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Sri Aurobindo has exposed the flaws of the Nirvanic experience for all time in Savitri

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“The goal is not to lose oneself in the Divine Consciousness. The goal is to let the Divine Consciousness penetrate into Matter and transform it.” Sri Aurobindo - The Mother 15: p.191
Following Buddha’s realization of “Dukkha” (suffering) as the first great truth, his solution to the dilemma of existence was to seek liberation by declaring the unreality of the world. And this is exactly what Dr. Chopra is advising us to do in his article, …to become detached from the self and realize that the Individual self and the World are an illusion...
His very teachings are the basis of the Soul’s extinction. On this point I bow to Sri Aurobindo who has exposed the flaws of the Nirvanic experience for all time in his epic poem Savitri, Bk. 3; canto 2 – The Adoration of the Divine Mother...
Robert E. Wilkinson
Notes: 1.) In the early centuries of the Piscean Age the consciousness of the race was founded on three rather than four pillars of being. The Physical and Emotional in the service of the Mental. The highest, (Spiritual) was lacking or dormant. The great sages of that era including the Buddha were limited in their higher perceptions by the veil of mind whose nature is to reduce and fragment what spirituality and quantum physics tells us is inherently whole and interdependent. The bicameral mind thinks and sees in terms of polarities and is insufficient and inadequate to express the higher reality in anything better than bi-polar oppositions, paradoxes and irreconcilables such as Time and Eternity, Spirit and Matter, Being and Becoming, Good and Evil and so on. When mind tries to move upward beyond its vibrational limits, it is obliterated in Nirvana which is mistaken as the Spiritual. As Sri Aurobindo explains:
“One does not rise up when one passes into Nirvana, one pierces a hole and goes out. It is not as many believe the ending of the path with nothing beyond to explore, it is the end of the lower path and the beginning of the higher evolution. Nirvana in my consciousness turned out to be the beginning of my realisation, a step toward the complete thing.” Sri Aurobindo - Letters on Yoga
2.&3.) Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) is regarded as having made a contribution to human thought the equivalent of which does not seem to have been attained by any other known thinker. Together with the Mother of Pondicherry, he laid down the lines of a new Supramental Yoga which reveals the limitations of the old spirituality and corrects the error of the Buddha.
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) (1938- ) Third in the Supramental line has brought synthesis and continuity to their yoga. Her work as director of the Aeon Centre of Cosmology has been to unveil a body of applied cosmological knowledge unequalled in it scope and specificity which, for the first time, offers us the tools to heal the schisms of the mental creation and integrate the Spiritual and Material planes. She has carried Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s work to completion, rebuilt the ‘Cosmological Bridge’ lost for millennia and has given us a New and Integral Way to embrace our collective becoming. For more on her evolutionary knowledge see:

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