Saturday, May 12, 2007

Good News indeed for our troubled times!

AN EVOLUTIONARY AGENDA FOR THE THIRD MILLENNIUM: A Primer for the Mutation of Consciousness by Alan Sasha Lithman Your Price: $16.95 (per Book) Category: Consciousness, Spiritual Explorations, White Cloud
In this groundbreaking book, Lithman explores the evolution of consciousness in a way that is, according to Michael Murphy (founder of the Esalen Institute) "filled with great feeling, insight, and metaphysical wit, this daring thought experiment helps us make sense of who we are and what we can become." About the Author Click Here For More...Endorsements:
The author writes from a deep place of community experience, respect for tradition and cultural criticism. He leads us into our authentic work as a species today--that of truly moving from our current unsustainable lifestyles to sustainable ones. Applying ancient spiritual wisdom to today's science in very practical ways, the author has the courage to call for, among other things, a "post-monetary" economy. He addresses the fears and the ideologies that feed on them that prevent our growing up. This is a radical book, a compassionate book, and an altogether needed book calling all of us to "evolutionary activism." Good News indeed for our troubled times!—Matthew Fox, President of University of Creation Spirituality, and author of The Reinvention of Work, Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet and Original Blessing
As an evolutionary explorer, I encounter every now and then another kindred person on the same path who possesses a brilliance and deep understanding of our evolutionary potential. Alan Sasha Lithman is such a person. I highly recommend his Evolutionary Agenda to all those who feel the emergent potential of humanity arising in their hearts, and who long to be more effective in their actions in the world. —Barbara Marx Hubbard, President of Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and author of Emergence and Conscious Evolution
Here is a passionate, bold, thought-provoking new vision for the future—a pioneering book that bridges the chasm between spiritual and material, inner and outer, seeker and activist, scientist and mystic, in what the author calls "an applied evolutionary research." Raising critical evolutionary questions while at the same time proposing evolutionary approaches to resolve them, Lithman takes us beyond ordinary historical timeframes, categories, and planning processes, retraining our perspective to the larger, more integral scope of an Evolutionary Agenda. Filled with great feeling, insight, and metaphysical wit, this daring thought experiment helps us make sense of who we are and what we can become. —Michael Murphy, author of The Future of the Body, Golf in the Kingdom, and founder of Esalen Institute
An Evolutionary Agenda provides an original and visionary map to the territory of the future, a timely yet timeless guide to the ultimate journey, the adventure of consciousness. Lithman's strong intellectual and spiritual grounding presents an "outside the box" view of the core of what's possible in turbulent times, indeed, the transformation of humanity on the planet. Venturing beyond the conventional, Lithman engages the evolutionary process in ways that speak to the extraordinary capacities for creative change we possess as human beings, allowing us to recognize the integral part we plays in the universal scheme of things as custodians of what he calls Evolutionary Power. Remarkable for its vision and scope, this book breaks new and important ground. —Michael Toms, Co-Founder of New Dimensions Radio, author of A Time for Choices, and co-author of True Work
In his remarkable study of An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millennium, Alan Savitra Lithman has given us a critical portal through which we can enter and explore alternative ways to making a better earth and a finer humanity. As visionary and cultural scholar, Lithman offers stunning insights to who we are and what we may yet become.— Jean Houston, Ph.D, author of Jump Time, A Mythic Life, and A Passion for the Possible Reviews Click Here For The Full Review

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