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Transhumanists seek to foster "transformation” by focusing on the material

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What the Bleep is Transhumanism? Posted on Jan 31st, 2007 by ~C4Chaos
My blogging pattern in the last few of days seems to be highlighting my transhumanistic interests. So be it. I'll make this official. This week is Transhumanist Week, at least on my personal blog. I've always been interested in science, technology, parapsychology, ufology, religion, philosophy, and spirituality. All of those interests seem to converge in what is called Transhumanism
“a way of thinking about the future that is based on the premise that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of our development but rather a comparatively early phase.”
However, while most transhumanists can be classified as materialists, I'd like to anchor my transhumanistic tendencies on a more integral philosophy which doesn't collapse interiority into exteriority, and vice-versa. So instead of just H+, my flavor of transhumanism is more like H+ and then some, or simply H++.
H++ to me means: if we have developmental concepts such as pre-conventional, conventional, post-conventional; pre-modern, modern, post-modern; egocentric, ethnocentric, world centric; pre-rational, rational, trans-rational; then it makes sense to have evolving “vehicles” to contain the emerging consciousness: pre-human (via Darwinian evolution), human (humanity as it is right now), and post-human (or trans-human).
For those spiritual types who shiver in fear at the thought of transhumanism, stop shivering. Remember that Aurobindo's Supramentalisation has the same aim: “transformation of the entire being, and ultimately, the divinization of the material world.” The difference is the approach. Transhumanists seek to foster 'transformation” by focusing on the material, while spiritual heavyweights like Aurobindo focused on the interior. I'd like to imagine that those two approaches would intersect someday. And therein lies a more integral approach.
In the meantime, the possibility of physical immortality intrigues me. Not because I want to preserve this bodymind in its current form. But to render it undone, both physically and spiritually. NOTE: Feel free to discuss the video on zPod:Singularity. Access: Public 1 Comment Print Send views (504) Tagged with: Transhumanism, singularity, life extentions, immortality, H++, zPod:Singularity, Aurobindo, Immortality Institute, Transhumanist Week, integral, fluffy Exploring Life Extension

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