Thursday, May 3, 2007

Truth manifests as rhythm and balance. Beauty manifests as symmetry

Physics and Mathematics: Citing the great mathematician Alfred Whitehead, Kaku says that no one has a reasonable theory to explain why mathematics and physics share concepts and are so intertwined. Sri Aurobindo provides the link between form and numbers. [4]
· All substance (physical as well as spiritual) is derived from Existence (Sat). Substance, including material substance, is form given to Existence.
· Existence extends itself as Consciousness Force (Chit). All energy is an expression of Consciousness Force. Therefore, Substance is a latent property of Energy and is inherent in it.
· In order for Substance to become perceptible to us as Matter, the Energy must give that substance Forms which can be apprehended by our senses. That is the role of Mind (the universal principle of mind). Consciousness Force uses the instrumentation of Mind to divide the indivisible existence into individual Forms. Consciousness Force or Energy manifests forms out of the formless One by a process of division (Consciousness Force is divided and parceled into small pieces, not Existence).
· This division into numerous Forms gives rise to quantity and number. The apparent division by the One creates a field of Many forms. Therefore, quantity, number and design, which are the basis of mathematics, are inherent characteristics of Substance (Existence), i.e. of Matter.
· He goes on to say that quality and property are inherent powers of Consciousness-Force. Consciousness-Force manifests quality and property by an apparent division and aggregation of substance, i.e. by creation of quantity and number. “Design, quantity and number manifest quality and property by a rhythm and process of substance.”
· All force and form is an expression of the truth and beauty of the Existence. Truth manifests as rhythm and balance. Beauty manifests as symmetry. Rhythm, balance and symmetry are basic attributes of mathematics.
· In summary, creation is by a process of division into quantity, quantity is the basis for the differentiation and expression of quality. For example, the eye perceives the quality and properties of material forms by the number of color cells on the retina that are stimulated by the visible energy reflected by each object. Color itself is a manifestation of quality derived from the numerical frequency of visible light. The artist conveys the quality and intensity of objects by the quantity of paint applied to the canvas. The composer conveys the quality and intensity of music by the volume of sound and variations in the quantitative rate of vibration of the instruments. The basis of everything digital, audio as well as video, is number.
· Mathematics is not only the basis for physics. It is the basis or language of all life. Ultimately all branches of knowledge will discover a mathematical basis for truths of life. Sri Aurobindo & Hyperspace By Garry Jacobs Nov. 27, 1999 (Musings on modern theories in physics presented by Michio Kaku in Hyperspace

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