Wednesday, May 30, 2007

His many-sided playfulness bursting out

Sri Aurobindo's Humour
The present bunch of letters, brimming with humour, culled from my correspondence, will, I hope, dispel the mist of ignorance and reveal Sri Aurobindo as a Yogi who found rasa in every circumstance of life, for he himself was raso vai sah, "Verily he is the Delight."
His many-sided playfulness bursting out on any trivial or serious occasion will make a delectable feast for all lovers of laughter. And these letters are just a fraction of his divine levity. - NirodBaran
General - Humour
Correspondence - Humour
Poetic - Humour
Medical - Humour Part I
Medical - Humour Part II
Medical - Humour Part III

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