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Judeo-Vedic relationship

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Mordecai 12-05-2002, 08:14 PM
I remember watching a lecture by a Kabbalist named Wolf about four years ago. He described a lot of interesting similarities between Eastern religions (including Buddhism and other Indian religions) and Judaism. There was apparently a lot of cross-pollination. One of the more interesting things I remember him saying was the interesting link, linguistically speaking, between "Abrah(a)m" and "Brahma(n)". And the mention in the Torah that Abraham journeyed to the East with his sons or something (horrible paraphrase...).
Anyone have any more info? (Not only on this Judeo-Vedic relationship, but on any other osmosis of ideas from one tradition to another. Thoughts?)
jcldragon 12-22-2002, 02:53 AM
Sorry not to have replied to this thread sooner. Yes, there are lots of connections. Having studied both Qaballa & Vedanta, I find that very often the only difference is the words they use to describe phenomena. In many occult books I have seen images of the Tree of Life with the Seven Yoga Chakras worked into it. Every principle that you can find in the Vedic Teachings, has a correspondance somewhere on the Qaballistic Tree of Life.
It is said in the Bible, that when Abraham met Melchesidek, Ancient of Days, that he was so impressed that he gave him 10% of the spoils from a war. In occult legends it is said that in return, Melchesidek taught Abraham & his people the Ancient Wisdom, which was preserved in the Sephera Yetzirah. Moreover, in the various Pagan Mystery Schools, you will find that the attributes of the Gods always have the same correspondances, and you will find this is true in every symbol system from anywhere on the planet, from the Huna code of the Hawaiians, to the Eddas of the Norse, to the Vedic Scriptures like the Upanishads, to the Taoist Alchemists, the Tibetian Lamas, and even European Hermeticism.
The Ancient Wisdom seems to have predated all of these systems of knowledge, and it came to the land of Khem (Egypt, from whence it spread across the world), from a most ancient civilisation we now know only as Atlantis....

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