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Street Protest outside Trustee’s Office

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A certain group of world influencing power was very upset with the growing demand and popularity of Sri Aurobindo in the West. The Psychology world was even introducing Sri Aurobindo in its education and they feared that this new age movement might deface their beliefs and their Christian power hold. To counter attack this new movement of the future and preserve their dominance many attempts were made.  They knew as long as the Divine Mother was there in the physical in Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry all their attempts could be wiped out in a single stroke. And so was it, but this time after many failures they attempted a masterful plan and succeeded. The plan was executed in full swing after the Mother left Her physical body.
Their first leverage for the mischief was to create a Research and Development Section along with the Archives availability, or the possession and the control of all manuscripts. In fact all of Sri Aurobindo’s works were already published then why the need for Research the Development to his writings. But this was necessary to control and manifest their evil plan of re-writing Sri Aurobindo works. In their new versions they wanted to gradually destroy his works. Once the tampering of his works was done they have altered his life with their new biography ‘The Lives of Sri Aurobindo’. In the biography the alteration to his life are easily caught by open souls and by the genuine disciples of Sri Aurobindo.  The perverted intention of the author is caught. But in the tampering of the books, this is not easily detected, you can’t catch where you are being mislead. The untruth has made its house in the truth now in the new versions of the works of Sri Aurobindo. They have succeeded in their mission of the war against the truth, their war against Sri Aurobindo.
In the story or the history of this was well executed was through the well known human weaknesses. Their first target was Jayantilal Bhai, through whom this section the Archives Department of Research and Development was set up. The lady whose influence was working well on the male subject had done the ground work and this time a young man was chosen for the task. So Peter arrived in India and as suggested by this lady to Jayantllal he was made to enter and work in this Archives and Research Department, and then what happened we all know. This younger man with his athletic background became popular in sports and races and well adapted in the mingling of the community. What was his purpose only his organisers and sponsors knew. And he has delivered well to them.
During this process there had been many an awakened souls who stood against this injustice to Sri Aurobindo. But they were all conquered by their well planning and methodical workings. In the early eighties the acts happening in the Archives were being reported to Pranob Da of the Ashram, after being convinced he had ordered Kittu Reddy to take action with a bunch of 50 young boys and ransack the department as he himself was handicapped. But nothing happened. Jugul Kishore Mukherjee the pillar of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education fought pleadingly with the managing Trustees thinking they will do their job but only to be rebuked, slapped and threatened in return. All the warriors failed as they relied on the Ashram management to intervene and complete the job, little did they know that in the evil doers with their well planning and huge funds had sealed all doors through which their attack on Sri Aurobindo could go unfruitful.
At present there are a group of people demanding justice by sitting outside on the street of the Ashram’s Trustee’s Office protesting in a gathering of silence in a prayer for some miracle.

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This time, SR and co have got permission for 3 days, and have arranged a large number of persons to come from Orissa/Bengal (around a 100) to participate in the dharna. A Marriage Hall has been arranged for their meals and briefing sessions. This time, even fewer known persons and Ashramites are involved in the dharna. The faces of the people sitting are largely unknown, and are clearly not resident of the Ashram/Pondy town. (photo attached) … This morning’s incidents have shattered the myth of silent dharna and leave no more doubts regarding the true intentions of its putative leaders and organizers. It looks like a ploy to deliberately create a law-and-order problem. Ajit, Arindam, Bulu, Gautam

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