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I know of no other such occurrence in contemporary times apart from the Mother’s inspired Act of Seeing in January of 1970

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On June 12th 2008 an Open Letter documenting certain irregularities in the Auroville Matrimandir was sent by Mr. N. Nandhivarman to Mr. Arjun Singh, Human Resources Minister and Dr. Karan Singh, Chairman of the Auroville Foundation. The following link provides the letter and accompanying documentation:

As Convenor of the Matrimandir Action Committee, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) was asked to comment on Mr. Nandhivarman’s letter and its relevance to recent events in Auroville reported in the international media. The following is Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s reply:

A Statement from Matrimandir Action Committee

As convenor of the Matrimandir Action Committee, my attention has been drawn to a number of problems Auroville faces of late by certain residents of the Community who have sought my views on possible solutions. More recently I received an Open Letter issued by Nandhivarman to the Human Resources Minister, questioning aspects of Matrimandir operations. Its motivation may be unclear; but, it needs to be reiterated once again, the roots of the problems – unknown to the parties involved – lie in the choices made by the Community itself.

In spiritual circles it is known that the root of any problem must be first sought within, be this on the individual level no less than the collective. In Auroville given its role among the organisations founded by the Mother, it is the group that determines the development by the choices it makes collectively.

In 1974 the community was given a choice which determined the course the project would take thereafter. The decade of the 1970s witnessed the cementing of that choice in the destiny of the fledgling community; from then onward the course the project took was a play-out of that act of choosing. The truth of this statement can be factually verified.

However, to be more precise the very first act of choosing occurred in January of 1970, at the very outset of that fateful decade. This was when the Mother’s original plan of her Inner Chamber was rejected by those involved with her in this matter who pressed for the adoption of a new plan devised by the architects and fully supported by the larger community. Throughout that entire decade attempts were made to encourage a return to the Mother’s original plan, but these were unsuccessful. Far worse, a campaign was embarked upon by those in charge of the construction to convince the world at large that in fact it was the Mother’s original plan with its precise measurements and design that was the model being implemented by the architects.

This was entirely false and even fraudulent. When my attention was drawn to this dubious activity several years ago, I convened the Matrimandir Action Committee (MAC) whose purpose was to inform the public that this was not at all the case. A series of 12 Chronicles were issued (17 January 2003 to 22 December 2005) highlighting each and every change from the Mother’s original in the already constructed building.

Therefore, when I am asked ‘what will happen’, or ‘where does the solution lie’, I can only refer the questioner to our MAC website ( All the answers are there to be found.

To briefly summarise, the Mother’s original plan was similar to a horoscope – the moment when an infant takes its first breath by which all the circumscribing influences are drawn into the consciousness-being of that soul in evolution. For a project such as a temple, the Rishi is the channel through whom the same act is consummated. Needless to say this is a very rare happening. I know of no other such occurrence in contemporary times apart from the Mother’s inspired Act of Seeing in January of 1970. In the construction of Hindu Temples a similar ‘horoscopic imprinting’ is done when the figure of the Vaastu Purush (the Cosmic Being) is embedded in the site according to precise rules of engagement based on cosmic harmonies. The Mother’s original vision enhanced this ancient practice, carrying it to even greater heights.

Thus, the disciples and architects, and later the builders and the community consciously, knowingly replaced that stamp of a higher destiny with a lesser destiny of ‘mixture’, as cautioned by the Mother at the time. It was then entirely predictable that different ‘laws’ would prevail for the project and not those originally encompassed by the Mother’s plan. Based on those changes alone I have been able to read that Destiny of Mixture through its ‘laws’ as if it were a book.

The very first indication of this lapse into a lesser destiny pattern was when that same community, headed by the very same group that had rejected the Mother’s original plan, called for a Government take-over of the city-project. When this did occur the fate of the project was sealed: the original Act of Choosing had indeed set in motion the destiny as now written in the revised inner chamber, rather than the sacred ‘horoscope’ with its inviolable Laws of the Mother’s original plan.

The lesser pattern was finally completely set in place at the recent inauguration of the revised version of the inner chamber, without, as recommended by MAC, a plaque at its entrance indicating the true position and the changes made, which might have helped redeem something of the ills that were foisted on the project.

Now there should be no complaints at all after this conscious and willed choice by the Community.

Verification of all the above can be found in the Mother’s original plan itself where a singular new shastra is given in minute detail – a ‘science’ contemporary minds cannot replicate because its Laws pertain to a dimension that remains off limits to the present-day scientist.

Thea Convenor, Matrimandir Action Committee 14 June 2008 [7:06 AM 1 comment]

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