Saturday, September 1, 2007

Trying to fit all knowledge and experience into an integral framework has lost its magic for me

Seeing things in a new light
Posted on Aug 15th, 2007 by M. Alan
There was a time when I posted a lot on the Aurobindo mail list, but now I just read (or glance over) what others say. When it is necessary to say something, one says something. But otherwise one should remain silent, and work on one's own sadhana (spiritual discipline)
I'm thinking also I should redisign my website a bit. I had all this stuff on “integral” on it, and now I feel bored with “integral”. So I'm going to redistribute the Integral pages in other sections. The “integral movement” may amount to something, but it is really just a subset of the New Paradigm. I guess it was a phase in my life to get involved with it, and Ive made some fantastic friends I wouldn't have met otherwise. But really I feel that the pure spiritual path of gnosis is better. And if that can be used to transform the Integral movement, so much the better! Access: Public 3 Comments Print Send views (426)
August 31st, 2007 (posted by Edward Berge) Open Integral
I find these days that I’m becoming less and less interested in this thing called “integral.” It seems like a fad that has come and is now going, fading into the sunset with bellbottom jeans and long sideburns. It was all so glorius, a new worldview that was the most comprehensive, the most inclusive, that gave me a sense of meaning and place in the universe, that fed my desire to be “on top” with the best and the brightest. Yet now it seems like so much ado about not much, more about an in-crowd religion than a useful tool for making the world a better place. It seems to have served its purpose for me but I’m feeling it’s time to move on to the next phase or level or whatever.
Or maybe there is no “next level” at all and I need to branch out wider, more like a network or rhizome than a hierarchy or holoarchy. I don’t know. What I do know is that trying to fit all knowledge and experience into an integral framework has lost its magic for me. I’ve lost the need to make sense of and control the world. I think it’s ok now to just reside in ambivalence and uncertainty and relativity (with qualitative distinctions). It does lack security, not knowing what road one is on or where it is going. But it also makes for an open adventure, not knowing what is next. Posted in Uncategorized 4 Comments » show comments » « hide comments New integral blog: Integral Praxis

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