Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spiritual contentment in quietude of Auroville

When was the last time you felt at peace? Posted on Jun 17th, 2008 by owais
This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for June 17, 2008:
I think spiritual contentment can enconse oneself into peace. when I was restful into quietude of Auroville
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Auroville belongs to no prince, to no god. No one owns it, place
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2008 by owais

Here is the place which belongs to no prince or nations None owns it. a place for all of us, The world will find joy and beatitude in it. Here the heart will be contented & happy. Will Amarna ever rise from the darkness again? It is February 23, 2006, and I am once again in Auroville.

It is my sixth visit since discovery of this incredibly wonderful community whose motive is nobler, grandeaur and commendable. I know many a number of exquisite, quiescent and beautiful places in India with better amenities and comforts. So what is it that draws me back here again and again since my first visit , which happened by fortunate chance, past 2 years ago. The curiosity to know more, maybe the need to be a part and work for this noblest community. however instead of my having informed to owner of New Creation Corner guest house - Andre babu, ( a french run this guest house to earn his livelihood who settled in auroville by marrying an indian girl past 30 years back ). there is no accommodation available in Auroville said he humbly, and I am forced to stay in a hut of a dweller in village named kuilapalayam within Auroville. This is the tourist season, and Auroville is bursting lavishly.

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