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Calling Sri Aurobindo a terrorist

The Puducherry foreign regional registration office’s order to send back Peter Heehs, US historian and author of The Lives Of Sri Aurobindo, has created ripples within the UPA government. Rural development minister Jairam Ramesh shot a letter to home minister P Chidambaram on Wednesday to revoke the visa cancellation order, pointing out that the US author has been living in India for 40 years.
Categorically stating that he has no personal rapport with Heehs and had met the author only thrice, that too at public events, Ramesh hailed him for authoring one of the best biographies on Sri Aurobindo. He said Hees had also written seven other books on India during his stay here.
Government sources, however, said that the Puducherry Foreigner Regional Registration Officer’s decision to cancel the historian’s visa hinged on violation of norms. “Heehs’s visa had expired last year, but he was allowed to continue staying in India pending disposal of his representation,” an official said. “It is not as simple a case as it has been made out to be.” Heehs was told to leave India before April 15.
This is not the first time Ramesh has spoken against the visa rules laid down by the union home ministry. While touring China, Ramesh spoke in favour of easier Indian visa norms for the Chinese, setting off a controversy back home. It was earlier alleged that Heehs’s visa was cancelled at the behest of extremists who did not approve of his book on Sri Aurobindo.

RY Deshpande
May we know what was the occasion for the three meetings mentioned in the post? Were they history-connected, history in the strictest sense? If Mr Heehs is here in the Ashram for spiritual pursuits, how did the meetings promote those spiritual prospects? If there were other factors please let us know them.
I'm also aware that there are hundreds of posts and comments on the web-pages criticising the book on technical-professional grounds. Please peruse them before making any hurried judgement about this work. Thanks
GK Gokhale
Has Mr Jairam Ramesh read the book, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, or is he simply going by the three 'chance' meetings with the author? It is not at all history, but is full of distortions calling Sri Aurobindo a Terrorist. Does he agree to that?
Surinder Sharma
Is this Jairam Ramesh extra constitutional add on who has inherent habit of political survival by going against the currents of rational pragmatic laws of the land. Illogical illegal tantrums of Jairam Ramesh have already cost nation very dearly he has no business to overshoot his assigned refrains & compulsively tread on forbidden terrains to lead Indian union home minister by nose during his tour  in foreign land.
P Chidambaram has taken best decision conforming to national interests as long years of stay in India by controversial USA historian Heehs do not automatically give him immunity from expulsion for unlawful activities.  As on the contrary British were shown the door for distorting  history of India despite centuries of stay.
Dr. D.S. Rao
Peter Heehs is an anti-India person and must be watched. Jairam Ramesh it is no secret has links in the USA. P Chidambaram is correct in his decision. Ramesh can not and must not be trusted in sensitive Indian affairs.
PC getting all decisions wrong. God help us, whatever happened to the moderate, opinion hearing Indian?!
It was earlier alleged that Heehs’s visa was cancelled at the behest of extremists who did not approve of his book on Sri Aurobindo. And that is the correct story indeed!

Talk by Shraddhalu at Nairobi Centre of Sri Aurobindo Society part ...
07 March 2012, Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Nairobi Centre of Sri Aurobindo Society

Gautam Chikermane  @gchikermane Excellent programme on NDTV that exposes the fundamentalist: Historian faces expulsion: Are we an intolerant democracy? 12:28 PM - 4 Apr 12

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I have learned to live in this world by study and hard work. There have always been rich and poor and that will never go. These kind of stories will always be there. What important is to follow a yoga practice. As richness is lost at death and yoga practice is not. So look at what happened in the world without being attached to it. And be open to the Divine Reality following Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Greetings, Chris
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  1. I am certainly a supporter of the freedom of speech. In this day and age to suppress or punish people who think or feel differently from you, is simply preposterous. That being said there is something more than meets the eye that is going on here. There is an inmate who presents the "human" and perhaps even frail side of Aurobindo whose follower he claims to be. Well. not a whole lot of common sense is needed to see that there is something not right here. He is not a typical follower to say the least. Then the Ashram itself publishes his book. That is queer too and even a greater surprise. One has to take leave of common sense to not see that there is mischief at play here on the part of the author and that he is a pseudo follower or perhaps not even a follower at all. For those unfortunate ones who support the author and for whom therefore common sense has evidently been on leave of absence there is one way to invite it back. Consider this, especially those who occupy important positions in an institution: Imagine for a moment someone wishes to comment on your founder's personality including both good and his/her "human" side. Would you enthusiastically approve the same? Now imagine further that one of your peers or inmates wishes to do the same. Would you encourage him or support that imbecility? If so, then certainly you or the peer need to be condemned or punished. Both need to be sent to a mental asylum. If there is no place for hopeless cases like yours then my practice is in NY.
    Dr Ryder.