Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A "culture" of objects, and objectified "others"

The Reformation was part of that time in Western his-story when man himself instead of god became the focus of all cultural activities. It coincided with the rise of scientism and its associated objectification "culture" in which the Divine Conscious Light and the possibilty of Divine Life was banished from the western cultural landscape. But even that was the INEVITABLE historical development of the notion of God as the wholly other, the great object or other always apart from the Process that IS Man.
Luther gave us left brained man sitting alone in his room reading the Bible, which has now INEVITABLY morphed into the dreadfully sane every-person sitting alone at his/her computer screen or watching TV alone in his/her room---and surrounded by a "culture" of objects, and objectified "others", and in which the "external" world is appealed to as the only measure of what is true or real. And in which "jesus" is just another fake self consoling consumer product.

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