Friday, November 5, 2010

Jung is for your own use

From Sunil to date 5 November 2010 14:45 subject For posting
Reply to Paulette or to the source from where these few paragraphs came?

I see your beliefs and your philosophy and your predictions. That is your seeing. Here we live and learn and do Sri Aurobindo’s yoga in which the basic requirement is to dissolve one’s ego so that the cup may become empty to receive the Mother’s Force and Harmony and its love. This pouring is going on constantly everywhere though concentratedly in the Ashram itself. And it requires a little opening to receive it, all the work is being done by them. Anybody sensitive has felt it and feels it.

But if the elementary ingredients are not present and you are open to your own personal self and its ignorance then the philosphies with reference to Carl Jung and other leaders who are great for you are valid and you use it for your own use. If you want to follow that that is fine but don’t come here and try to convince us that this too is that and nothing more. Peter has written a biography to prove that. All your efforts to make Sri Aurobindo ordinary and twisting his writings does not stop the future of the earth. It only delays the work which you type so desperately want so that the rule of the Ignorance remains strong and such managements flourish and people should be brought to live under fear. But there is work to be done a divine life to be established and whose end it is going to be we shall see. Sunil S R

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  1. Sunil,

    I have no interest whatsoever in discussing with someone who, in a very poor English, keeps administering (spiritual) advices to everybody. Moreover, you are not even in condition to understand what I write, but it doesn't matter.

    Unfortunately, for editorial reasons Tusar has not posted Sri Aurobindo's quote on the evil persona. It would be good if you took the trouble to read it, eventually ten times a day, for the next ten years (at least).

    What's wrong with you, brother?