Thursday, October 18, 2012

Business and Politics in Yoga

Ranger98806 • 10 days ago Of all these books, India Unbound was life altering. Read it when I was 19/20, and have been a committed free market capitalist ever since. Eminent Historians must also be made a must read for all Indians so that they can see how their high school history books have taken them for a ride, and how the left sets the nature of discourse in India.

Tweets 47m ThePragmaticIndian @Realist_Indian If u want to become a national leader, you have to keep a safe distance from business ...  Retweeted by Armchairpandit
42m Armchairpandit @armchairpandit If you make pro-business policy while you are still a businessman - you will be, rightly so, seen as a thief and a fixer. 41m And if you are a non-achiever, poor and talk of equality and "common man" - you will be perpetually be seen as a a leftist loser. 42m Middle class the world over values simplicity, academics & professionalism much higher than trading & business.

Tweets 12m Armchairpandit @armchairpandit In office, u have single men and women who are unsocial, workoholics but systematically persecute those with families & other interests. 15m Lone rangers have devoted, fanatical followers. They believe in a cause for which they will give up their lives and that of others. Easily 17m that said. . being detached also makes you insensitive to people in pursuit of larger goals. much crime death can be result.

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