Friday, March 2, 2007

Let me know also the truths which the Avatar cast not forth into speech

Aurobindo’s truth claims March 1st, 2007 (posted by Edward Berge)
In one of the Integral Review forums I’ve been in dialog with Richard Carlson, who is highly critical of Anderson’s recent article in Integral Review in particular and of Wilber in general. It seems that Aurobindo is held to a different standard when it comes to truth claims. In that light I offer the following from Debashish Banerji’s review of The Religious, the Spiritual and the Secular (by Robert Minor). Banerji compares Aurobindo’s truth claims to the usual “western” truth claims: The former incorporates a hermeneutical analysis with the claim to personal experience, whereas the latter is apparently only “mental” or “theoretical” without “spiritual experience.” I’ve heard quite similar arguments from Carlson, and from Alan here in this forum. I’d like to explore these truth claims... Open Integral

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