Saturday, November 17, 2007

The only cure is the Invasion of the Divine into the human realm

Anonymous said...
Ah, the Big Time Talkers of Big Time (false) "religion"---"religion" created in the long ago childhood of man.In this day and age the usual jesus death & "resurrection" show fits squarely into the urban legend category---fantastic tall stories for the credulous. Never mind that the current world crisis is a manifestation of over 3000 years of patriarchal culture and its drive to total power and control over everything. As such the crisis has a vast historical almost unstoppable momentum behind it.
And to think that some one dimensional pea-brained theory or theology is going to make any difference to the current universal insanity is worse than wishful thinking.
Speaking of leadership, what about the time honoured Tradition of turning to the Realized Saints and Sages for advice and guidance instead of the sex-paranoid Big Talkers and glamour boy adolescent "philsophers".
Traditionally, especially in India, the politicians knew that to govern well they had to maintain an association with Saints and Realizers, with people of greater and deeper experience. In times past, political leaders knew they had to go into the retreat hermitages of Saints and Realizers to balance themselves and acquire a right view by which to serve the people. They did not always succed, obviously, but such was the tradition, and some did succeed.
Nowadays it is taboo to resort to any body. TV tells people not to be so served. The one thing that can cure is anathematized, made profoundly taboo through the daily propaganda. Resort to the Pealizer is the only cure. Unless such resort once again becomes acceptable and people become transformed by it, the current trend is not going to change and it is going to get worse, and worse, and worse. The very thing that could cure humanity has been made taboo.
The only cure is the Invasion of the Divine into the human realm, through Saints and Realizers of various degrees of Realization. Through their influence, humanity has at least to some degree been cured. 5:38 AM, November 17, 2007
Anonymous said...
What does ecclesio-trinitarian ontolgy mean? Sounds like psycho-babble to me.
Is there any room for the blood thirsty bitch Kali, who eats the entire "cosmos" for breakfast in this ontology?
Or Chinnamasta the self decapiated Goddess.
And besides which the trinity that DOES govern eveyone and everything is the fear saturated trinity of active separation from the Divine Radiance, all "other" sentient beings, and the World Process altogether. These three interlocking fear based, and fear inducing presumptions, saturate every minute particle of our individual and collective existence. The ontolgy of fear rules. 5:48 AM, November 17, 2007

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