Thursday, November 4, 2010

Falsehood is never permanent

from Sunil rajpal to date 4 November 2010 07:39 subject for posting 04
Poor Paulettte she too has fallen under the focus of the ashram wolves.  Please let her be. She does not breathe the same air of terror creating and fighting consciousness. How low it must be to be subjected to  your  wishes of manipulating even Mohini’s passing over to prove and support your begging bowl that you are stretching around to all humans nowadays about the case against you,  when you are doing so many unnecessary false cases on people who did not please you. Now some taste of our own medicine is coming around you are having difficulty with it, what about all the court cases you did and are doing against the innocent. How did I feel being dragged to court in a criminal case just because you can write something on paper and find witnesses and throw money around. After the Divine intervention when you started to lose your lawyer said “My Lord the Ashram Trustees are like semi gods and they say that I should be punished.”  
Are they semi gods or ordinary human beings and sometimes are criminals themselves specially Matri. If it wasn’t for the Mother’s power I would have been where you wanted me to be. Not everybody is lucky and survived. For a decade I had to salute even to the wolves so that they let me be and accepted your false accusations and beliefs killing myself slowly but this kind of life and management cannot go on forever people will see the truth about you one day or the other, Falsehood is never permanent.
You went against the true Ashram and what the Mother and Sri Aurobindo represent the consequences of which are bound to come around even if you manage to convince all the bystanders hiding under the umbrella of the Ashram’s name power and its money power. Sunil S R


  1. Sunil said:

    "Falsehood is never permanent."

    Let's give credit when it is due; this time Sunil is a 100% right when he used the phrase above (and let's clarify that its only this phrase because all else is his usual utter rubbish).

    Sunil, please be prepared to be a victim of your own wisdom. You too and all that you say is also (fortunately) not permanent!


  2. To AAD
    Welcome back I was wondering where the barking dogs were hiding though I knew you will keep coming back with diversity of stones throwing and sometimes borrowed material. I wonder it must be quite a mundane job for you as there is a difference between being free and doing for the love of it and somebody doing because they have no other option as they signed the contract with we know who..
    One thhing i do find sad is that living in such a wonderful atmosphere which has been created by the Mother for eternity you breathe hatred and miss out on the time given to you of being in an Ashram.
    Sunil S R