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Turning point in the relationship between Auroville and Sri Aurobindo Society

Sri Aurobindo Society visits AV by Andrea Monday, 05 March 2012
In almost 30 years, today was the first formal visit of the representatives of the Sri Aurobindo Society to Auroville. Luigi of CIRHU made a presentation to the guests on the future outlook of Auroville, development plans, land-protection issues, green infrastructure and also the need to create better possibilities for the youth to work here in Auroville. Today, says Luigi, was a turning point in the relationship of Auroville with the Sri Aurobindo Society and a new start for the two sides towards promoting development of Auroville.Kkk

Sri Aurobindo Society: Next Steps by Andrea  Monday, 05 March 2012
In this short interview, Luigi of CIRHU shares with Andrea the meaning and purpose of the first official visit of the representatives of the Sri Aurobindo Society to Auroville today. In the context of Supreme Court's judgment of 1982 ruling that Auroville is neither a religious society nor a property of Sri Aurobindo Society, in some ways today's meeting is an attempt towards a new beginning, a positive change in outlook on both sides and hope of more goodwill flowing in.

Auroville finally takes Shraddhalu to account for his actions. As much as anyone Auroville’s Savitri Bhavan has facilitated Shraddhalu’s moxy for distorting reality by allowing him to continue to speak with authority at their venue even though he has run amok in the rest of the world.  In his fundamentalist crusade he has promulgated all manner of falsehoods in waging  criminal and civil battles against Peter Heehs and the Ashram Trustees but now, the Working Committee in Auroville has finally stepped in. Shraddhalu not only had the audacity to lead a mob that he had bussed in from back roads of Orissa to protest the Ashram under the Darshan balcony itself, but members of his gang attempted to rough up a senior Ashram Trustee.  The Working Committee of Auroville has declared:
“In the light of the events which have taken place on 27th February at the Ashram, the Working Committee on 29th February has requested Savitri Bhavan to discontinue Shraddhalu’s talks.”
Its up to Savitri Bhavan now to comply or continue to cuddle Shraddhalu. This entry was posted in Praxis. Bookmark the permalink. abdul lateef Posted March 7, 2012 at 12:12 pm Permalink Savitri Bhavan has in fact complied with the request to have Shraddhalu take a break from his talks at there. Kudos to them for arriving at a reasoned decision.

debbanerji Posted March 14, 2012 at 1:53 am Permalink SA used different terminologies and different formulations in different texts, this doesn’t necessarily mean he abandoned one for the other. 6:51 PM

Response to the Doctrine of Sameness | Rajiv Malhotra Ken Wilber’s manipulative claims: Ken Wilber uses this thesis to claim that he has superseded whatever dharma offers. This is done in a series of logical steps as follows:
He collapses Sri Aurobindo’s teachings into this worldview or a similar one – even though Sri Aurobindo vehemently criticized all such interpretations of Vedic thought. He then appropriates copiously from various dharmic schools – Sri Aurobindo, Madhyamika Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism, to name a few – in order to claim that he has moved past the problems that dharma suffers from. I refer to this as intellectual arson – the arsonist is one who first robs the place and then burns it down to hide the evidence. He then claims to have achieved states of consciousness that supersede Sri Aurobindo and all others before him, including Buddha.

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