Friday, November 23, 2007

Sex revolution has almost wiped out the major part of Christian moral principles

Dr. Chitta R. Goswami Ph.D
Am I suggesting that America has to espouse Indian spirituality? By no means. All that I advocate is that at this age of Globalism, it is necessary to open oneself to different models of other cultures. I have made it clear that Indian spiritual tradition emphasizes the ideal of experiencing the truth by an expansion and deepening of one’s consciousness; whereas Semitic religions have given pivotal place to principles of ethics. I am not claiming that all Indians are striving for the realizing the highest truth. Everybody, not excluding the spiritual aspirants, has to follow certain ethical principles.
The West has to realize that ethical commands, however hallowed, may need to change in response to time, space and other factors. It is idle to swear in the name of Christianity while violating the basic tenets of Christian ethics. It is questionable if the leaders of ‘Moral Majority’ do really stick to moral principles. Apparently they appear to be pursuing wealth power and pleasure. Is Pat Robertson, a multi-millioner, who aspired for the Presidency in 1988, a crooked businessman or a dedicated leader of Christian Coalition? As for Christian ethics, In actuality, the sex revolution has almost wiped out the major part of Christian moral principles. Poverty is another Christian principle. At this time and age we need not idealize poverty. What’s about sharing? Is it not a great principle of Christianity?
Helping the poor is another cardinal principle of Semitic religions. Despite these and similar other ideals, most cultures have indulge in imperialism and colonialism. On the other hand, some of the Christian values have contributed indirectly to the removal of imperialism and colonialism. This being the present-day ethical idealism, how can we justify militant Capitalism which aims at making the rich richer by exploiting the poor within the country and without? Just this day (May 21, 205) National news has broadcast that Mr. Bush is going to address the Commencement gathering of Kelvin College in Michigan; one-third of the Faculty members of that Liberal Arts college affiliated with a denomination of Christianity, have signed a protest letter; the letter says that Mr. Bush is conducting an unjust war, doing everything for the rich, he cannot, therefore, count on Christian support. Students have written a separate letter in protest of the President’s visit.
The leaders of Islam, a Semitic religion, have been complaining that the West is immoral since it grants excessive freedom to women. What Islam does in the name of morality is to justify all the restrictions imposed on women. They want to stick to Male chauvinism, a fairly common feature of medieval societies, at the time of history when freedom is considered as the birth-right of every human being. It is, however, encouraging to see that even in the autocratic Muslim countries of the Middle East, women have started gaining a little freedom, except, of course, the women of Saudi Arabia, the citadel of Islam... posted by Dr. Chitta R. Goswami @ 10:56 AM 0 comments
I, Dr. Chitta R. Goswami Ph.D., a retired professor of religion & philosophy, am deeply concerned with human problems, particularly at this age of science, technology and globalism. In my view, religion is suffering from inadequacy to address current problems and issues. But if the code of religion, espescially, hindu philosophical insights could be brought together with modern science - latest findings of subatomic physics and string theory of creation, solutions could be found. About Me Name: Dr. Chitta R. Goswami View my complete profile Links Integral Yoga Literature Matagiri Google News Previous Posts Crossroads Of Religions: Quantum Resolution of Tru... Archives November 2005

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