Saturday, March 17, 2007

The individual and the collective imperative combined

Re: The Possibilities of Man
by rjon on Thu 15 Mar 2007 05:43 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
So beautifully expressed RY! Thank you. My core aspiration for SCIY has been to search the world for people and organizations that perhaps prefigure these so very needed personal evolutions of consciousness and spiritual societies. And to share some of their insights as hopefully inspiring examples for our readers, along with links to their works. In that spirit, I deeply appreciate the continuing wisdom that you so graciously share with all of us ... Warmest regards, ~ ron
by Rich on Thu 15 Mar 2007 11:05 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
RYD "We have to move first towards that spiritual society founded on the fourfold principle of wisdom-strength-harmony-perfection, the enduring principle of the present cosmic working. " Rich: I like this phrase because perhaps we all could agree that: wisdom-strength-harmony-perfection would be equally expressive of communicative action in a secular society. Sri Aurobindo has given us an excellent performative language for translating between the secular and sacred. Its good to see someone using it proficiently.
by RY Deshpande on Fri 16 Mar 2007 07:25 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Thanks, Rich. Your comment is rich in its undertones and overtones, as we would say in the case of appreciation of a fine piece of poetry. Perhaps it has been the same principle throughout the history of civilisations, expressed differently in different periods of time and in different revelations. To my mind, the modern mind and modern psyche needs its own phraseology to express the same fundamentals and we have to just discover it, which in fact is already there. What I have presented, rather hurriedly, in the article is the collective aspect of man's future. There should also be the complementary treatment for the individual. If these two can get combined, we would have served some imperative cause Ron is trying to hint at vis-a-vis the sciy forum. Should that not happen? Waiting for your response and elaboartion for all of us to discuss. RYD

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