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Auroville's politicians who manipulate and bully

The new hall houses two models of Matrimandir, one being the original rosewood model that was presented to The Mother. It features the layout for the whole gardens oval as originally proposed. The second a 3- D cut-away model of the Matrimandir building, allowing visitors to see how the Chamber is suspended in the upper hemisphere of the globe and its overall appearance with the twelve petals. The walls of the new hall are hung with eight large panels showing many more details of the construction and the significance the Mother has given to Matrimandir and its gardens. Quiet and unpretentious, the exhibition conveys to the visitor a sense of the depth and the beauty that lie at the center of the town. For booking for visits to the Inner Chamber: You may now phone between 10 am and 11:30 am to 0413 – 2622204.

Auroville Today > Current issue March 2012 
In the published conversations of The Mother on Auroville, the high expectations She had of the Aurovilians stand out. “Auroville voudrait être le berceau du surhomme” She wrote, ‘Auroville wants to be the cradle of the overman.’ Georges Van Vrekhem, the author of numerous books on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, gives his views on this.
In the article ‘Patterns and predictability’ Alan reflects on why Auroville’s society is so very ordinary at present. “Like anywhere else in the world, we have our politicians who manipulate and bully to get their way; we have those who enrich themselves at the community’s expense; we have a thriving bureaucracy; we have our permanently disaffected ones who seem to draw energy only from protest; we have our freeloaders; and we have those who are intent only on cultivating their own gardens or businesses,” he writes. Why? ...
Auroville International held its yearly meeting this time in Auroville, and AVI members had a close interaction with many Auroville working groups. From such exchanges, one important role of AVI members became increasingly clear, writes Martin Littlewood. “Their goodwill, commitment and passion for the experiment of Auroville is obvious, but their level of detachment from daily preoccupations seems to bring another perspective to the work, and sometimes helps to unblock situations which have for many years been unmoving.” …
The third publication featured is ‘The Tale of my Exile’, a book written by Sri Aurobindo’s younger brother Barindra Ghose, popularly known as Barin, who was convicted in the Alipore Bomb Case and sentenced to death. On appeal, this was commuted to transportation for life to the Andaman Cellular Jail. Sachidananda Mohanty’s excellent introduction provides a brief overview of Barin’s life before and after the Andamans. More importantly, it clarifies the relationship between the two brothers and shows how, even if their later life trajectories differed, both shared an intensity of spiritual search and an undying opposition to any form of human oppression. The pdf.files of this issue can be downloaded here.

EXHIBITIONS Cyclone Inversions Large scale camera obscura photographic artifacts by Goetz Rogge and Future School students
Tuesday March 27 – Tuesday April 3 Parables of Dawn Digital paintings by Juergen P.
Friday April 6 to Saturday April 28 Meditations on Savitri – Book One – The Book of Beginnings Paintings by Huta – in the Picture Gallery-
FILMS Mondays 6:30 pm
April 2 : Sri Aurobindo – Glimpses of His Life Script and commentary by Manoj Das. A film from the Sri Aurobindo Society. Duration: 20 min
April 9 : Meditations on Savitri  Book 6  - The Book of Fate A film by Manohar of Huta’s paintings, illustrating passages from Savitri read by The Mother and accompanied by her own organ music. Duration: 40 min
April 16 : Adam Kadmon & The Evolution  Video of a talk by Georges Van Vrekhem Duration: 73min
April 23 :  The Mother -  Glimpses of Her Life  Duration: 18 min, and “Four Aspects of the Mother” Duration: 28 min
April 30: “Experiences with the Mother, Part 1” – Video of a talk by Narad (Richard Eggenberger) Duration: 42 min 
REGULAR  ACTIVITIES Sundays 10.30–12 noon: Savitri Study Circle
Mondays 3-4pm: Cultivating Concentration, in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, led by Dr. Jai Singh 5-6pm: On The Mother, led by Dr. Ananda Reddy
Tuesdays 3-4pm: Cultivating Concentration, in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, led by Dr. Jai Singh 4–5 pm: L’Agenda de Mère – listening to recordings with Gangalakshmi 5-6 pm: Savitri study in Tamil, led by Sudarshan 5.45 – 7.15 pm: OM Choir (details below)
Wednesdays 4.15-5.15 pm: ‘Mudra-Chi’ led by Anandi F. 5.30-6.30 pm: Reading The Life Divine, led by Shraddhavan
Thursdays 4-5 pm: The English of Savitri, led by Shraddhavan
Fridays 3-4pm: Cultivating Concentration, in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, led by Dr. Jai Singh

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