Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If a teacher revolts

from:  Jitendra Sharma date:  22 May 2012 22:59 subject: Response to Mr. H. Acharya
I will continue to fight tooth and nail against Peter Heehs’ book. That is a different issue. If a teacher of an educational institution revolts openly against its Registrar in this way, he has to be removed. There is no other option.

from:  Sunil date:  23 May 2012 07:22
When you were in the school, were you aware of anything such as Trustees. All our care, all the Ashram’s arrangement was by the Mother and everybody benefited from this arrangement and did their part. When you went to eat it was the Mother’s Prasad, when you went to school it was her school, it was on Them we were taught to concentrate. After two periods it was her soup and ‘vitamins’ in dispensary that was given. All was around the Divine Mother naturally as it is an Ashram School. And she took care to give us the best of everything, from the continuous flow of international teachers, coaches to the best sports facilities. Everything was always worked for the manifestation of the Divine the very best, even in the physical. Life was so rich in all experiences that just to be there was being in heaven. Every evening there would be some kind of programme, people from all over the world would offer their performances. Home talent was encouraged in fields of drama, music and dance. Foreign languages would be taught in the evenings. The school compound would be live every evening throbbing with activity of culture and music.  Did anywhere Trustee name ever came to you, if these trustees were there they were busy doing their thing like you and me not in any way associated with the Divine arrangement of the Ashram.
Now what has happened, you tell me. Who does Radhikaranjan have to face when he is called to leave his post. Manoj, Aartii di, Swadesh, Jhummur.  Isn’t this a thing like power in the family run business. What happened to the Ashram, what happened to the Divine manifestation in the physical, what happened to the International culture, what happened to heavenly atmosphere of love and flowers.
Once you entered the Ashram compound flowers and incense would be given to you most of the day so that you can offer them at the Samadhi along with your prayers.
Now ... ? You are showing loyalty to who? The one who made the Ashram or the one who is breaking it.

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  1. If the registrar has some 'authority' to award disciplinary action against any teacher, the manner of enforcing such discipline should also conform to the traditions, ethics and procedures expected in the venerated institution like the Ashram school. But, reading the detail reports on the words and procedures adopted by the registrar, it looks highly unbecoming of a person in that position of authority, [besides the big question: Is applying such authority such a desirable trait in the registrar?]. Even the Mother would not behave with a sincere teacher in this manner. How then should we view the present actions of the registrar against the teacher, [vis-a-vis the actions of the same person in the case of Peter?]