australia is where Indian yogis kept  war fares.

If Indian yogis were so great why 87% foodless here until 6 decades ago.


I'd rather put Swami Vivekanand and Aurobindo's photo under Buddha murti instead of Ambedkar and Phule as the former two were closer to the Buddha ideologically than the latter two.


Hence Nisargatta Maharajs humble statement the himself he is a mere school teacher and osho is like principal of large school.  Osho discourses of zen were taught by Japanese masters… sheer spiritual genius.  What aurobindo is to free India, osho is to modern world. /3


And we don't hear much about those who truly were great such as Sri Aurobindo..

A person with all possible qualities one can think of.. a scholar, saint, revolutionary, poet, philosopher..


Dr. Alok Pandey from the Sri Aurobindo ashram is a specialist on it. He was a psychiatrist in the Indian Air force. Another article on the subject:



Also his analysis on tantra is completely wrong..I respect him tho...I find sri aurobindo one of the great spiritual master of 20th century but his writing are very difficult to understand if you aren't a sadhaka.


Why only 2021, what about my case? I'm the perfect example of the Auroville criminal gang attack and robbery, by the #Auroville Land board and WC. @EduMinOfIndia @avfoundation @rajbhavan_tn


Uncovering the dark side of farming in #Auroville: undue enrichment at the expense of principles. If this is the norm, why bother with rules, law, charter, and PMLA. FEMA?  @narendramodi @avfoundation @EduMinOfIndia @dpradhanbjp @dir_ed @rajbhavan_tn


MLA petitions Secretary, Auroville Foundation: alleges exclusion of Tamils, visa denial to foreigners, crores of rupees bribes in land deals and warns of public agitation @rajbhavan_tn @avfoundation #Auroville


This has been the practice in #Auroville, covering up crimes with no criminal action, undue influence on investigative agencies, and suppression facts. Is this still continuing in the name of a Human Experiment? @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @EduMinOfIndia @avfoundation @rajbhavan_tn


We clearly don't have financial sovereignty. Collective decision process from the residents has been by-passed in the last few years. We have an international network of well wishers who share the Auroville values abroad which is definitely akin to an extended network.


A city without politics, religions and money were the ideals for Auroville given by the Mother who founded it in 1968. Auroville is far from that ideal and to claim that it has already become so is ignorant and false propaganda.


I just published Auroville - ‘City of Dawn’: How Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s Vision Became a Global Sanctuary


Auroville is changing. When I lived here in 2020, aurovillians were discontent. But today, they are deeply unhappy. Plans for Bharat nivas are slowly eclipsing the Mother's vision. Matrimandir viewing point now looks like a mining site.



The Soul of Auroville with barely any trees, and now an artificial lake with HDPE liner, which apparently is not meant to host life?! 

Barbarians of the old world ..


Join us as we explore the various figurative, communicative and aesthetic aspects to ponder over the concept of a shot, primarily as a ‘cinematographic act’.

With Deb Kamal Ganguly

16th April, 2024 ; 14:30 to 18:30 IST_Online

To know more visit:



Rhythm of Life Workshop today at Bharat Nivas, Auroville a beginning made to introduce to Carnatic music system, Mantra, understanding voice and rhythm ending with a jam session. The hours just passed by with such warmth and delight, the learning a joyful unfolding. #Auroville


The Kama Sutra draws attention to the tension between the monogamous housewife and the polygamous courtesan. The former has access to status, power, dignity and nobility while the latter has freedom, agency and enterprise. The two belong to very different worlds. This was part of Indian culture for over 2,000 years. This system was broken down brutally by the British with the support of nationalists, who saw the courtesan culture as a sign of corruption and debauchery. In this one aspect, the nationalists and the colonialists agreed.

