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Heehs caught between the visa and the book

Tweets (Updated 12:40 PM)Gautam Chikermane  @gchikermane Religious fundamentalists win again, but Chidambaram review today. Chidambaram may change that decision today Zoom Indian Media  @ZoomIndianMedia - @nationalizer Was not Peter Heehs a New York cabbie? Did he turn historian? He studied History? Malini Parthasarathy  @MaliniP Am unhappy with the move to expel Peter Heehs who has written a splendid biography of Sri Aurobindo. What's happened to our famed tolerance? Ashok  @nationalizer What is about Historian Peter Heehs latest book on Aurobindo? What did he write? who r offended? Malini Parthasarathy  @MaliniP Heeh's meticulously researched narration of Aurobindo's evolution shows him transcending his human frailties and thereby truly inspiring. utpal chattopadhyay  @uc59 - @MaliniP From my imperfect understanding of the freedom movement & Aurobindo's role in it, he was a TOTAL cop-out IMHO. A lot of mumbo jumbo 2 Malini Parthasarathy  @MaliniP - @uc59 Yes, but he was definitely a spiritual seeker and an inspiration for many others. Heehs' biography is respectful while being honest 9:17 PM - 1 Apr 12 utpal chattopadhyay  @uc59 - @MaliniP of course I do not support revoking of this visa if that is based on what he wrote in his book. Prabhu Rajadurai  @prabhuadvocate - @MaliniP Famed tolerance? Where do you live? Ask James Laine, Salman Rushdie, MF Hussain, Dan Brown about our tolerance Vidya Bhushan Rawat  @freetohumanity - @sagarikaghose This govt is on its way out now and becoming more communalised and rigid ignoring people's voice. Shameful.

Let Heehs stay, scholars urge PM - Debjani Dutta Express News Service Last Updated : 02 Apr 2012 07:43:55 AM IST PUDUCHERRY:
Taking up the case of American historian Peter Heehs, whose controversial book ‘Lives of Aurobindo’ has led to an issue with his visa, around 30 renowned historians and scholars, including Union Minister for Rural Development Jairam Ramesh, have written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Home Minister P Chidambaram .
“It (the book) is among the finest-ever written of a major Indian Nationalist and spiritualist. Factional disagreements in Heehs’ home town should not receive the implicit support of the Indian state, which would happen if the Home ministry were to deny him a visa allowing him to continue in India. It would be greatly to the detriment of our country to be seen as having driven out an internationally recognised scholar who is committed to writing biography and history of the highest calibre. We urge you to grant Heehs his visa at the earliest, so that he is not forced to leave our shores by April 15,” the letter said. It is to be seen what decision is taken by the Home Minister on Monday.

Historian tries to buy peace, offers trade-off - Debjani Dutta Express News Service Last Updated : 02 Apr 2012 08:56:30 AM IST PUDUCHERRY:
Facing possible expulsion from the country he has been living in for decades after his controversial book Lives of Sri Aurobindo published in the US in 2008 sparked unease among followers of the spiritual leader, American historian Peter Heehs, on Sunday said he was prepared for a revised Indian version of his book to be published by Penguin IndiaThe visa of Heehs, a resident of the ashram here, is set to expire in the second week of April. Union Home Minister P Chidambaram is set to decide on Monday whether or not to extend it.
Regretting the controversy, Heehs said both he and the publishers were prepared to strike out any “questionable” passages. “Got permission for publishing the modified version for use of devotees,” Heehs told Express. “I had given two proposals—one to recompose certain passages which had become controversial and the other to allow yet another publication for the devotees—as a few changes may not satisfy those opposed to the book. Though there would be a financial loss for the publishers as they would have to do the composition again, they were willing to do it,” said Heehs.
To publish the book, however, clearance is required from the Orissa High Court, which had banned its publication in 2008. The court had then issued a temporary injunction stating that until disposal of the appeal against the order, the book could be printed by obtaining a ‘No Objecti­on certificate’ from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Khurshid Alam engages Jitendra Sharma in an interview with his concept of Man in Aurobindo's poetry on his recently released title, Concept of Man in Sri Aurobindo's Poetry. CLRI Que 2: Sri Aurobindo was a philosopher at heart. What is his contribution to Indian philosophy?
Ans: Most of the philosophers have always created a gulf between this world and beyond, but Sri Aurobindo creates the perfect synthesis of spirituality and the world. His theories of evolution, consciousness and matter place him at the forefront of Indian philosophers. He formulated a scientific and spiritual vision of evolution. He foresees a complete transformation of Man and the world. He believes that a new spiritualised race of humanity is about to come. His unusual life experiences convinced him of such future possibilities. He traced Man’s evolution through anthropology, sociology, politics, psychology, culture and religion in over 37 newly-published, huge volumes of writings.

Aurobindo Society  @Aurobindo10 Savitri Era Devotees: 'Concept of Man in Sri Aurobindo's Poetry’: An In... savitrieradevotees - Jitendra Sharma  @aurofrance Savitri Era Devotees: 'Concept of Man in Sri Aurobindo's Poetry': An In... 
Mihir Jha  @MihirKumarJha A Living Paradox! Founder, Reader's Quotient. These days i m living here India Those interested to read Karmyogin can download the pdf version here from the official site of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The unique Spiritual, Philosophical and rational style in which the Legendary Sri Aurobindo used 2 deal with every topic. Sri Aurobindo Remarks on the guy (Max Muller) who studied Upanishadas whole life & translated for an Agenda:

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