Sunday, June 10, 2007

What is beauty? What is life and death? What is love?

A New Name for SCIY? - "SCSC (Science, Culture & Supramental Consciousness)" by rjon on Wed 06 Jun 2007 03:52 PM PDT Permanent Link As SCIY's readership has steadily increased during the 21 months since its founding in September 2005, the inclusion of the term "Integral Yoga" in its name has been a source of ongoing misunderstanding...Because of these misunderstandings, SCIY's founders have been discussing a possible new name for several months...
We're posting this article to request feedback from SCIY's readers. What do you think about this proposed name change?Thanks! Ron Anastasia SCIY Founding Editor Keywords: SCIY, Name
Open Integral 1st Anniversay June 7th, 2007 (posted by Frank) hi guys, Open Integral has been on air for about a year now. Congrats! The initative taken in the tumultuous aftermath of Wyatt Earp has proven to be viable. Posting this note: I noticed the following stats: There are currently 172 posts and 1,936 comments, contained within 24 categories. That’s great!
Could someone give a brief overview of the topics covered so far? Which were the most lively debates? Which areas could lead to essays for Integral World (Yes, always hungry for content). Are we making a difference in the integral community? Can people find us?
All the best, Frank Visser Webmaster Integral World
Enlightenment fundamentalists - atheism part 3 June 8th, 2007 (posted by ray harris) I’m thinking about starting a different, and more personal blog. I find I’m more interested these days in exposing our absurd beliefs around sex, religion and politics, and because these are specific issues they may not be truly integral - and therefore not appropriate in this forum. I also find I’m less interested in integral theory and whilst I appreciate Edward’s continuing contribution I’m a bit over it. Don’t get me wrong. I certainly think it has value, it’s just not where my head is at these days. As I’ve said before, I’m interested in what actions and policies integral theory leads to.
Welcome to The Daily Goose, updated June 6, 2007 Posted by Matthew Will The Daily Goose change? Well, in some sense, it has never not been changing. It is a reflection of my imagination, my awareness, my life’s experiences, my inquiries into the nature of things. I’ve never had a plan for what I blog. It has always been a kind of let-’er-rip, intuitive, art project. That won’t change, because I know of no other way to blog than to just be myself.
But I do know one thing: since for me, art is the result of the intersection of family, religion, intuition, the cultural weather (past and present), and the social sphere of life, I can’t honestly do an art blog without involving those concerns.
Yet, in a certain sense, the new edition of this blog will be more focused. The main touchstone will be art, with my writings even more aimed to an audience of working artists (and those sympathetic) than ever before. So, for example, there won’t be as much of the thinking-out-loud I’ve done for several years about politics, since, through that soundboarding, I’ve essentially found my political philosophy (that of classical liberal thought).
No, while the maverick streak I’ve always valued won’t be lost, it is right for me to adapt my blogging to the concerns of this art magazine. So I’ll do exactly that. I’ll leave the particulars of what the areas of focus of this blog will be for future posts.
For now, thanks for coming along with me to my new blog home. The RSS and ATOM feeds are the same as each were previously. So no need to update them.
I should add this — the goal of this blog is clear: to contribute to the overall impulse of POLYSEMY, which is to actively midwife a worldwide movement of art that explodes the lie of the entire rubric of “premodern/modern/postmodern” -isms through perspectives and an artistry in deep sympathy with the living tradition of fullness through the ages, and thus is integral, and fosters the making of artwork that ignites the soul, reminds us that we are alive, and is an authentic expression not of cheap, superficial rhetoric, but rather of the timeless concerns of the human condition.
What is art? … and its related inquiries: What is beauty? What is life and death? What is love? What is education? What is god? What is eternity? What is liberty? What is poetry? What is sign and symbol? And so many more of the Great Ideas.
Join me in the exploration of the nature of these ideas, as well as what it means to attempt to engage each in conversation, as an artist; and to then make both verbal and non-verbal artwork in reaction to this embrace. The Daily Goose — a transdisciplinary blog of the kosmos electric.
in harmonic bow, Matthew Dallman This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 at 9:04 am and is filed under Poetry, Announcements.

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