Friday, November 12, 2010

Who is the fairest of them all?

2. Background & Intro
Background & Introduction of Mirror of Day After Tomorrow:
There are some blogs on the internet such as the “Mirror of Tomorrow” (, “A Critique of the book The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” (, etc., that have the pretense of being committed to objective, academic, respectful and honest discussions on subjects concerning spirituality and more particularly the spiritual path laid out by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
However, in reality, these blogs are instead clearly operating as propaganda machinery designed to serve the purpose of a few personally motivated and disgruntled individuals. Because these disgruntled individuals are not taken seriously by most people that belong to their community, these individuals have resorted to using or rather misusing and abusing the world wide web in order to vindictively diffuse their propaganda material into the public space and domain. This approach is adopted by them with the hope of gaining some sympathy and garnering the support of simple-minded, innocent and naive well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother who may be seeking to use the world wide web to keep in touch with their community.
While these disgruntled individuals are free to adopt any approach that they wish, the misleading, false, derogatory and slanderous information that they choose to propagate should not and cannot go unchallenged. When these individuals have been challenged on their blogs, they conveniently resort to their “rights” – determined by convenience and personal preference rather than ethics and integrity – to censor and remove any information that does not suit them.Ironically, these very individuals claim to uphold the rights of freedom of speech, thought and expression, but when it comes to their personal convenience all is forgotten and censorship becomes the order of the day.
This blog therefore provides a platform for all those who wish to challenge, discuss and critique the initiatives of these disgruntled individuals. It is hoped that this will be done in a really objective, academic, scholarly and honest manner. However, as experience from the past has shown, it is expected that exceptions shall be made when all reasonable and intelligent methods of holding frank and honest discussions fail. Thus when reason cannot convince stupidity, it will not hesitate to use stupidity to drive home its point.
Enjoy! Editors, MoDAT

3. History of Opinions & Expulsions
Someone who has made some history, especially in the realm of expulsions is R.Y. Deshpande. He is a perfect example of a self-proclaimed scholar, visionary and prophet and founder of the “Mirror of Tomorrow” blog site. […]
This time, still forever and chronically dedicated to HIS opinions, he was caught red-handed in his persistent attempt to sow and manufacture opinions in the fresh, innocent, naive and receptive minds of his students at the Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education (SAICE) where he was still allowed to teach and frequent given the extremely tolerant and liberal atmosphere that has been allowed to exits at the SAICE just as is the case in the parent institution, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Evidently, as the brainwashing of innocent minds isn’t something that can be allowed in an institution such as the SAICE, Bye Bye Deshpande was reminded that he should better stick to his subject during class hours rather than engage in feeding his students with his personal and limited opinions on matters and issues that have no academic value, such as some of the controversies and disputes that he himself creates and instigates.
Deeply rattled and perturbed by the gentle rap that he got on his wrist from his seniors for his misadventure, Bye Bye Deshpande furiously retracted to his glassy den, the “Mirror Of Tomorrow”. But ironically without much reflection, he rushed to the rooftop and yelling, spewed out venom and insults. And once again his absolute dedication to HIS own opinions resulted in his passage out of another door, that of the SAICE this time, with the condition that he may re-enter if he expresses an apology, something that Bye Bye Deshpande might take a thousand years to learn given the earnestness and absolute dedication he faithfully preserves towards HIS own opinions.

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