Sunday, June 1, 2008

The original trigger being to meet Larry Seidlitz, who teaches an online Integral Psychology course from Pondy

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The Rockies continue to be wonderfully welcoming… it’s still in the 70’s during the day, then chilling down to the 40’s after the sun goes down. The day started today clear and blue, then by midday, lenticular clouds began to form over the mountains, and by late afternoon there were fluffy white clouds playing hide and seek with the white-capped peaks.
We had a mild fender-bender with our van, requiring a trip to Fort Collins, but nothing serious, nobody hurt. It gave us the opportunity to see the Thompson River gorge (route 34), which is spectacular, with rushing whitewater, intrepid kayakers, and stupendous cliffs.
The YMCA is fairly quiet right now; not a lot of visitors.
Paula, Jim, Blake and Emmy arrived yesterday, and have been up to the National Park, enjoying the wildlife. We spent the morning gathering materials that had been shipped to AUM (books, name badges, and the like), all of which arrived safe and sound!
So, tomorrow AUM begins! In a sense it will begin around 3 pm, when the main bunch of people arrive by shuttle (24 at last count), when we will gather you all in our vehicles and whisk you to Barclay for some tea, a few yogic hugs (what is a yogic hug?), registration packets, some late afternoon views of the snowy peaks, and perhaps an aphorism or two.

julia 04:38:31 pm on May 31, 2008 0 #
Hooray! I, too, am full of gratitude and appreciation for all the prep work done by our organizers, Dave, Lynda and Paula. Thank you, Ned, for emailing me about the all-lower-case for the login… I look forward to tomorrow and to whatever levels of unity we can accomplish personally and collectively. New to blogging, I will simply sign off and await the IRL meetings (In Real Life)…

sartaj 03:22:46 pm on May 31, 2008 0 #
As I start packing my bags for my trip to Aum, what blows me away is the unbelievable job that the organizers have done. The attention to detail, the amazing newsletters, all the activities, the extremely low expense to attend, …. all I can say is that I feel grateful and at another level I am optimistic about the future of the planet. Another big Thanks to Dave, Paula, Lynda and other organizers.
It has been amazing to read the bios and the depth of stories people come with. And this is probably one of the few events I am off to with minimal to no expectations - the original trigger being to meet Larry Seidlitz, who teaches an online Integral Psychology course from Pondy.
So here’s to surrender and being in all your presence!

rus 05:15:24 am on May 31, 2008 1 #
Julie and I are on the road and we’re enjoying all the pre-Aum talk… Julie couldn’t log on as Julie, Julia, juliepostel or juliapostel. Oh well - we can share my login. Thank you to all the organizers for the excellent materials for preparation. See you soon.

guest1 04:40:15 am on May 31, 2008 0 # Tags:
First entry from the YMCA. Lynda arrived on Thursday, then Anara and I drove up today (Friday). The weather is beautiful: 70 degrees during the day, dropping to a nippy 45 by 10:30 pm. The upper ranges are full of snow, but we can’t quite tell the snow level yet — however, I’m sure hiking will be good, and we should be able to get to many places.
Wireless works great in Twin Sisters, where we are staying. In fact I think the YMCA now has wireless throughout the facility, judging from the multiple access points that show up. The rooms are spacious in Sisters, the heat works well (no freezing here!), and each room has a queen and two bunks — which is good, because there’s only a single rack for clothes. The AUM group will have most of the top floor of Twin Sisters.
As we explored the YMCA tonight, a herd of about 12 elk wandered over to the dining hall. We sat on the grass and let them approach us, to about six feet away, when one of the security people cautioned us to move back. The male closest to us had a magnificent set of antlers, easily four feet across, still with the downy covering of spring. Birds are all around, and ground squirrels as well.
We picked up a number of things for AUM on our way up, including a TV/DVD to use in one of the breakouts, a large screen for projection, lots of poster supplies for the projects in Barclay, and even a little water fountain to put somewhere. Everything is ready for AUM!
As usual the YMCA is full of young people, but the facility is so big that once you step outside, the grandeur of nature takes over. Of course after all my admonitions I left a few things at home (sun hat, sunscreen), and have discovered that the general store here on site is very reasonable.
At last count we will have 12 vehicles, including the large van (12 passengers) and a minivan that we rented today (7 passengers), so transportation around AUM shouldn’t be a problem. For those staying in Twin Sisters, the dining hall is only a couple of minutes away by foot, and the craft room is even closer! The volleyball court and basketball court at Barclay look ready for our games…

larryseidlitz 04:24:18 pm on May 29, 2008 0 #
Hi everyone! I’m just checking out the blog. I’m getting geared up for a great time, seeing many old friends, meeting new ones, and enjoying the mountain wilderness. Happy travels! AUM…

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