Friday, April 6, 2012

Any Sri Aurobindo followers out there?

It is on April 4th, 1910, that Sri Aurobindo, after one month of hiding in a French territory, Chandernagor, near Calcutta, arrived in the other French territory the Divine had arranged as the permanent refuge from the British, where he could henceforth do his inner work for the world: Pondichery…
As for ‘Pondy’, as it came later to be commonly called, the coming of Sri Aurobindo gave it a new life and a new importance, putting it on the map of the places where the light of the Spirit was especially shining, in this case showing the way to the evolutive future of humanity and of the Earth as a whole.
Conversely, it was in Pondy that Sri Aurobindo himself started to read the Veda, and discovered at last in it the description and explanation of some very special experiences he was having, that he had not found mentioned in any other spiritual text: in the Veda only the presence of the Divine in Matter itself was revealed, he found, indicating the possible unveiling of it and re-divinization of Matter just as of the other parts of our being, The crucial difference was that for the awakening of Matter nothing but the power of the Supramental Consciousness could do it, not in the diluted form under which some of it reaches the terrestrial plane, but in its original highly intense vibratory frequency, straight from its own supreme regions, that Sri Aurobindo’s consciousness happened to have already reached before.

This Yoga of Sri Aurobindo is a revolution | Motherland - Prayers of ... ublié le 5 avril 2012 par Anita Guha Roy This Yoga of Sri Aurobindo is a spiritual revolution
‘The Synthesis of Yoga’ will be a wonderful lifelong friend. You will find in it almost everything connected with the yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. One day, the future generations will recognise in them the most beautiful and forceful English ever written. ‘Savitri’ is the epic story of the aspiring human soul step by step rising to the Divinity. Messages in this topic (1)

American historian in trouble over a book on Sri Aurobindo he wrote 4 years ago, makes a public appeal after he is told to leave India 5 Apr 2012, 2104 hrs IST

AuroOne1 If you are, say, a Christian, wouldn't you want to know everything about Jesus Christ? You probably would, but the Church doesn't want you to. It wants you to accept and endorse the official narrative sanctioned by the Church. What is happening here is an attempt to establish an Aurobindonian religion. If you write something that does not conform to the official narrative of the Aurobindonian Church you are a heretic. This is the greatest possible travesty of all that Sri Aurobindo stands for.

200,000 hurt devotees in Orissa? Assuming they all know English, how did they read the book if it’s banned in Orissa?

Tweets Sagarika Ghose  @sagarikaghose Utterly tragic that groups are not letting Lives Of Sri Aurobindo be published in India... Heehs shd be celebrated not hounded 12:53 PM - 6 Apr 12 'The Lives Of Sri Aurobindo' by Peter Heehs. A must read for anyone who wants to know more about an exceptional life.. abs brilliant book 12:51 PM - 6 Apr 12 Aurobindo's dilemmas about West and East remain greatly relevant in a globalising world.. so much to learn from Heehs biography.. 12:55 PM - 6 Apr 12 Every fact scrupulously footnoted, every assertion researched, Heehs book is the product of a lifetime's work.. breathtaking 12:52 PM - 6 Apr 12 via web · Sandip Ghose  @SandipGhose - @sagarikaghose So if one "Ghose" (Sagarika) is endorsing another "Ghose" (#Aurobindo) - we must take note of it. @gchikermane #PeterHeehs 1:07 PM - 6 Apr 12 vicky  @193vicky Sri Aurobindo had an indian mind while his whole education was of west. When he started spiritual life he was in dialema @sagarikaghose 1:36 PM - 6 Apr 12 Ramesh  @netargument Peter Heehs shown the door by Gov of India, for Scandalous writing. Laine was similar. Jaffrelot, Russell are no better. 10:01 AM - 6 Apr 12 Gautam Chikermane  @gchikermane Respects to Jairam Ramesh for his unrelenting liberalism and support to Peter Heehs, whose exit from India would be a huge loss to us. 10:38 AM - 5 Apr 12 Mihir Jha  @MihirKumarJha @sagarikaghose a devotee of Peter Heehs, The Traitor, asks if there is any Sri Aurobindo fans on Twitter. Yes Madam, tell me. :56 PM - 6 Apr 12

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