Monday, May 14, 2007

Satprem was a cultured man and possessed a very keen intellect

Georges van Vrekhem
However violently Satprem might express himself emotionally, he was a cultured man and possessed a very keen intellect, widely varied interests, and as a writer a passionate, colourful style. We have already seen that the Mother complained about the lack of intellectual eagerness and cultural as well as general interest in the people around her. She had so much to communicate, to share, her knowledge and experience were so broad in all essential domains where the human being is confronted with "the great questions", but so little was asked of her. "I am a little bell that is not sounded", she said. Here now was a man with an analytical mind, a poignant life-experience and a thirst for knowledge - the ideal instrument to communicate to others a glimpse of her unbelievable adventure. At the same time she worked on him, in him; she did his yoga as she did the yoga of all those she had accepted and taken into herself.
Satprem started realizing the importance of those conversations with the Mother and took a tape-recorder to her room. Thus the Agenda came about. One part of it concerned the literary work he was doing for the Mother; another part concerned his own yogic evolution, his yogic education; and the third part of the conversations was intended by the Mother as the registration, in broad outlines, of the process of her transformation. Everything the Mother said was interesting, everything was informative and instructive, though she herself most probably would never have allowed some confidential passages about persons in her entourage to be published.
After the passing of the Mother, a gap has come about between the Ashram and Satprem, with regrettable consequences...One gets the impression that he considers himself the only true successor of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Satprem as seen by Georges van Vrekhem in " Beyond the Human Species" Chapter 23 "Two Rooms" pages 370-373 published by Paragon House, St Paul, Minnesota, USA also: diffusion by SABDA see the Sabda Website (page: Works of Other Authors)

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