Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No court cases between Aurovilians

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Atrocious allegations being hurled, filthy laundry washed in internet public forums, guruship’s and divine wisdoms’ claims… No one in Auroville will ever be allowed to behave so. We have appointed our own specific bodies to ensure that no one trespass the threshold of decency. And of course, no court cases between Aurovilians!!!

If the fratricidal massacre among Ashram inmates leads to the GOI taking over, I pray that at least the Ashram will find another Kireet Joshi formulating an Act, like the one Auroville has, and which the day it is faithfully implemented will lead to the true, undiluted guidelines by the Mother. At least as far as property, business, and living by the minimum needs are concerned. Minimum needs being, in Mother’s recommendations for Auroville, the hallmark of a true spiritual consciousness directing from within one’s daily living.

To wash out the present horror, and as a prayer to the Mother, I reproduce the speech delivered on September 1, 1988 by Shri Shiv Shankar, Minister of Human Resources Development, to introduce to the Raya Sabha the Auroville Foundation Bill. This is Addendum III, in my book “The Auroville Foundation Act and the Mother’s Guidelines”, published in 2005 with funds from the GOI. […]

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