Monday, November 8, 2010

I haven’t met anybody yet who is living in the Universal consciousness

From Sunil to date 7 November 2010 20:47 subject For Paulette
To Paulette,
From where did you jump to the conclusion that I have jumped to the Supermind, or I am teaching others how to get there. What nonsense, and what other nonsense you have mentioned too.
Is this what you see? Too bad for you. You need to get that if you want to profit by this, the first thing you have to do is to surrender to the Divine nothing to do with me or anybody, surrender your ego and everything about you to the divine, then may be your inner self can open and break the outer crust of ignorance and individual limitation. After this happens then may be your consciousness is lifted and you have the sense of the Universal and I haven’t met anybody yet who is living in the Universal consciousness and Superemind is way way off, even way way off in understanding.  As long as the soul has not come forward the spiritual life itself does not begin. It is more of this ignorance and some preparation in that direction that is all. Sunil S R


  1. I have lost the count of how many Sri Aurobindos, Mothers, prophets and messiahs we have, all propagating the Aurobindonian truth! One more? Thanks, the market is already inflated. Not only you keep pestering others giving “““spiritual””” advices to everybody, misusing this forum to advertise your divine self, but it is obvious why you have attacked Nirod and Amal Kiran – as in their books they warn people like you, and even discuss the matter directly with Sri Aurobindo, who replies, in an unequivocal style.

    You are smart enough to write an introduction, in your website, which cannot be copied and pasted, and not even saved as PDF – but there your self-propaganda is clearly exposed. As for your divine plan, divine will, divine instrument, divine yourself & Co., you have used Sri Aurobindo’s handwritten schemes, published in a small book with the title “The Hour of God”; without even been aware that the Mother herself refers to this, laughing and teasing people who takes the matter seriously (I also did, 25 years ago!): Sri Aurobindo wrote such things for fun. What else should we expect from the Mother, in whose vision everything is constantly re-arranged?

    The Mother stated that without some sense of beauty this Path is impossible. On top of all other considerations, this is what the trivia of your new age website elicit. Quite interestingly, because you also seem to ignore a peculiar reply that Sri Aurobindo gave to the truly unique disciple Nirod was, apropos Krishna! Anyhow, who cares about such things?

    By the way, it is to you that Alok Pandey has given a book by Jungian Perry, a psychiatrist who writes on mystic states versus psychiatric states? I need my book back, but Alok has forgotten to whom he has given it. Anyhow, just read dreaded Nirod and Amal Kiran, and your condition is clear – no need of court cases from the trustees!


  2. Sunil,

    If you know so much, why don't you just practice what you are preaching and lead by example. Saying one thing and doing just the opposite does not take anything or anyone, anywhere.

    And just in case you think that you are already practicing what you preach, forget it man, because people seriously engaged in spiritual work, do not go about slandering and insulting others.


  3. To, AAD and Paulette,
    More gas from the underworld, I was expecting some originality but maybe I shouldn't expect much as paid help is limited by its mundane job.
    Sunil S R