I believe great changes are taking place, not only in our inner beings but in the nations and the planet as a whole, ready to surface at the right time and in the right way. Your Savitri Era blog, and I am sure your other blogs, is a grand, central light station for the planet. Please know this. ~Rick Lipschutz, San Francisco Fri, 22 Sep 2006

Two words universal & futuristic are keys to whatever the Savitri Erans undertake keeping before them the guiding light of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. There can be no enslavement to old formulas for the Savitri Erans anything they do must be inspired with these two important & defining qualities - universal & futuristic. Thanks Tusarji for the presentation of such a succint yet deep manifesto!

You have quite rightly set the agenda for resurgence. It is no use living with blinkers, one has to face the reality that if a greater & larger movement is to come at first for the resurgence of this nation & gradually the globe in the Vision of sri Aurobindo & The Mother then these three activities/areas-Politcs, culture & religion-will have to be brought into a new light it is a daunting task but the beginning has to be made and maybe the next four years to start with are propitious as we observe the centenary of Sri Aurobindo as THE Nationalist Leader.

Tusarji, it has been a national experience of the last 60 years that wherever the Govt has intervened there it has spoilt/retarded/distorted/messed the work or experiment. Therefore Mother was categorical that the Centre of Education at Pondicherry remain auytonomous & free from Govt control. A case in point of how things get corroded over a period of time is the example of Tagore's Visva-Bharat, an institution founded with one of the loftiest visions of educating man for a greater future.

Values such as honesty, accountability, austerity are today laughed at by the political classes, but it is precisely these that millions are looking for from those who govern & it is these that they are denied at every step by most in the political spectrum & is not limited to one block. There are some who profess austerity in public but are totally the opposite in private & when running the party machinery by ill-gotten funds. Those who refused to compromise could not survive for long. That has to be decisively reversed.
It is this vision & action which has to be manifested now so that India can effectively & unitedly tackle all her various problems & threats both internal & external. Keeping in mind her ancient civilisational & spiritual values a line has to be evolved which can bond, weave & unite, there are too many pressing problems & grave dangers for us to attend to & it demands from us a cohesive programme & action. Sri Aurobindo provides this programme & Savitri Erans must start emerging to give shape to it implement it.
Honesty & Austerity can be to start with the twin mantras for the demand of cleansing of Indian public life & the other issues can gradually follow.

Tusarji, a very unique observation indeed & one which i believe must be seriously considered by all those who are at the helm of affairs in Auroville & the GOI. The case is clearly stated a resident of Auroville must become the President of the international township & she/he can be elected by the residents themselves. The GOI can appoint a resident-commissioner to liaise with it.

Tusarji, rightly said, yes, the churning is indeed going on at all levels & fast. A rapid amount of restructuring & rejection is taking place & the political awareness of the masses is generally on the rise, it is to this awareness that a Savitri Era Party can offer a new culture of politics, Sri Aurobindo's call for unity & concerted action towards a new India is dynamically relevant at this moment of time. We are hurtling towards the future & all that which cannot keep pace with that momentum is tending to becoming obsolete. 

Can we at last start working towards ending parochialism in Indian politics? The odds are formidable but equally formidable is the new programme, it holds in it in seed form the possibilities of a new society & a new culture of public-life & conduct.

Tusarji, you have made a bold & frank demand & all those who love freedom, the freedom to dream & the freedom to work towards acheiving those dreams cannot but support such a demand. 'Purna Swaraj' is imperative for the eventual realisation & success of this unique dream-adventure of Auroville which is being carried out nowhere else across the globe. The Mother saw it, She started it on the soil of India because of her great spiritual tradition of openness & assimilation.

Tusar N Mohapatra wrote... [When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir? - John Maynard Keynes]

You have revealed the ugly force behind the book in your revelatory, and by far the best critique that there exists. True, eloquent and masterful are both your comments.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nandhivarman stands vindicated

N. Nandhivarman has been consistently exposing the hollowness of the Ashram and Auroville administration for quite a while. Sadly such warnings from civil society sources were treated dismissively and many were eager to malign him. Now that the ashramites are divided and are locked in a legal battle, Nandhivarman stands vindicated. His volatile reports appeared before the Heehs imbroglio broke out and got buried in the process. It is high time that the brochures he has published receive due attention, leaving aside, of course, the portions pertaining to his objections as a rationalist (to which he is entitled). [TNM]
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Dear Mr. Tusarji 
Thanks for your opinion about me. Nandhi Varman