Read More ecoti.in/CKgEga 


How do autorickshaw drivers (in Kolkata) perceive sexual harassment on public transport? Scroll.in


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Research articles by Peter Heehs

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Aurobindo Ghose and revolutionary terrorism

P Heehs - South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 1992 - Taylor & Francis
The importance of Aurobindo Ghose as a political leader during the Swadeshi period (1905-10) of the Indian national movement is generally acknowledged. His role as a leader of the …

[C] The centre of the religious life of the world: Spiritual universalism and cultural nationalism in the works of Sri Aurobindo

P Heehs - Hinduism in Public and Private, Reform, Hindutva …, 2003

Sri Aurobindo and his Ashram, 1910–2010: An unfinished history

P Heehs - Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and …, 2015 - online.ucpress.edu
… at the time of writing, but extracts from it are reproduced at ‘‘Sri Aurobindo Ashram Beneficiaries Association had taken up the cause of exposing various atrocities,’’ Savitri Era Open …

[PDF] Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism

P Heehs - AntiMatters, 2008 - academia.edu
Many people think of Sri Aurobindo as a Hindu, but he looked upon himself as a member of the Hindu religion for only around twelve of his seventy-eight years. His attitude towards …

Aurobindo and supermind

P Heehs - The Gnostic World, 2018 - taylorfrancis.com

The philosophical theory and spiritual methodology of Sri Aurobindo are based on Vedanta, Yoga, and other Indian systems but incorporate some elements from Western sources. If the …

Sri Aurobindo, Agnosticism, and the Unknowable

P Heehs - Reading Sri Aurobindo: Metaphysics, Ethics and …, 2022 - Springer
Abstract Many readers of Sri Aurobindo consider him a theist and many of his writings seem to support this view, but it does not do justice to the complexity of his position. He was a …

Sri Aurobindo's Theory of Spiritual Evolution

P Heehs - Asian Religious Responses to Darwinism: Evolutionary …, 2020 - Springer
Sri Aurobindo's philosophy of spiritual evolution was based on ideas found in Indian spiritual texts but also incorporated Western ideas. Born in India, he was educated in England …

The Myth of the Theons: Constructing and Deconstructing the Image of Two European Occultists

P Heehs - Aries, 2024 - brill.com
21 days ago - Abstract The reputations of Eliezer Mordechai Bimstein and Mary Ware (aka Theon and Madame Theon) as master occultists took shape during their lifetimes in the …

The Kabbalah, the Philosophie Cosmique, and the Integral Yoga. A Study in Cross-Cultural Influence

P Heehs - Aries, 2011 - brill.com
Certaines traditions ésotériques de l'Occident revendiquent des origines orientales. Moins nombreuses sont les traditions ésotériques de l'Orient ayant été influencées par une …

[PDF] The Light of Asia: The Poem that Defined the Buddha

P Heehs - academia.edu
91 days ago - In 1879, when Edwin Arnold published The Light of Asia, European scholars had known for only four decades that the religions in Ceylon, Burma, and other Asian …

Religion and revolt: Bengal under the Raj.

P Heehs - History Today, 1993 - elibrary.ru

Describes how Hindu revivalism stiffened resistance to colonial rule in British India. Religion as part of the Indian political landscape; Active opposition to British rule in India dating back …

The Maniktala secret society: An early Bengali terrorist group

P Heehs - The Indian Economic & Social History Review, 1992 - journals.sagepub.com
The subject of this study is the secret society (gupta samiti) that developed out of the Calcutta Anushilan Samiti around 1905 and engaged in terrorist acts under the direction of …

Bengali religious nationalism and communalism

P Heehs - International Journal of Hindu Studies, 1997 - JSTOR
The problem of Indian communalism (politicized religious conflict) has gener ated an enormous literature. Most studies by historians deal with the role played by socioeconomic …

Revolutionary Terrorism in British Bengal

P Heehs - Terror and the Postcolonial: A Concise Companion, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
There were four factors behind the success of the freedom movement in British India:(1) pressure exerted by public bodies, notably the Indian National Congress;(2) non-violent …

Terrorism in India during the freedom struggle

P Heehs - The Historian, 1993 - Taylor & Francis
B nonviolent methods have dominated Western views of the movement for India's independence, many believe that India achieved its freedom without resorting to violence. In …

Foreign influences on Bengali revolutionary terrorism 1902–1908

P Heehs - Modern Asian Studies, 1994 - cambridge.org
Writing to John Morley, the Secretary of State for India, a few days after the first terrorist bomb was thrown by a Bengali, the Viceroy Lord Minto declared that the conspirators aimed …

