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For Sri Aurobindo and The Mother the existence of non-singular identity was central

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), Director, SELF (2005), Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006), and President, Savitri Era Party (2007)

did u know #G20India delegation to Pondicherry consists of 50 Indians & 15 westerners, all very minor officials & that Jayanti Ravi, secretary #auroville has forbidden all the original pioneers of Auroville from attending events? Police has also locked down auroville
"Prophets in Our Midst: Jung, Tolkien, Gebser, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother" Looks like it might be an interesting book.
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The mechanisation of life and thought specified by the Metamachine is what Blake rages against as Urizen's "dark Satanic Mill". Some find this reassuringly predictable way of life, while others not chafe against the constraints this puts on life's spontaneity. Basic stress.
Beginning Almaas's large tome *The Inner Journey Home: Soul's Realization of the Unity of Reality*. He's quite brilliant. That "inner journey home" is, of course, the tale of the Prodigal Son, who is the "falcon" of Yeats poem "The Second Coming".
His book *The Point of Existence* is equally brilliant -- charting a path for the transformation of narcissistic mind into authentic self-realization if we care to take it. Much needed in this "culture of narcissism".
I don't think we have really come to grips with the implications of Nietzsche's psychology of nihilism, or Jung's concerns about the irruption of "the Shadow" in our time, or Blake's description of the horrors of the fall and madness of Urizen -- all pointing to the same thing.
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Blake already foresaw, in his Prophetic Books, the coming derangement, disintegration and increasing incoherence of the mind of Urizen, our real Matrix, just as Nietzsche did and called it "nihilism". But also as a time of great transitions.
Gebser speaks of "the Law of the Earth" as something we must fulfill in our own lives or have it imposed upon us automatically with much resentment and wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Law of the Earth is much akin to what Buddhism refers to as "impermanence".

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AB Abheda, AP Darshan
… Resistance to the exclusivist conception led to Savarkar's Hindutva, where
Hinduism was seen both as a religion and a culture. [83] Hindutva is a national
Hindu-ness, by which a Hindu is one born in India and behaves like a Hindu. MS …

Introduction: Passionate politics in India today

I Roy - Passionate politics, 2023
… and political order guided by Hindutva, or Hindu-ness. These reflections alert us
to the ways in which hopes for Hindutva entwined with anger … 5) but also by
members of historically oppressed Dalits for whom Hindutva appeared as more civil 

[PDF] Caste studies today: Imaginary victims and perpetrators

P Shah - Oñati Socio-Legal Series, 2023
… Hindutva-as-Brahmanical and the reasons given for its electoral success,
Raghuvanshy concludes that our current inability to answer the question of how
Hindutva… leads to another more fundamental question: what exactly is the …

Spectres of Violence and Landscapes of Peace: Imagining the Religious Other in Patterns of Hindu Modernity

A Barua - Violence and Peace in Sacred Texts: Interreligious …, 2023
… These volatile interconnections between militarised masculinity and national
narration are highlighted in Savarkar’s pithy summary of Hindutva (‘Hinduness’): ‘We
are Indians because we are Hindus and vice versa’. Footnote 34 The Muslims have ‘tacitly …

[PDF] BR Ambedkar as Visonary Educator

H Nagrale, B Zare, A Wakade - The Palgrave Handbook of Educational Thinkers, 2023
“We are because he was.” This common phrase referring to Bhimrao Ambedkar
among social justice advocates illustrates Ambedkar’s powerful leadership. An
outspoken critic of rigid Brahminical structures that excluded large groups of citizens …

Vikas Gupta, Rama Kant Agnihotri and Minati Panda (Eds), Education and Inequality: Historical and Contemporary Trajectories. Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan, 2021 …

A Bhattacharya - 2023
… The alliance between Hindutva and big capital visibly defines our present and
seems to represent a specific moment in neoliberalism (Jaffrelot, 2021). The
absence of an analytic of Hindu nationalism and its relationship to neoliberal …

The BJP and the war on history

S Sharma - Passionate politics, 2023
… The BJP had championed this ‘Hindutva’ agenda in the 2014 election, but in
2019 it … This chapter surveys how and why the Hindutva version of Indian history
became so prominent in the … Finally, I discuss how influential Hindutva …


A KAR - 21st Century Perspectives on Indian Writing in English …, 2022
… In his book, whereas there are complete chapters on Toru Dutt, Sri Aurobindo,
and Sarojini Naidu, there are also chapters like “Poets Again” and “The New Poets”
in which he has clubbed several poets together, considering the historical factors …

[PDF] An Analysis of Human Rights Awareness among the Working Professionals in Delhi Region

AN Misra, TN Ojha, AK Singh - … Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and …, 2023
Human rights are the rights of every person in any civilized society. Social
development is mainly based on social freedom and to enjoy humanity. We are
living in a very diverse society where people have different values, religions, colors …


JD JORDAN GRUBER - Experiential Consciousness and the Nature of Human …, 2022
… One was the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for whom the existence of nonsingular
identity was central. Similarly, the Armenian-Greek mystic and spiritual teacher GI
Gurdjieff—and his subsequent students and practice groups—had an explicit focus …

[PDF] Neither to the East nor the West: A Multidisciplinary Review of Consciousness

H Naufanita, N Nurwahidin, A Ghazali - Journal of Strategic and Global Studies, 2023
This article discusses the dynamics of consciousness from multidisciplinary
approach within Western and Islamic discourse. We describe how the term is
traveling across space and time, generating various kinds of discipline, and …


M ALMENDRO - Experiential Consciousness and the Nature of Human …, 2022
Science has been able to alter the outside world, but it seems to come up short
when faced with the complexity of living systems, which are unpredictable. Chaos-Nature’s
way of displaying its full evolutionary power when the flow of life is not restricted-leverages …

[PDF] The Mystique of Earth: An Exploration of Eco-mysticism via Thomas Merton's Encounters with Zen in Dialogue with Thomas Berry

S Lee - 2022
The current ecological disruption is as much a spiritual as an ethical issue, as the
crisis is rooted in humanity’s alienation from nature, and demands a move to a deep
affinity with nature and ecological conversion. By critically engaging with its own …

Esotericism in Romanian Religious History

ID Băncilă - Aries, 2023
… The former conceived of his practice as “integral yoga”, 62 privileging also
Eastern Christian Hesychasm, as a form of yogic meditation. This direction was
further consolidated and indigenized by his friend, the writer Vasile Andru (1942–2016) …

The Sacred Tech: Identity, Aesthetics, and Practice in Neo-Pagan Digital Spaces

G Evolvi - The Third Spaces of Digital Religion
… view cyberspace as holding the potential to enhance visual experiences, thus
regarding technology as an integral part of their religiosity. … traditions such as
Celtic polytheism, to Eastern spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, to …

Max Velmans Interview: On Understanding Consciousness, Reflexive Monism, and the Future of Consciousness Studies

JJ Joaquin - Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2023
Max Velmans, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London,
is one of the leading theorists of consciousness studies — an interdisciplinary field
of study that deals with questions about the nature of consciousness and how it …