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Tampering are the result of what he is

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When you go in front a temple in south India they have this guard or a tough looking statue guarding the entrance with a sword or some kind of weapon in their hands. What is he guarding, he is guarding the truth that is inside the deity and its worlds. If one does not have the necessary purification, humility and love the inner deity never gets to be experienced and you go through the motion of it. Similarly Peter could have been exposed and be working with Sri Aurobindo’s writings for decades makes no difference if the inner doors are closed. These are universal laws and the higher powers are not subjected to the invasion of any tom dick and harry who does not qualify. If the inner doors are shut and there is no effort for purification through aspiration, rejection and surrender he may pass another few decades and still believe what he does and continue writing biography etc. about the deity whom he could really never know or understand. And now not knowing is one thing, but what he has been about is to change the deity so that it makes some sense to him. It is not we have to do the yoga but they have to be like the way we are, think and know. So his tampering are the result of what he is, this ignorance is fine if he would have kept to himself, but he wants the world to see this as the truth and that is very dangerous and calls for a halt.
What you are dealing here is no ordinary text, text material as he calls it. This is not material these are higher truths with power in them, not only power it can reveal the secrets of the universe and unravel all mysteries and bring the gods close to man. And is kept in lock and key invisible but accessible, if you don't have the key go home don't try to change it, that is not your business. But he has succeeded in doing so and the damage has been done. If there had been no opposition in the last 25 years there probably would have been more damage.
After Savitri has gone and conquered the lord of Death and brought Satyavan back, there is a line that goes
Heaven's touch fulfils but cancels not our earth:
Our bodies need each other in the same last;
Peter wanted to change this last into lust and his explanation why this should be lust was published. Luckily because of the strong opposition he let this one be. Should we allow editing to be done to the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's and all those who have written about them.


  1. Why don't you show some elementary respect for truth and provide some evidence for your vicious claims?

  2. You mean the last and lust. If I had planned to write I would have given the proof along but it was written spontaneously so no preparation, and you are right to ask as doubt is there in many a mind. This is in the SUPPLEMENT TO THE REVISED EDITION OF SAVITRI
    in "..the table of emendations, and explaining the rationale behind the revisions in the new edition of Savitri with respect to older editions." I will locate this book and can take a photo of it to post it.

    Sunil S R

  3. This is shocking to say the least. Please also reveal the names of these heartless criminals who are involved in this tampering. Let the whole world know about this. You are doing good service. I did not know that it is this serious.

  4. Anonymous at 2:35 AM, October 19, 2010 said:

    "Please also reveal the names of these heartless criminals who are involved in this tampering."

    Please be assured that it is Sunil & Co. and other similar brainless people who are actually tampering with and misrepresenting the truth because there is no "tampering" of Sri Aurobindo's Works by the Ashram.

    These brainless people like Sunil have no clue of the work that is being done by the Ashram in the archives and because they have some personal issues against the Ashram trustees and some of the "foreigners" in the Archives, they are irresponsibly making such false allegations.

    And of course as they have all the time to waste and at the same time they want to give themselves a feeling of self-importance, they are raking up such rumours and spreading such false and wrong information.

    As always it is easier to spread rumors instead of searching for the Truth!

  5. The desperate and extreme defamatory reactions from A.A.D etc. to Sunil's whistle-blowing, rather than doing him any harm, only convinces me further that what he has to say worries the Ashram establishment and its agents in the Archives and elsewhere. They have something to hide and that's why thy retaliate with such ferocity. Sunil may be a womanizer or a brainless person. So what? I still salute his courage and audacity for standing up all alone in the face of such withering criticism and unscrupulous opposition. Among other things Churchill was given to drinking heavily and chain smoking cigars and making ribald witticisms about the fairer sex. Yet, for all that, he was the one man who stood firm and acted as the Divine's bulldog against the Asura when all the world was ready to lie down fallow under his hell/heel.

  6. Anonymous at 6:53 PM, October 19, 2010 said:

    "The desperate and extreme defamatory reactions from A.A.D etc. to Sunil's whistle-blowing, rather than doing him any harm, only convinces me further that what he has to say worries the Ashram establishment and its agents in the Archives and elsewhere."

    Please go ahead, follow and enjoy Sunil's whistle-blowing. If he convinces you it just goes to show that your level of intelligence and intellect matches his. And that surely does not worry me.

    I of course cannot speak on behalf of the Ashram establishment and its alleged "agents in the Archives or elsewhere", but I can imagine that their only cause of concern could be that the continuous barking of these self-proclaimed "Divine's bulldogs" might be somewhat of an irritant to those in the Ashram who are there to seriously conduct their Sadhana in peace.

    And if challenging an imbecility tantamounts to the suppression of Truth, this world would have been populated by imbeciles such as Sunil and yourself. Fortunately its not, and you and your kind are and shall very probably always remain fringe elements.


  7. A.A.D Your frustration and agitation is more evident with each comment. So YOU please, please go ahead! Sunil is no divine bulldog. The point was about the irrelevance of alleged personal failings when it comes to standing up to forces that seek to interfere with the Work of the Divine and impose their OWN view and vision of perfection onto the the world. I was only using the most famous example to illustrate.