Sunday, December 9, 2007

Religion as a subject should (non-confessionally) be taught in schools

D.Dennett from Indistinct Union by cjsmith
Here’s Dan Dennett talking at TED on his new book (Breaking the Spell) where he calls for teaching religion (all religions) to children as a natural phenomenon. The Spell is not religion as such but the taboo against treating it as a natural phenomenon.
Though to be fair, sociology of religion, psychology of religion, folkloric studies, anthropology of religion has been treating religion as a natural phenomenon for nearly 200 years. But this would be the application of Natural Selection to religion.
I’m not totally against it. I think religion as a subject should (non-confessionally) be taught in schools. Stephen Prothero, Camille Paglia, Thomas Berry among many others have called for something similar. I think there are however major issues with the proposal that have not been deeply examined. (more…)

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