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Right answer round the clock

from In Search Of The Mother to date 15 October 2010 15:30 subject Email & SMS Guidance
Many times in our life we are confronted with some problem or whenever at the mid of the work we are depressed and we are not able to find any instant solution to that problem or any instant cure of that depression , at that time we just wish presence of  any book of Mother or Sri Aurobindo so that we can ask our problem and get the answer from them by selecting any random page of the book and getting answer to our problem.

To provide a similar kind of facility IN SEARCH OF THE MOTHER has launched 2 new services, "EMAIL HELP" & “SMS HELP”
If we can formulate a question in the same way as we do that with the master book and send a sms/email  with word HELP to +91-7869044141 
a right quote which contains a right answer to your problem would be smse’d/emailed to you at same instance. These services can be acessed round the clock. PS:
2) Normal SMS Charges would be applicable only for the message you send, their would be no charges for reply message.
3) Acceptable Keywords are: “Help”, “help”, “blessing”
4) Email Carriers sometimes may take time to transfer email, so email delays might occur.

The Mother too sometimes in her classes with children, took a book of  Sri Aurobindo, opened a page at random and read out a sentence from there. The Mother was asked, "Can these sentences give one a sign or an indication? What should we do to get a true answer?"
The Mother explains in detail what actually happens and how it is possible to get the indication or the answer: […] In her light and love, All Of Us
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Pondicherry Guide If you are planning to visit Pondicherry and you need help and guidance in,
1. Booking Ashram Guest Houses                                                      
(We don't book ashram guesthouses, we only provide the details and help related with booking)
2. Details of other Hotels \ Motels \ Restaurants in Pondicherry
3. Places to visit
4. Tips for visiting
5. Meeting with Senior Sadhaks                                                                                                                       
(We don't arrange meetings, Only contact details and help in fixing appointments with them)
6. Tour Planning so that you can make your tour memorable one.
For any other help related with Pondicherry, Please contact us at:-

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