Monday, March 19, 2007

Telling people their thoughts are mistaken

Top four psychology studies Written by Ulrich Mohrhoff
PsyBlog lists the top ten psychology studies and asks you to cast your vote for the most popular study. Here are my favorites:
3. Revolutionary Treatment of Depression “It seems incredible that a successful form of psychological therapy could be based on telling people their thoughts are mistaken. And yet that is partly how cognitive therapy works.”
4. Euphoria Induced by Experimental Trickery “Imagine it’s the 1960s and you’re a first year psychology student at the University of Minnesota. Being a brave soul, along with wanting a better final grade, you’ve agreed to take part in a psychology experiment. You’ve heard that it involves testing a new vitamin injection but that hasn’t put you off.”
6. Stanley Milgram: Obedience to Authority Or Just Conformity? “What psychological experiment could so be so powerful that simply taking part might change your view of yourself and human nature? What experimental procedure could provoke some people to profuse sweating and trembling, leaving 10% extremely upset, while others broke into unexplained hysterical laughter?”
7. Memory Manipulated After The Event “…we examine the quality of our memories, in particular the ways in which memory can be changed after the event we are remembering. The work of Elizabeth Loftus has been extremely influential in this area as one of her early studies demonstrates.”
My vote went to No. 3. ¶ Posted 18 March 2007 koantum matters tags:

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