[C] The bomb in Bengal: The rise of revolutionary terrorism in India, 1900-1910

P Heehs - (No Title), 1993 - cir.nii.ac.jp
The bomb in Bengal : the rise of revolutionary terrorism in India, 1900-1910 | CiNii Research CiNii

Rethinking Postcolonial Identity: Caught in the Spiral of Violence

P Heehs - Cross-Fertilizing Roots and Routes: Identities, Social …, 2021 - Springer
Postcolonial literature deals with the enduring effects of colonization on formerly colonized countries. In the twenty-first century a new literary era, sometimes called post-postcolonial …

Myth, history, and theory

P Heehs - History and Theory, 1994 - JSTOR
Myth and history are generally considered antithetical modes of explanation. Writers of each tend to distrust the data of the other. Many historians of the modern period see their task as …

Indian communalism a survey of historical and social‐scientific approaches

P Heehs - South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 1997 - Taylor & Francis
CONFLICT BETWEEN GROUPS DISTINGUISHED BY RELIGIOUS MEMBERSHIP-'communalism'as it is known locally-is one of India's most persistent social problems …

'Not a Question of Theology'? Religions, Religious Institutions, and the Courts in India

P Heehs - Comparative Legal History, 2013 - Taylor & Francis
Courts have played an important role in defining the relationship between religions and the state in India. Litigation by or against religious institutions has obliged the judiciary to …

[B] Sri Aurobindo

P Heehs - 1997 - academia.edu
. 擊零 ri Aurobindo (1872–1950) has an international reputation as a mystical philosopher and is known throughout India as a revolutionary politician. Many of his readers, ab-sorbed …

Situating Sri Aurobindo: A Reader

P Heehs - 2013 - philpapers.org
This volume provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects of Sri Aurobindo's work as a poet, literary critic, political leader, social reformer, philosopher, and spiritual …

[B] The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

P Heehs - 2008 - books.google.com
Since his death in 1950, Sri Aurobindo Ghose has been known primarily as a yogi and a philosopher of spiritual evolution who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in peace and …

[PDF] Roots Branches and seeds: The Teachings of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo examined in the light of Indian tradition colonial nodernity, and one …

P Heehs - 2019 - academia.edu
Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo are often considered the most important figures in the modern reformulations of Vedanta and Yoga. There were a number of similarities as well …

The uses of Sri Aurobindo: Mascot, whipping-boy, or what?

P Heehs - Postcolonial Studies, 2006 - Taylor & Francis
While studying American history in school, my classmates and I were offered a collection of names, dates, places and events that were supposed to sum up what happened in one or …

Shades of Orientalism: paradoxes and problems in Indian historiography

P Heehs - History and Theory, 2003 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract In Orientalism, Edward Said attempts to show that all European discourse about the Orient is the same, and all European scholars of the Orient complicit in the aims of European …

India's divided loyalties?

P Heehs - History Today, 1995 - elibrary.ru
Looks at the participation of the Indian National Army (INA), Indian soldiers who surrendered to and served for Japan after the fall of Singapore in 1942, in the Second World War. Japan's …

[B] India's Freedom Struggle 1857–1947: A Short History

P Heehs - 1998 - books.google.com
Page 1 º A ºr ºf A sº-º-º-H - gºt ºn tº Pé LC"I | ee IIS India’s Freedom A Short History Page 2 India’s Freedom Struggle 1857–1947 Page 3 INDIA’S FREEDOM STRUGGLE 1857–1947 A Short …

[C] Nationalism, terrorism, communalism: Essays in modern Indian history

P Heehs - (No Title), 1998 - cir.nii.ac.jp
Nationalism, terrorism, communalism : essays in modern Indian history | CiNii Research CiNii

Practices of nontheistic spirituality

P Heehs - … and human development: Transformations in religions …, 2018 - Springer
For many people, spiritual practice is associated with one or another theistic religion. But this association is not inevitable. Both in the ancient and the modern worlds, teachers of certain …

[B] Spirituality without God: A global history of thought and practice

P Heehs - 2018 - books.google.com
Spirituality without God is the first global survey of “godless” spirituality. Long before “spiritual but not religious” became the catchphrase of the day, there were religious and …

