Sunday, February 12, 2012

Extending your support to the Trust board

All studies or at least the greater part of studies consists in studying the past with the hope that this would make one understand better the present. But if one wants to avoid the danger that the students would get stuck to the past and refuse to see the future, one must take great care to explain to them that all that has happened in the past had the aim of preparing all that is happening now and all that is happening now is preparing the road to the future which is really the most important thing for which we have to prepare ourselves. It is by cultivating intuition that one prepares to live for the future.   

Most educated people, he said, can agree on the basic scientific story of evolution… If we trace our genealogy back far enough, we come to the beginning of the universe itself. Everything that exists now was implied in the initial moment of creation. All of it enfolded. Religion is an ineradicable aspect of human nature

The approach of the article to the enquiry is predominantly intuitive but without ignoring the need for rational vigour. This author believes that intuitive approach to research methodology has to be recognised by the academic and research community in India because of two reasons: first it is in harmony with our own Indian spiritual ethos which is predominantly intuitive; second, at present, there is a growing recognition of the need for intuition in management thought and practice. The main objective of the article is to bring the insights of Indian seers, ancient and modern, into modern financial management, for a deeper and better understanding of the universals truths and laws of finance. 

In short, the spirit of what Sri Aurobindo termed “economic barbarism” still seems to seriously afflict modern society. ... All this is not to suggest that we should – even if we could, which is impossible – go back to the past forms of ancient Indian culture. That will be an unnatural imposition on the present time spirit. Rather, we should do as Sri Aurobindo suggested, “You need not come back to the old forms, but you can retain the spirit which might create its own new forms,…”11 We call upon all our brothers and sisters, the world over, to make a start in this direction in their own way.

Do not mind the stupidity of others, mind your own. — The Mother.
In response to the recent dharnas, the ensuing press conference, newspaper reports, and general agitations against the trust board of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, some inmates of the Ashram approached senior members to get their feedback. The following Declaration of Solidarity was presented to them and signatures were collected. The response was overwhelmingly positive, refuting the claim that many, if not most, senior members are in favour of the agitations. Many of us who read the Declaration later, felt that it should be made available to a larger audience in a way that would make it possible for them to lend their support as well.
After all, are those involved in the court cases and agitations against the Trust representative of the wider community of followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother? We believe the answer is no. Now is a good time to raise our voices and state this clearly, lest our silence be misinterpreted. This site is a modest attempt to give a chance to followers all over the world to express this sentiment.
We have reproduced the Declaration here, as it was presented to the senior members. If any of you feel like extending your support to the Trust board, please check the box and fill the form at the end of this page.

This website is a result of the effort of a few former students of SAICE and devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, to give a voice to all of you who have either stayed away or have remained silent observers during the past leading up to the present situation affecting our Ashram. Neither the Ashram Trustees nor those who have drafted and circulated the Declaration were instrumental in creating this site. If you have any concerns about your privacy, please contact us

Sri Aurobindo has shown that the truth does not lie in running away from earthly life but in remaining in it, ... Sri Aurobindo always loved deeply his Motherland.

In principle we have the key given by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The new power cannot work in order to perpetuate the present humanity, the human in us …

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