Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why did Indira write to me about all this?

From Robert E. Wilkinson to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 16 November 2010 09:13 subject Re: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Controversy
Hello again Tusar, This is turning out to be a busy day. Patrizia just sent a reply to Paulette's 'It was Kireet Joshi who ultimately saved the Ashram.'  Could you please post her reply to Savitri Era. Thanks Robert  

Skambha, 16.11.2010
People, even those supposedly 'there', participating in events closely, know little of what really happened. One sees only the surface because one is poised in the periphery.
            The fact is Auroville was handed over to the Government. That alone is enough to understand what that 'city of Sri Aurobindo' now stands for and where it is going. And about the consummate bureaucrat Kireet, without Government ownership he was out of the loop. He knew what had to be done. One may look at him as the greatest blessing ever to hit Auroville; that is one’s prerogative. But there is an objective, and not subjective, litmus test at our disposal, and he failed it. There is far more to the man than meets the eye, and to his relationship with Indira. Ask yourselves, why didn't Indira follow what he was asking of her? If he was so close and trusted, why did she write to me about all this? Obviously she had doubts.
            This latest diatribe from Auroville against me is understandable. It is a last-ditch attempt at any cost to discredit me, an unabashed almost hysterical desire to have me somehow removed from the scene. All that is understandable. After all, PNB is the only living being who, with authority, can state that the room at the centre of the Auroville temple is a shadow of the original, that it is an architectural rendition of the Ego and not the Soul, as it is proclaimed to be. Of course at all costs my voice must be silenced, my work discredited. Who wants to hear such things after so much labour and expense? The only thing to do is to shoot the messenger and the message!
            A question: What would the fate of the Mother’s most important legacy to humanity have been without PNB? There would not have been even this one voice to proclaim that what has been constructed in her name is a shadow of her original plan and bears only a relation to it as a shadow does to a body. Far worse. That shadow, but for PNB, was being passed off as an exact reproduction of the Mother’s original in every detail (there is documentary proof available on Would anyone have been able to discover the truth without PNB’s explanations, at great risk to herself from those quarters that must at all costs hide the truth?
            But it is too late. So, I send this message to these obfuscators: Now it is pointless to continue with the strategy of discrediting, mocking and ridiculing. The formulation of the body of Knowledge the Mother left with me on this matter is complete, published, and available to anyone interested. And one thing is certain beyond any doubt: POSTERITY WILL BE INTERESTED.
            Posterity will even be interested to learn just how the Ego itself can be so masterfully represented architecturally with all its ramifications. This has never been done before. The room in the Auroville temple is the only example we have. Certainly the world today, in its man-made portion for the most part, stands as representative of the Ego; but nowhere has it beenenshrined, consolidated with clinical accuracy as we find in the Auroville model so that we can know exactly where the fault lines lie and what must be avoided. Now we know, there can be no excuse.
            Someone with the authority Knowledge grants had to state the obvious since the Ego’s function is precisely to veil the obvious. If not, all could SEE, all would have joined the Mother then to build the Soul and not fight that Vision at every step of the way, even into the present.
            This is all documented.
            Nothing is speculative or left to one’s selective interpretation. In a court of law, trust me, I win the day! There one has to produce evidence. Not many are able to do so in the world of spirituality. But thanks to Supermind, this is now entirely possible. And it is this evidence that has been left to posterity. The Auroville model will stand for generations to come as the representation of the Ego, certainly not the Soul. Truly the Negative and the Positive serve the purposes of the One. Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology

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