Friday, June 27, 2008

Where equality and harmony rules among people

Auroville, Pondicherry, Pondicherry, India
Auroville at a glance:
With more and more people talking about globalization, Lalit Bhati, an architect and urban planner, took the first step in creating a world where equality and harmony rules among people, disregarding the part of the Earth they are from, the language they speak or the color of their skin.
For this, he designed a city that will host 50,000 people in which the only rule for those who want to live there will be their desire for a harmonious lifestyle. Auroville would be the model for cities of the future, which should combine the possibilities of the modern age with the delight of great landscapes, nature having an important role in the day-to-day course of life.
Houses and buildings are spiraling around the center filled with green spaces, symbolizing the praises mother nature should receive for allowing us to enjoy its creations. The industrial areas are at the city’s periphery, leaving clean air for the center of the town, where the residential buildings will be located; pollution won’t affect anyone, so this would be one of the best places on Earth to raise your children - away from a big town’s squalor, growing in a natural environment, but still taking advantage of the modern technology. It is located in south India and its construction is only half done, but it already has habitants. They come from almost 35 nations and are of all age groups, from different social classes, different cultures and represent all aspects of humanity. There is still plenty of room for many other residents.

Short-Term Internships at Auroville:
Yes, the going is tough if you are contemplating a permanent residence at Auroville. It makes better sense to put in a short stint and find out whether you fit in. Even if you are not contemplating a permanent move, a short stint at Auroville would definitely broaden your outlook. For students or for those fresh out of university, this may sound particularly appealing.
The Auroville Volunteer, Internships and Study program (AVIS) was launched a few years ago. There is no structured program as such. If you are interested you are required to send an email together with a brief description of yourself, your field of study, and your preferences as regards the fields in which you would like to volunteer.
A list of projects available for which you could be best suited is then sent to you. Contact details of project leaders are provided and you have to get in touch with them directly.
With project leaders being busy, it is essential to plan this in advance. You cannot visit India and then try your luck at Auroville. This does not work, is what I learned from a literature student from London, with whom I swapped views over a cup of coffee. However, if you are lucky, you may get an interesting project in spheres ranging from architecture, town-planning, organic farming, teaching, or even social work that is carried out in the surrounding villages. Source: Mad Architect Tags: , , Current Location: Seattle, WA, USACurrent Music: Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way 2 comments or Leave a comment

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