Saturday, February 11, 2012

Peter's book contains intentional and wicked insinuations

Jitendra Sharma 11 February 2012 subject: Peter Heeh's Book
The shocking truth is that Peter’s book contains intentional and wicked insinuations that malign Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Others may continue to disagree with my this opinion until their last breath. I don’t care. Let them continue to believe whatever they like. I have no intention to argue and convince any person to accept my view. Here are Mother’s relevant words:
Anything written by a sadhak about Sri Aurobindo which brings him down to an ordinary level and admits the reader to a sort of gossiping familiarity with him is unfaithfulness to Him and His work. Good intentions are not sufficient. - The Mother (Collected Works of the Mother, Vol. 13, Page 27)
-         Dr. Jitendra Sharma

Atala Damodar to aurofrance 11 February 2012 
Sir, Namaste. I'm a lecturer in English. I congratulate on your comment on the book. Don't you think the very title suggests multiple split personality of Sri Aurobindo? The sordid claim of 'objectivity' and 'research' is aimed at giving a spurious authenticity, which may have support from some conniving hostile entities, who do not want Sri Aurobindo's words to spread and his glorious life to be emulated and adored! The superfluous mental analyses, with which he approaches, are the very trends against which both Mother and Sri Aurobindo not only cautioned always but also strictly forbade to write their biographies.
What an irony and pity when so called devotees of Sri Aurobindo either remain silent or encourage and support or tolerate his 'intellectual' expedition within the ashram.
Regards. Damodar

This is the notice issued to Varun Pabrai by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust. The same has been served to five others who participated in a silent protest against ...

Auro Truths We are not suggesting that the institutions that Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have established, such as the Sri Aurobindo Ashram or Auroville, are free of problems or cannot be criticized. Everyone is free to poke their nose into the internal affairs of these institutions or criticize them to their heart’s content if it so pleases them…
Lastly, we do not claim to posses the Truth, but we believe that we can help remove those obstacles that come in the way of or obfuscate Truth - especially those obstacles that are in the form of deliberate misrepresentation and distortion of facts or the creation of myths – by providing more reliable, accurate and  complete information. Administrators.

I am creating this thread for collection of links of source materials for understanding India's history and culture. Sri Aurobindo's complete works: Sri Aurobindo - His Writings
This link contains the downloadable links for Sri Aurobindo's complete works. Aurobindo needs no introduction to any Indian. His writings are an authentic source of information to per-independence India and many things. ENJOY

The effective Science and Art for changing and transcending human nature is available with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Will humanity take trouble to turn ... 

On 11 February 1965, a big infuriated mob under the pretext of anti-Hindi demonstration had attacked Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Since this attack—which lasted for a few hours—was absolutely unexpected no help was available. There was only one person—a true hero—who defended the Ashram almost single-handedly and kept the attackers at bay till he was fatally injured. This gentleman was Shri Dhritindranath Mukherjee better known as ‘Togo’ in the Aurobindonian community.

Sri Aurobindo read the major part of Shelley's poetry, and also of Wordsworth's, and of Keats' and Byron's poetry, and so on, all the way up to, here, there

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