[C] Indian religions: A historical reader of spiritual expression and experience

P Heehs - 2002 - NYU Press

[B] Indian religions: the spiritual traditions of South Asia: an anthology

P Heehs - 2002 - books.google.com
This Book Is An Anthology Of Written And Oral Texts By Spiritual Teachers From South Asia, Covering The Period Of The Rig Veda To The 1980S. All The Major Traditions (Vedic-Hindu …

Writing the Self

P Heehs - 2013 - torrossa.com
All of us feel we are different than everybody else. We see the world through our own eyes, hear it with our own ears, touch it with our own hands. We have our own thoughts and …

Shaped like themselves

P Heehs - 2000 - JSTOR

In the late 1980s Wendy Singer sat on verandas in Pandaul and spoke with people about things that had happened there fifty years before. Pandaul is a town and region in the Indian …

Narrative painting and narratives about paintings: Poussin among the philosophers

P Heehs - Narrative, 1995 - JSTOR
Narrative, indispensable for ordering events in time, can also be used to give unified meaning to forms in space. Most people shown a figurative picture can without difficulty …

Introduction: appropriation as a marketing strategy

P Heehs - Postcolonial Studies, 2006 - Taylor & Francis
Most historical writing is concerned with particular people, things and events. Some of these are accepted as figures of comparison*/'icons', as the rhetoricians called them. Long-lived …

Utopias and Dystopias in Literature and Life

P Heehs - Roots, Routes and a New Awakening: Beyond One …, 2021 - Springer
Abstract Plato's Republic and More's Utopia served as models for most of the literary utopias written between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Towards the end of the …

Eternal Truth and the Mutations of Time: Archival Documents and Claims of Timeless Truth

P Heehs - Aisthesis. Pratiche, linguaggi e saperi dell' …, 2020 - oajournals.fupress.net
Philosophical texts regarded as «inspired» present special difficulties for textual editors and intellectual historians that can be mitigated by the study of archival documents. The works of …

An Old Approach to the New History

P Heehs - Studies in History, 1993 - journals.sagepub.com
The volumes under review contain a total of thirty-three articles or book-excerpts written by French scholars between 1929 and 1986 and representing two phases of what is known as …

Book Review: Swami Vivekananda's Legacy of Service: A Study of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission

P Heehs - 2008 - journals.sagepub.com
She gives a rather philosophical note to her concluding remarks when she comments:" Even as we examine the buildings in these photographs, we know what their fate will be. This is …

[C] Genius, mysticism, and madness

P Heehs - The Psychohistory Review, 1997 - pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

[C] 'The Error of All

P Heehs - Gurus and their followers, 2000 - ixtheo.de
Description: 'The Error of All "Churches"' Skip to content IxTheo Home About About us Privacy statement IxTheo AZ Login Language English Deutsch Español Français Italiano …

[C] History of Bangladesh 1704-1971 (Vol I)

P Heehs - Dhaka: Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 1992

[C] Aurobindo

P Heehs - Brill's Encyclopedia of Hinduism, 2018 - ixtheo.de
Description: Aurobindo Skip to content IxTheo Home About About us Privacy statement IxTheo AZ Login Language English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português 

[C] Indian English at ease with itself: the writings of P. Raja

P Heehs - Language Forum, 1993

[C] [BOOK REVIEW] India's freedom struggle, 1857-1947, a short history

P Heehs - Asian Affairs, 1992 - elibrary.ru

[C] Modern India and World History: India's Freedom Struggle, 1857-1947 and World Developments Since 1945

P Heehs - 1991 - Oxford University Press

[C] The Symbol of Sri Aurobindo

P Heehs - Sri Aurobindo Archives and Research, 1979

[C] Terrorism and the National Movement

P Heehs - Nationalism, Terrorism, Communalism …, 1998 - Oxford University Press Delhi

[C] Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

P Heehs - Indian Religions, 2002

[C] Revolutionary Terrorism

P Heehs - History of Bangladesh 1704-1971: Political History

[C] Siddhas, Yogis and Others

P Heehs - Indian Religions: A Historical Reader of Spiritual …

[C] Peasants and Monks in British India

P Heehs - 1997 - JSTOR