Thursday, March 15, 2007

That all-embracing existence

The materialistic denial of Spirit to which Sullivan responds is worthy of response, and Sullivan's impulse towards a reasoned, post-mythic understanding of faith is more correct than not. Sullivan doesn't err in his understanding of religion. But Sullivan doesn't go far enough in his thinking about God (not religion). Belief that religion is essentially about denial of death is probably correct, but faith in Spirit has nothing to do with any consequence or impact on human affairs of such belief. In plain English, the matter of the immortality of the soul matters to religion, but doesn't matter to Spirit. Spirit accepts and embraces all; Spirit is alive and existent, filled with the abundance of life, regardless of what you or I or Andrew might believe about the immortality of the soul.
Spirit is The Answer. Faith is a gift from Spirit to support human beings along the course of our development towards greater and fuller and wiser understandings of the nature of existence. Faith supports our feeble bodies and minds and souls as we grope from one less-than-perfect understanding of Life to another vision, higher and wiser but still imperfect and partial, sustaining us through the periods of darkness and nurturing us in more comfortable times. No answer to the question of religion is complete without acknowledging these truths. posted by Joe Perez at 3/14/2007 Technorati: 2 links to this itemAdd to del.icio.usDigg This!

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