Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bases of Yoga and The Mother's Grace

The Hindu : NATIONAL  TAMIL NADU : Chennai today Sri Aurobindo Society: Talk on 'Mother's Grace', 5, Smith Rd., Anna Salai, 10.30 a.m.
The Hindu : NATIONAL  TAMIL NADU : Coimbatore Today Sri Aurobindo Devotees Trust: Pushpanjali and prayers to Sri Annai, Sasi Balika Vidya Mandir, R.S. Puram, 9.30 a.m, Sri Annai Meditation Trust, WT-C ...
The Hindu : Cities Madurai News I have borrowed from Sri Aurobindo the term of the title but I may be pardoned in using the same in a different context. In the initial articles for the column, I wrote ...
Punjab Governor Shivraj Patil while speaking on the inaugural session of Annual Hindi Zonal Conference of Sri Aurobindo Society at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, here today, said that there is one divine force which acts in the universe and in the individuals and is also beyond the individual and the universe… Patil also released Souvenir on the occasion. The Principal of the school, Ms Amrita Vatsayana proposed vote of thanks. Prominent amongst others who were present on the occasion include, Vijay Poddar, Chairman Hindi Zone, M.P. Singh, Principal Secretary to Governor,  Arvind Mehan, O.P. Dani, Manoj Sharma and Pawan. 
Auronet Sri Aurobindo, Savitri. In our lives Hidden Dynamics can cause results we never intended. Unconsciously these Dynamics create our Fate. To become aware of...
Camps Schedule 2013 - Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch. Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 09:00AM SSCN:236 Sub: The Bases of Yoga and The Mother Language: Oriya Facilitator: Shanti & Devasmita 09938975922, 094371047411 Contact: Manoj Sahoo, 9999019565 Category: Study camp_Nainital_2013 Bookable: 50 Location:      VAN NIWAS, NAINITAL

Spandana: Feeling the Pulsation of a Divine Language One Week Intensive Course on Sanskrit January 27th to 2nd February 2013
Shubhaarambha: Registration and Distribution of Course Materials: 8.00 to 8.30 a.m. on 27.01.2013, Sunday *Chanting Session: From 28th Jan to 2nd Feb Everyday 6.00 to 7.00 am
Venue: Sri Aurobindo Society, Beach Office, 11, Saint Martin Street (Eastern end of Rangapillai Street), Puducherry, 605001 Contact: Dr. Sampadananda Mishra @ 09952888350
COURSE DETAILS - The aim of this weeklong intensive course is to introduce Sanskrit to those who are genuinely interested learning this language, both in its spoken and written forms.  The objective is to bring the participants in contact with many beautiful aspects of this language in a most effective manner. Here one can learn not only how to communicate through simple Sanskrit, but also its phonetic system, the basics of its grammar, the  chandas, stories and dialogues, chanting and singing in this most beautiful language.
REGISTRATION - Last Date for Registration is 25th of December 2012
Contribution - We would like each participant to contribute a minimum amount of Rs. 3,000/- (Rupees Three Thousand) to meet the expenses for the course materials and refreshment at the venue. If someone finds it difficult to make this contribution can write to us, and we will try to find a way to help him/her. Please note that the participants have to meet their own expenses for boarding and lodging.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Business and Politics in Yoga

Ranger98806 • 10 days ago Of all these books, India Unbound was life altering. Read it when I was 19/20, and have been a committed free market capitalist ever since. Eminent Historians must also be made a must read for all Indians so that they can see how their high school history books have taken them for a ride, and how the left sets the nature of discourse in India.

Tweets 47m ThePragmaticIndian @Realist_Indian If u want to become a national leader, you have to keep a safe distance from business ...  Retweeted by Armchairpandit
42m Armchairpandit @armchairpandit If you make pro-business policy while you are still a businessman - you will be, rightly so, seen as a thief and a fixer. 41m And if you are a non-achiever, poor and talk of equality and "common man" - you will be perpetually be seen as a a leftist loser. 42m Middle class the world over values simplicity, academics & professionalism much higher than trading & business.

Tweets 12m Armchairpandit @armchairpandit In office, u have single men and women who are unsocial, workoholics but systematically persecute those with families & other interests. 15m Lone rangers have devoted, fanatical followers. They believe in a cause for which they will give up their lives and that of others. Easily 17m that said. . being detached also makes you insensitive to people in pursuit of larger goals. much crime death can be result.