Monday, May 7, 2007

This void is not the psychic being. Psychic being is in the heart centre

Re: Savitri, Surrender and the Void by Rod Hemsell
by rakesh on Wed 02 May 2007 09:17 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
"This experience of the Void is the experience of the purusha, the psychic being – they are the same. But this Void is not what we think of as, - maybe something negative, - maybe something neutral, - maybe something positive. It is not any of those. It is beyond mental conception."
This void is called negative in buddhism becuase it is obtained by the extinction of our separative personality( its mental impressions, ideas) or otherwise 'called as I' or ego conciousness. When a mental being blotts out himself then he expresses this experience as emptiness and void. But does that the emptiness was not there before?
It was there always...its only that the mental being could not get rid of his mental past impression and personality to identify with the silence behind. It is called a positive experience since this experience not only gives peace but has a inherent shakti in it. This void is not the psychic being. Psychic being is in the heart centre. This void is above the head centre that is the atman( the supreme liberator).
by Debashish on Sun 06 May 2007 05:28 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
I agree with Rakesh about the experience of the Void and the experience of the psychic being. But I would like to point out that the real power of this essay on Savitri, Surrender and the Void is the logic it marshalls to bring into intimate relation Buddhism, the Gita and the Integral Yoga. It stands as a valuable approach towards answering a question raised by Ron Anastasia last year: Can there be an integration between Buddhism and the Integral Yoga? DB

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