Thursday, May 3, 2012

Progress, prudery, and parody

Dear Anuragji, Thank you for your effort to spread Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s message. This is the only way to save the country from the illusion of so called progress. Affectionately Gadadhar Mishra

This is an occult mystery locked in an occult mystery. If something has to be done only the Mother can do it. In the meanwhile, we try to be her instruments as best as possible, and that’s our responsibility. Arjuna was told to be the occasion only, nimitta-matra, pretext in a war which had already [...] 7:54 -  From Facebook 2 May 2012 Vandana Graft:
They are in Peter’s possession. He won’t return them and has hidden them somewhere in the US. So, one of the demands in our court case is the return of these documents. The precious documents include Sri Aurobindo’s personal diary.

Striking a somewhat lone note, Marc Galanter did suggest five decades ago that the Indian case was neither unique nor necessarily distinct from the American one—and anticipating Talal Asad, he observed: “No secular state is or can be merely neutral or impartial among religions, for the State defines the boundaries within which neutrality must operate.”

Messages in this topic However to understand such conceptions require an intuitive spiritual sensitivity. But when the temperament is dominated by the logical, argumentative and debating mentality or if there is a too heavy attachment to the old, traditional, religious-philosophical conceptions such a sensitivity may be lacking. -M.S. Srinivasan [sbicitizen] Debate on the Form and Formless

Piers Morgan of CNN asks the Dalai Lama if he feels tempted when he sees a woman. Related Posts The transmutation of sexual energy Sublimation of the sexual urge through Yoga The foundation of spiritual relationships Further remarks on sexuality What exactly … Continue reading 

'Stars Become Parodies of Themselves' - Indian Express 25 Mar 2012 – Interview with Naseeruddin Shah
And I don’t know how a star of that luminosity can prevent the syndrome which afflicts them at some stage or the other, which is that they become parodies of themselves, and it has happened to them all. I really don’t know why that happens, because I’ve not been in that position. Yeah, and as long as those mannerisms are authentic, they are charming but then they become... Yeah, it’s very heady, the whole business of success as an actor.

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