Thursday, June 7, 2007

This whole conversation is an approach however faltering toward that horizon

Re: A New Name for SCIY? - How about SCST or SCGT?
by rjon on Wed 06 Jun 2007 08:45 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Or how about SCST? Science, Consciousness and Supramental Transformation or SCGT: Science, Consciousness and Gnostic Transformation
SCST retains the advantage of being specific to Sri Aurobindo's coinage of the word "supramental" and substitutes the more active term transformation for the somewhat overused word "consciousness." SCGT replaces supramental with the more well known word "gnostic," a term which Sri Aurobindo also frequently used in his work. ~ ron
by Rich on Wed 06 Jun 2007 10:03 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Ron Frankly, from where we are situated in our brief experiment with an integrally networked yoga & culture the signifieds: supramental, gnostic, superman, are nothing other than signs of the impossible. They are horizons this forum nor the exponentially increasing speed of the technology which powers it will ever reach, ...
What does it mean to assert that any of the scholarship on any of these pages even remotely comprehends what the unfathomable Supermind is? Rather it seems to me this whole conversation is an approach however faltering toward that horizon, through that we can "embody" now; namely through the process of yoga.
Consider this. to even claim the term sadhak for oneself can be nothing but a valorization of the ego. Do we want to suggest we are such adept aspirants as to have some key to the unnamable?
The process of approaching the impossible horizon (the evolutionary movement of the possible) is called yoga Moreover, I believe purna yoga is best translated as integral yoga. Although Wilber and others have co-opted the Integral Brand, and an Orientalist ideal of "Yoga" in the West envisions it as sitting like a pretzel, I believe it is also good to take back the turf and educate our audience as to the authentic genealogies of "integral" and "yoga"
Or as I had earlier suggested perhaps use an evocative Sanskrit term (as DB did when he created "Jyoti") which would suggest a harmonizing of contemporary culture with purna yoga, Rich

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  1. [In memoriam Ron Jon Anastasia d. October 20th 2009
    by Rich on Thu 22 Oct 2009 05:04 PM PDT |

    Ron was the Founding Editor of SCIY (Science, Culture and Integral Yoga), a webzine which in four years has grown from its 4 founders to over 25,000 viewers monthly located in 80 countries, and has had some four million viewings. Ron is survived by his wife Television-Director Kim Anway-Anastasia, who did a remarkable job caring for him over the past year during his illness.]