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Sri Aurobindo talks about divinizing matter

“What happened on the 24th November prepared the possibility of this descent and on that day he retired into seclusion and entered into deep and powerful meditation.”
This correction was made on the 20th Nov. 1950 and it was the last one that Sri Aurobindo made on any article. He passed away on the 5th December, 1950. - Anilbaran 4:16 PM 

I am not attempting to "Aurobindo-ize" Christianity." Why Darwinists Reject Evolution from One Cosmosby Gagdad Bob Sep 17, 2008. I think he was influenced by both Christianity and western science -- including the theory of evolution -- and applied them to Indian metaphysics. So when Aurobindo talks about "divinizing matter" or reconciling all the levels of creation, he is really talking like an Orthodox Christian. It's all very Jewish as well. God is a Joke and Bill Maher is a Barbaric Idiot from One Cosmos by Gagdad Bob Sep 22, 2008 6:12 AM 

Continuing to operate with all the trappings of traditional religious practices while claiming not to be a religion is a Huge contradiction and IMO has produced a myriad of unresolvable problems in the Integral Yoga community after Sri Aurobinodo's and Mother's passing. -- by Rich on Tue 05 Aug 2008 Permanent Link 
there is not a shred of evidence you can offer to support your arguments that they were Gods. The best you can do is to supply texts which can only refer to themselves in endless tautology. by Rich on Sun 24 Aug 2008 Permanent Link 
And of course there is Integral Yoga fundamentalism with its claims that its founders are gods or avatars and that similar to the Christian myth make the case for them descending to Earth to take up the suffering and redemption of humanity. True to all fundamentalist assumptions in this one the founders are seen to be infallible, beyond the scope of any critical inquiry. by Rich on Tue 23 Sep 2008 Permanent Link 11:39 AM

Personally, I'm a Westernized Pakistani, who more or less gave up on all religions and religious practices many years ago. I thought it was all superstitious nonsense. However, I have recently been coming around and learning to respect and see the value of traditional ritualism... And sometimes, when I've had experiences of darker dimensions of Reality, I tell you, spontaneously prostrating to photographs of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother has gotten me out of an awful lot of trouble. -- by ned on Tue 05 Aug 2008 Permanent Link

"Sri Aurobindo on Hinduism" by Peter Heehs -- reviewed by Raman Reddy
 12 Aug 2010 – The following paragraph is from a booklet by Peter Heehs entitled Sri Aurobindo on Hinduism and published by the Sri Aurobindo Society, ... 
7:57 AM

The Dvaita diaries The Hindu March 8, 2012 M. NARASIMHACHARY
Sri Madhva anticipated some modern trends in the study of the texts. He demonstrated that the Vedas can be interpreted from the mythological, psychological and spiritual viewpoints. He thus became the forerunner of Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Sri Aurobindo too.
Sri Jayatirtha: A Monograph on the Dvaita Epistemology; English translation by Shrinivasa Varakhedi. (Dvaita Philosophy Resource Centre, Manipal University Press, Manipal, Karnataka; Price: Rs. 295 in India & 12 Euros Outside India.)

Savitri Era - Savitri Era is our religion

I said Tora Man Darpan, I consider to be one of the three best bhajans in Hindi films. Ravi: The Master of Situational Songs from Nothing to Declare by shyamanuja

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