Saturday, March 3, 2007

Mira Alfassa could penetrate unknown layers of the physical body

Aurobindo showed that it is possible to exceed "Nirvana" into what is behind - also in an Indian way. On the Christian path, however, something of the abundance of God behind everything may remain from the first moment onwards because Christ, having passed through the earth represents a bridge.
When somebody like Aurobindo is confronted with powers seeming to have connections to the development of Christ, but this background is not there, it gives the impression of a difficult balancing act. It is not impossible by any means, however; some may remember the case of the Hindu boy Sadhu Sundar Singh, who did not know anything about Christianity, but who, after intensively asking inwardly for God, suddenly had an experience of the living Christ, later written down in books. Also during Hindu Tantric practices people, who would have expected to see Indian Gods, suddenly had a vision of Christ. "The spirit moves wherever it wants".
It may hardly be relevant for a theology bound to Christianity as a religious community, but all the more interesting for other cultural areas: the hint of R. Steiner of seeing Christ as a sun-like being known to some higher sages before his coming down to earth. See the chapter "In the beginning was the word…" in this text and the extra - page "The Old Testament and pre-Christian Religions"...
The Indian philosopher and Yogi Aurobindo worked in a similar direction after his transition through the Nirvana experience and attempted "to bring down supra-mental powers into life on earth." His spiritual partner, "Mother" Mira Alfassa could penetrate unknown layers of the physical body in this way, e.g. of the cells containing memory, which are related to the old programs of death. She experienced this as "working on the one body of mankind".
In a different way, Rudolf Steiner spoke of newly forming higher elements of being or bodies in these fields above the mind, which would later allow to work out the older emotional, the ethereal and the material parts of the human being willingly one after another down to the fine details., . He names these new parts: "spiritual self, life spirit, spiritual human" (own translation from German without checking the translation in the English books.) The impression could arise that this prediction is only going to be realized after long periods of time. A comparison with the current development / evolution shows however, that this can already be relevant in parts today.

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